8 Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2021 (93% Off + $15 OFF)

AppSumo is offering their biggest Black Friday sale yet, and you’d be the one missing out if you didn’t take advantage of it right now. This is your chance to save up to 92% off on tools that make it easier for freelancers like yourself to become more productive, not to mention cheaper!

If you spend more than $150 on Appsumo Black Friday Hot deals you will get an extra 10% (Exciting right?).

AppSumo Black Friday is one of the greatest software promos offered around.

It allows you to get your hands on some of the best business tools providing a competitive edge globally in any market. From exceptional customer service, 24/7 expert assistance to fantastic savings of up to 92% for premium products.

Do not blink your eye,

If you are here looking for the Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals for 2021? If so, you’re in luck. Landing on this page means that you’ve just discovered the best place to find awesome Premium Product Offers from AppSumo that are worthy of every single penny you spend on software.

AppSumo is a terrific platform that lets you start off your business with the best software and other tools for cheaper than you could imagine.

Even at a discount, getting lifetime access to these products would be an unbelievable value! So AppSumo is yet again one-upping themselves by offering all of these great deals on Black Friday.

In this post, we will go over all the need-to-knows for the AppSumo Black Friday sale.

We have also listed our favorite AppSumo Black Friday deals that you might find useful! If you are still unsure whether or not to take part in the deal day, then these should help you out!

Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals for (November 2021): Researched by Experts

Appsumo black friday deals 2021

Below we have compiled a list of the best AppSumo Black Friday deals we’re promoting this 2021.

We’ve experimented with these products and found them helpful for our community to make marketing work easier and save time and money!

A Small Reminder:

If you spend more than $150 on the AppSumo website, you’ll get a 10% discount on some of their products. The eligible products have a green “Black Friday” badge next to them on AppSumo’s homepage!

#Deal 1: DepositPhotos ($39)

When it comes to stock photos, you want access to an absolutely massive library of high-quality images.

Depositphotos is your destination for the best images!

No matter what you’re working on, from blog posts to apps and videos, 4.5 million customers get their special moments captured in over 10 million premium-grade images which you can use without spending a dime!


? Benefits of Using Deposit Photos:

Depositphotos is an international marketplace for stock photos, illustrations, and videos. It provides millions of the best-curated images, photos, vectors to millions of customers worldwide.

  • Royality free images
  • Commercial use
  • Access to million of stock-free images
  • A great alternative to Getty Images
  • In built google reverse image search
deposit photos appsumo black friday deals

?️ How Much Do Deposit Photo’s Cost?

Depositphotos, one of the world’s largest online photography libraries,

Have recently reduced prices for all their plans only for a limited time for the best app sumo black Friday deals. Their most popular prices are now starting at just $30 for a lifetime deal.

? Click on the button below to get started with DepoistPhotos AppSumo Black Friday Sale deals.

#Deal 2: Wave.Video (Best Deal)

You’re ready to create some really incredible marketing videos – with quality that’s sure to capture the attention of your audience, but then you remember that you can’t design or produce it.

Well, have no fear because there is something that exists that could fast-forward you towards your goal.

In fact, there is a new video editing suite that’s making a splash among marketers and advertisers who are looking to do more with less time and money.

It lets users craft great-looking videos right from their browser instead of having to have any special software.

So for anyone who might be afraid of tackling a whole production effort because they know they need a solid team to get the job done right – this app (Wave. Video) comes in handy because it has been made ​​to deliver results based on the user’s own imagination!

wave.video black friday deals sppsumo

If you’re looking for video editing software that comes with artificial intelligence-based tools to help you create excellent videos, Wave. Video is just what you need.

It allows you to use any video taken from your device and add elements such as text, backgrounds, and stickers in seconds – making it much easier to edit like a pro!

