Astra Pro Discount Coupon Code 2022: (New Year Deal)

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Astra is a premium WordPress theme with innovative speed and SEO capabilities. Developed using research-backed techniques, it brings together a number of specially-tested features that help you create beautifully crafted websites in an instant while ensuring they are highly optimized to achieve high search engine rankings.

Best suited for the creation of content-focused portfolio sites or blogs, this fully responsive WordPress theme can be used for diverse business niches and other applications as well.

New to Astra and looking for the best Astra Pro Discount code to get some discount one of the best WordPress themes in the current 2022 market.

As you might have noticed, one of the most important elements to making a design look stunning is by adding professional photos, background images, or even full-screen photography. But these are sometimes hard to get if your budget does not include paying for them!

We know you’ve invested time and money working with us for your new business venture so it is our duty to help things begin running smoothly. Astra Theme has been incredibly reliable to use in the past, which is why we’re offering this limited period promo. Take a look at what this all-inclusive system offers:

In case if you’re in hurry! Simply click here to activate your Astra Theme coupon code. I’ll walk you through the Astra Theme small overview and every single micro details you need to learn about the pesky coupons and promo code.

In in this post I am also going to share with you a step-by-step tutorial including a screenshot to make things easier including their top features and benefits what make Astra theme the best selling freemium wordpress themes for 2022.

You can glide right into the list of topics you may have an interest in by choosing a section from within this Table of Contents.

Details: Astra Theme Discount Code For 2022

WP Astra is a WordPress theme designed by Brainstorm Force, a team known for their premium WordPress plugins and themes. Some of their most popular products include Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and more in the marketplace.

Astra Theme overview Code

With over 1 million active installs, 5K five-star reviews, it’s hard to deny that Astra has become one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market!

That being said however it’s important to note that when you sign up for Astra Lifetime membership, you have access to additional plugins and resources as part of your package and there’s also priority support at your disposal should things ever get a little sticky.

This offer is for everyone, if you simply enter the keyword “Astra Discount” or wp astra theme coupon” a list of articles will appear, you will also see Astra theme itself offering the free promo, so which it states it is a public offer and can be activated by everyone,

Don’t worry about seeing a discount you can never have access to, just use our official discount code provided directly by Astra Team itself for worldwide users and let us guide you step-by-step with an image below!

This offer can only be taken advantage by new users, if you are not yet an existing customer, so I would advise starting your account with another email address.

If you’re using WordPress as your content management platform and you have a lot of blogs, or posts that you want to post on, Astra is an optimal choice for this.

Astra is a freemium product. The free option allows you to check out the features and get the feel of what it’s like to use Astra, while the paid version unlocks all of the available options that have been built into it.

How to Activate WP Astra Theme Pro Discount Code?

The process of activating your Astra theme coupon is quite simple and only takes a few short steps to complete. You don’t need to worry about anything – just remember to do follow the below steps:

Step 1: To get started, click on this discount link that will take you to the Astra Pricing plans from where you will see a massive discount of up to 63% on the Growth Bundle. (The discount link will help you to save $12 in Astra Pro Annual Plan)

Astra Theme Discount Pricing Plan

Step 2: Choose the best plan that suits your needs, Simple select which of the three plans (Astra Pro, Essential Bundle or Growth Bundle) best works for you and click on the “Get Started Button”.

Step 3: Now all you have to simply add Astra Verified officially coupon code called “VIP10FF” to get activated a flat extra 10% discount off on both of the Astra Themes’ plans! So the deal which includes the lifetime plan and annual plan literally costs you an extra 10% Off.

(This coupon code is valid only for the purchase of Astra Pro – Lifetime License and any Growth Bundle licenses, for annual plans you get $12 off for Astra Pro, $141 for Essential bundle respectively on the plan you choose using this discount link)

Astra Theme Coupon Code

Step 4: Astra theme gives you a choice of two different payment methods: PayPal and credit cards. These are the available ways to pay for your Astra theme subscriptions.

Step 5: Finally, enter your order information and enjoy the Astra pro coupon and simply click on “Checkout”.

Yay!🎉🤗 That’s all, you’ve successfully grabbed the Astra theme using our promotional coupon code & now you can enjoy the full benefits of Astra! You will now see a confirmation message. Click the install link and that’s it!

Astra support team is available 24/7 to help solve all your issues. Since they are providing a 24/7 service with the best support possible, Astra offer 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like their eproduct – return it within 14 days of your purchase and get your money back.

Astra Theme Pricing 2022 – Which Plan is Suitable for Your Needs?

Astra Theme Discount Pricing Plan

Astra Theme provides three powerful plans to cater to all needs and they are available at a huge discount – by signing up for any of the Astra Pro, Essential, or Growth plans.

There’s an added benefit to their Ltd Plan for Life TIme Support services, namely that you get lifetime support, access to new themes and plugins without paying any additional fees than the initial price you paid for the plan, and unlimited changes to your current website’s design .

In this section of our Astra WordPress theme Promotional Coupon Code savings analysis we are comparing the difference between normal prices and discount prices after you make use of our discount link or coupon code.

