This Bootstrapped Nepal Startup Aims Trade-In Old Gadgets for the New Ones or Cash!

  • Taking the root cause of used devices, Nepal based bootstrapped startup “Analogue TradeIn ” provides consumer to trade their old devices and turn them into cash or other products.
  • Analogue TradeIn claims to give new life to your used devices and has dealt with products like Apple, Acer, Etc.
  • Analogue TradeIn founder “Ashutosh Aggarwal” has partnered with more than 59+ leading brands like Canon, Logitech, Vivo, Brothers, Samsung in the country to offer this trade service to Nepalese users along with EMI.

The e-commerce sector in Nepal has been growing in the few last years due to the increase in internet penetration. Changing buyer habits by ordering things online and getting them delivered at their doorstep has served the growth outbreak of companies like Daraz and AnalogueINC.

With the help of Analogue TradeIn Now you can trade your old devices and products ad turn them into new in less than 48hrs. This startup was recently launched back on  November 6, 2020, with not just aim to trade products but also lots of gadgets to offer.

Analogue TradeIn deals with all kinds of electric goods some of them like laptops, mobile phones, Xbox products and other best goods. Being said; they are also blended with outstanding brands like Apple, Anker, OnePlus, Dell, Mobvoi, Sennheiser, Canon, Logitech, Philips, and many others.

What Is Analogue Trade-In?

This one is the first startup in Nepal who started the service system of  Online-Trade-In, according to their website data reports.

Their teams and online/offline tech supports aim to provide you with the best price estimate for your dear old devices, allowing you to reduce the cost of upgrading to a newer device. Give life to your old devices, upgrade to a newer product today.

Just like on CARS24 you can sell your old cars within 24hrs and tuned them into new or in cash checkout, in same attentive this startup analogue trade-In aims addresses the method of obtaining freed of old devices simple and hassle-free.

Momentarily you can sell your old phones and almost any techno products discussed foregoing within 24hrs and save every buck from old phones. No tautness or pressure of old phones dead of no use. Just trade it and turn them into new with less than 48hrs.

How Analogue Trade-In Works?

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