How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nepal 2021: Experts Guide

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Sympathetic in Tapping to Nepal’s billion-dollar affiliate marketing industry in 2021?

That’s quite a false perception affiliate marketing can’t be done in Nepal or its unconstitutional (illegal): Its false statement and almost millions of Nepalese users dreamed about doing affiliate marketing and blogging in Nepal.

Today’s guide will help you from scratch to begin your journey in affiliate marketing in Nepal to finding niches and to making money guide and also shared along with examples how we make money.

In this today 2021 affiliate marketing in nepal guide, You will learn how to start affiliate marketing and,

  • Find out the best affiliate programs that pay through PayPal
  • Is Affiliate marketing in Nepal legal? [ Funny view]
  • Can amazon affiliate marketing in Nepal do?
  • Nepal’s affiliate system and programs

Enough said! Want to learn about affiliate in Nepal? Just keep reading every single word about this billion-dollar industry.


Why choose this article to learn about affiliate marketing Nepal and why you should trust me?

I know many of you may don’t me know and before I start guide I wanted to let you know two things;

  • Age never matters its all about mindset
  • Things take time ( You are not going to be rich after reading this article but in next 2years you will do that for sure.)

I dont want to share my long story and I just want to let you know you are in the right place to learn. 

My journey with affiliate marketing started in 2017 and still going and will be forever and I am a freelance writer in and I have written almost 80% of guides in this site. 

With that being said I have helped hamrolinko and lots of companies to make sales every month.

The key point for affiliate marketing is you have to stick with one company for the ne which you promote. 

For example, if you wrote a guide on “best cheap hosting in Nepal” and you include affiliate links and for every company, you write ” this is the best web hosting in xyz and #2 is another best.

And this is not gona works anymore everyone is best when someone has bucks to get those plans, so when you write the word best for every company you read itself gets confusing too;

Find out which one is the best hosting companies to pick up and for sure the reader will leave the article

Here are some of the screenshot of how we make money from affiliate marketing so that you can go ahead with this article and find trust written by affiliate experts.

(I) > Hosting Sale Reffered Comission – $50 > Greengeeks> International affiliate programs works in nepal 🙂

(ii) Nepali affiliate hosting programs shots

affiliatee programs nepal hosting

There are lot of screenshots like these but for now its

Enough said! Dont go to earn money learn how to make money first then things works. It took for us 4yrs to get started from scratch to professional so whenever you start anything things takes time. Not happens on the first day.

I hope those screenshot helps you to build trusts with us. Lets get started with deep guide “how to start affiliate marketing and make money from in nepal”.

What is Affiliate Marketing in Nepal?

Affiliate marketing in Nepal means when you promote other companies product and services and receive a unique URL with id or name and when someone buys through your affiliate link or recommendation you get a commission.

Anyone can be an affiliate if the product and companies have a system of the affiliate. When you start promoting companies and products you’re a salesperson for the company indirectly and you help the company to make make the sale and the company rewards you with the commission per cent.

Every big corporation like Flipkart, Amazon, Apple, Google has an affiliate program, which is free to join by anyone from any countries.

With affiliate marketing, you dont have limitations to make money the more you work smart hard and the more sale you bring to the desired company you make a commission from it. In the affiliate system, you are not a job person.

An average job person makes 20k to 50k and with affiliate marketing, you can make $1 to $10,000 some people even cross $25k a month you are free to join millions of affiliate programs from the world it’s free out there and make money.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works In Nepal?

There are hundreds of ways to get started with affiliate marketing in nepal but the common and most popular are based on someone clicking your special tracking link and buys from it.

It depends on the affiliate system you jon and you will defenitely find differnt url with other id number.

  • Aff : affiliate link
  • 1 : UniqUE Number

affiliate links example

Here is how affiliate marketing works in nepal simple steps:

  • Decide a platform
  • Choose a niche
  • Find the best affiliate marketing programs in Nepal
  • You join the desired niche National and international affiliate program
  • You choose the product and you get one special tracking code
  • Cookies get stored on the visitor’s device once he/she clicks the links
  • You create content for product reviews, banners and informative infographics and include your affiliate link on the article, social media, youtube videos and Facebook ads and pages.
  • When someone buys from the link you receive a commission ( Convert clicks to sales)

A cookie is a small file that store in user devices when the consumer clicks on the links once and that depends on the company policy when it expires unless the cookie expires and your consumer who clicked the unique and can buy products anytime anywhere and you revive commission including all those products. Its only the link matters.

How to Start Affiliate marketing In Nepal and take it On big Scale

Affiliate marketing in nepal guide

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