? Benefits of Using Wave.Video:

Wave. video lets you get started building your own videos with over 1,000 pre-designed templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

You can sort by category or search for the perfect assets with a variety of filters for any situation! In just a few minutes you can customize your video adding all sorts of details – from fun background music and sound effects to slideshows that,

Let you add delicious text overlays. As soon as they’re ready, schedule your campaign and share it on social media or embed it directly on your website!


?️ How Much Do Wave. Video Cost?

You’ll get both of the following plans via Wave. video deal on AppSumo:

  • Wave.video Creator Plan & Animatron Studio Pro Plan costs $59 (lifetime deal) with a 15-minute editing limit.
  • Wave.video Business Plan & Animatron Studio Business Plan costs $118 (lifetime deal)

? Click on the button below to get activated with Wave.video AppSumo Black Friday Sale deals.

#Deal 3: Brilliant Directories

If you are enrolling for a gym membership, just imagine what would happen if little children have been spinning around on the machine all night before you purchase it.

Due to the circumstances, the warranty might not apply anymore or you might need to pay extra fees due to the damage.

Appsumo  Brilliant Directories black friday deal.jpg

? Benefits of Using Brilliant Directories:

Brilliant Directories is a membership platform and software-as-a-service (SaaS), which can easily help you start your very own membership website in no time.

That means you get the power of a business-in-a-box solution to sell subscriptions and collect recurring payments from real customers in any industry, such as health & beauty or any other niche that requires this kind of business model to thrive on the web.

It would take too long if you tried to build your own membership website from scratch.

That’s why Brilliant Directories is committed to giving you the freedom you need to manage without having to worry about developing or managing an online platform during this transitional time


?️ How Much Do Brilliant Directories Cost?

There are a total of three different paid membership plans that can be purchased through AppSumo. Those three plans include:

  • The $89 one-time purchase for the plan is meant to cover access to the application that enables users to add between 1 and 250 team members.
  • License Tier 2 costs $199 and includes features such as a Google sitemap generator, featured article slider, etc. After you buy this plan, you can attach it to 1 account and invite up to 1000 members .
  • A Tier 3 license costs $299 and will help you grow the number of contacts in your address book. These contacts are great for luring in new members. You’ll also get access to our Featured Blog Slider, 14-day Website Backups, and Global Site Search.

? Click on the button below to get grab Brilliant Directories AppSumo Black Friday Sale deals.

#Deal 4: WriterCream

Creating a top-notch sales copy is a real challenge. Sure you can hire a professional writer but they’re expensive. And in most cases, they don’t represent your business or product well because many of them aren’t familiar with the subject matter.

Writing a good sales pitch can be strenuous and frustrating, especially if one does not have experience in this area. This is where the Writer Cream Software comes in to help you!

WriterCream is an AI tool that automatically writes descriptions and copies for you – ads, product descriptions, blog posts or even Tweets.

The outbound sales tool enhances your response rates by automatically working double-time so you don’t have to worry about spending time unnecessarily on this? even when it’s hard to get the creative juices flowing.

Writercream appsumo deals

? Benefits & Features of Using WriteCream:

Now you can get professional copywriting help without it costing you a fortune. Writecream will ensure that your copy is – 1️⃣ Free and Grammatically Perfect, 2️⃣ Well Structured and Meaningful, 3️⃣ Written in Plain English (Google Human!), 4️⃣ 100% Original.

Writercream appsumo features

?️ How Much Does WriterCream Cost?

On the best Black Friday deals article on AppSumo, you can get a lifetime account for this service at an amazing, heavily discounted rate of only $59 for a limited time. Once it’s gone, the price goes up to an even more impressive $1140/LTD.

? Click on the button below to grab WriterCream AppSumo Black Friday deal.

#Deal 5: Better Uptime

Want the heads up as to when your site goes down? Do you want it instantly?

The latest BetterUptime release allows you to know precisely when your site experiences any sort of outage, and they can even tell you what caused the problem. If this sounds like something that might benefit your business,

Better Uptime is a powerful monitoring system that lets you keep an eye on the status of your sites. It sends alerts when they’re down and allows you to access monitoring statistics and error logs easily.

Benefits & Features of Using BetterUptime:

With Better Uptime, you’ll get more than just the breakdown of what happened; you’ll find all of the details related to why it happened.

If something comes up, the support team will be able to easily link your current incident number to previous issues or close incidents that are fixed through proper documentation.

Better Uptime blends uptime monitoring, incident management, and a public status page to help deliver real-time notifications when issues or anomalies are discovered or provide a more thorough breakdown of what happened throughout the course of each incident.

Better Uptime is a great service because it takes up one of the most important online site needs for a company, making sure things are always running.

It doesn’t just work with one cloud provider, but over 100! This means that you can freely move your services around between providers and Better Uptime will keep working.

Your whole business relies on uptime, which is why Better Uptime is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

It seamlessly ports like a champ, with up to 100 0 different applications, allowing you to connect all the infrastructure services that allow you to build your integrated services.

?️ How Much Does Better Uptime Cost?

  • Single plan costs $69/mo, where you can add 1 member, 100 monitors, 5 status pages & 50 phone calls a month to your account in the USA & Canada.
  • Double plan costs $138 (one-time purchase) for up to 5 team members, 200 monitors, 10 status pages and 100 phone calls per month in the USA & Canada.
  • Multiple plans comes with 10 team members, 400 user accounts to monitor via monitors, 20 status pages, 200 active text messages and 200 incoming calls a month.

? Click on the button below to grab BetterUptime AppSumo Black Friday deal.

#Deal 6: Rasa.io

Need to get more out of your email subscribers? Try using rasa.io, a machine learning-powered platform that augments your newsletter with dynamic content, keeping recipients engaged with personalized information based on their preferences and interests.

Rasa is an artificial intelligence platform that automatically develops personalized content for users by leveraging natural language processing as well as the knowledge of human experts as curated by rasa.io team members!

Rasa.io black firday sale appsumo

? Benefits & Features of Using Rasa.io:

Rasa.io is your personal assistant when it comes to crafting the ideal newsletter. Rasa.io allows its subscribers to repurpose an aggregate of articles that come only from the most trusted sources found around the web,

All selected by hand and organized by one specific person who can craft your newsletter content the way you want it.

Rasa.io will help you get user engagement for your newsletters and it will give you some valuable information on how your customers are engaging with your brand.

For instance, the tool offers insight to tell you which emails they open, how many times they engage with the content via clicks or social shares, and which articles are getting a lot of attention out of all the articles that were sent through your email marketing.

You can even share what’s working best in your marketing communications by putting a social media scheduler directly on your site so you can share the most popular emails with click-to-tweet functionality, embedded videos, and more!

Rasa.io features

?️ How Much Does Rasa.io Cost?

  • License tier one costs $59 for the first-time purchase. It is valid for up to 5000 contacts.
  • License Tier 2 costs you $99 which is a one-time purchase that lets you add up to 10,000 contacts whose emails are pulled from our high-quality data pool
  • License Tier 3 costs $249 and comes with unlimited contacts, totalling up to 30,000 contacts.

? Click on the button below to grab Rasa.io AppSumo Black Friday deal.

#Deal 7: Neural Text

What does one do when they find that search engines aren’t returning the results they want? They might want to ask an expert. That’s where NeuralText comes in and helps you generate and publish content just like a quality writer would.

NeuralText aims to get your website recognized and ranked so it goes viral, exposing potential customers quickly to your brand, products or services.

NeuralText is a powerful content-generation tool that not only generates engaging imagery and written content but can also handle multimedia models and deliver text and speaker speech for videos.

If you’re a writer, this software is perfect for the job! Regardless of what your writing entails – e-books, blogs, novels – it’s faster and more efficient than ever with Write Mill.

Neural text features

? Benefits and Features of using Neural Text:

With the NeuralText app, you will be able to generate engaging and informative content that ranks high in search engines. This software is a smart alternative to popular spinning software.

One of the cool things about this is that you can find unique keywords without having to worry about high competition because it provides a Keyword Research feature that shows you the popularity and competitiveness of each keyword so you can decide whether or not it suits your business needs.

NeuralText’s content brief tool helps you write an outline for your next post based on what topics are trending in the SERP.

It does this through AI technology by mapping out everything that you should be covering to give your audience the most relevant information possible which will help boost your search engine rankings!

?️ How Much Does Neural TextCost?

Neural text offers four pricing plans below, depending on your needs:

  • License tier 1 costs $69 and allows you to add one user, access up to 60 individual briefs per month, receive 100 keyword tool reports per month, and have 1000 keyword cluster credits per month
  • License tier 2 includes one-time access to add up to 5 people on your account, unlimited Content Briefs per month, 300 keyword tool reports per month, and 3000 keyword cluster credits with a pricing plan of only $139.

? Click on the button below to grab Neural Text AppSumo Black Friday deal.

#Deal 8: Tab Extend

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you are organized. Having the ability to look back at your content anytime is one of the best ways to remain organized. An important part of this is saving your content easily by using tab extensions.

TabExtend is a brand new, highly innovative tool that enables one to experience hands-free multiple task management.

It’s been designed to give online users the superpowers needed to run their online tasks with ease from a single workspace so they can multitask more efficiently and with greater concentration on a variety of projects in a way that allows them to focus with motivation.

It supports Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge browsers and prevents you from jumping around between them when you most need it in order to finish your project(s) quickly without delay.

TabExtend Appsumo black friday deals year

? Benefits and Features of using TabExtend:

  • Lifetime access to tab extend Plan
  • Access to dark move, light mode, and auto
  • Unlimited WorkSpace
  • Daily Backups of all data

?️ How much does TabExtend Cost?

TabExtend is a paid premium service available through the AppSumo deals website. Black Friday Deals through AppSumo includes lifetime accounts of TabExtend at an incredibly discounted rate of $59 (saving users over $1,500 off the usual price).

? Click on the button below to grab TabExtend AppSumo Black Friday deal.

How to Grab Appsumo Black Friday Deals 2021?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time of the year for online entrepreneurs. This is because more people than not search online specifically for some great deals and AppSumo has some incredible offers available only on these special days.

AppSumo Black Friday deals are simple to activate! Just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Click here to visit AppSumo’s Black Friday deals on its official site. Search for the deal you want to purchase for a lifetime.

Appsumo Black Friday best deals

Step 2: Now that you have selected your items, it’s time to complete your purchase. To take the next step, just click on the “Buy Now” button and you will be taken to a page with a few additional details.

Here, either create a new account by entering a valid email address and creating a password or simply log in using your credentials from before if you already have an account created.

Buy Now Appsumo black firday products

Step 3: Select a payment method. Sumo offers two different payment methods which you can choose from when completing your purchase of traffic.

Either select the method of purchasing through Paypal or use your credit card to complete the transaction during checkout. If you spend $71.00 or more you will get a flat 10% discount on our products. This promotion is only available to through black Friday.

Awesome! ? Here’s to that sale deal you just activated. Not only do you get a 100% money-back guarantee for this offer, but you also have the backing of our risk-free 60-day refund policy if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase. Have an amazing Cyber Monday!

Wrapping it Up: Appsumo black Friday Sale 2021

Now that we’ve got these AppSumo Black Friday offerings going, one thing is for sure: you’re going to want to share this article with your friends. We’re all about getting their price and knowing when the time is ripe for a great deal!

If you’re thinking about building an online business, AppSumo has some of the industry’s top software currently on sale for over 50% off! The tools are clear, reliable, and trusted by some of the world’s most lucrative companies like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and more

Many thanks for stopping by and checking out our AppSumo Black Friday offers.

We hope you have found this information useful, and if you have any questions about the AppSumo Black Friday offers or any other related matters, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We would love to hear your input!

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