Astra Plan

Orginal Cost


Astra Pro 



Essential Bundle



Growth Bundle



Astra Theme Annual vs LifeTime Plan – Which Subscription is a A better deal?

Astra theme lifetime discount coupon

One effective way to save money is to change from a yearly plan to the lifetime plan and this will ensure that you only have to pay for one time.

Another way to guarantee saving money?

By paying for each year’s worth of product service in advance of it occurring which will result in a higher cost over the course of a lifetime by paying upfront, but with lifetime product support plans you get your money’s worth (one time payment for life long service) rather than paying annually for the same specific plan which requires more continuous payments.

Below I have explained WP Astra theme plans review:

Astra Plan

Annually Pricing

LifeTime Pricing

Astra Pro 



Essential Bundle



Growth Bundle



#1. Astra Pro Plan Review

Astra is free of cost, but Astra Pro is its premium version. It comes with advanced features that do not come with the basic functionality.

Astra Pro has already proved to be a high quality theme by delivering efficient results for layouts, color schemes and work programs. Marginal costs are involved with the purchasing of Astra Pro because it is just worth the value it holds!

The core functionalities of Astra Pro include unlimited page layouts, color schemes and much more.

With this plan, you can use it on as many sites as you would like. This is great for those with multiple domains or blogs and looking to take advantage of the ability to publish updates to several locations simultaneously!

👉 Explore Astra Agency Plan (save $12 off on the purchase)

#2. Essential Bundle Review

Astra Essential Bundle is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are looking to speed up their website without compromising on creativity and flexibility; more than 1,000 precisely configured blocks make it easy for you to achieve truly impressive results without knowing anything about coding!

This package comes in handy if you’re looking to get a quick start on your business or website and want some basic designs, templates and pages without having to try and figure out how to put them all together yourself.

Astra Pro Plan is the best way for small business owners, marketers, freelancers and others to streamline their business processes with the ability to handle unlimited customers and tasks. What’s included:

You also receive 24/7 support on your journey and this is one of the most important things needed to have a successful career in marketing, entrepreneurship or setting up a new blog / woocommerce store.

👉 Explore Essential Bundle Plan (save $141 off on the purchase)

#3. Growth Bundle Review

The Growth Bundle is for agencies that are interested in scaling up their business and need an organized approach to becoming a brand. They want a system on how to best grow their business today and several years down the road.

While the Growth Bundle comes with everything one might need to get started including all the features Essential bundle has to offer. When you need when working on different projects from it’s demo sites to free tools so.

Why Astra Theme is the best SEO Friendly WordPress Theme In the Industry for 2022? (Benefits and features)

Best Astra Features

Astra is slick and comes with lots of content immediately available to put on your website. It’s inspired by fashion magazines and its colorful but clean layout will have your website looking like you’ve been in business for years even if you put it up today.

With a built-in visual editor powered by Elementor, now you can easily make changes to the look of any element on the page without touching any code. Not only do they hit the ground running with Astra but they also integrated WooCommerce so that you can sell your customizable products directly off your website.

The Astra free WordPress theme also boasts more than 1 million downloads from the official WordPress repository and has earned some brilliant reviews of 4.7/5 stars!

Astra review by users

The demo’s templates and theme is uniquely designed, sporty and bold, making it suitable for creating a website for an innovative & modern brand.

The most we’ve ever struggled to come up with a new website was when we first started out, before we found Astra Theme. Astra Theme’s fully responsive and retina-ready design means that your company site will be easily viewed on any device or browser.

It was built with the modern trends in web design in mind from scratch, featuring over 300 templates so you can rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

We’ve put together a complete list of the top reasons why Astra Theme is the perfect WordPress theme companion to have at your disposal whether you’re a blogger, a writer, or someone who is in charge of marketing and public relations efforts for your company.

1. Light Weight Theme with No jQuery

Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents the use of jQuery because including this sort of code can block your page’s’ rendering, which affects performance.

Astra has nearly half the footprint of other WordPress themes. Astra theme is less than 50KB this is what makes them a perfect light weight seo friendly WordPress theme, and it’s a light WordPress theme as compared to other different themes because it has about 100s of KB.

2. Optimized Code with Self Hosted Google Fonts

Astra follows WordPress data defaults and we make sure that our code is optimized so your website does not perform worse than you would expect it to.

Astra uses a unique framework (we like to call it a code skeleton) to make sure that every piece of code suits their clients’ needs and the best standards for smooth coding.

Additionally, Astra enables you to get Google fonts on your website and store them locally, which ensures that fonts will be faster. They also can improve your core web vitals (CWV – CLS) score.

3. Powerful Design’s Options (Layouts, Headers, Fotters, Sticky)

Astra comes with a large selection of inbuilt header and footer options that can be modified according to your specific need using the Astra Pro feature.

Astra top feature

Sricky header – This is a sticky header that is displayed at the top of the page and does not move when the user scrolls. The user is able to quickly access the top menu from any part of your website by clicking on the sticky header element. (Just like our’s blog)

Transparent Header– With the make use of the transparent header that pulls your visitors onto a transparent glass platform. The page seems to continue even after your visitor has crossed the line on which the page sits, creating a cohesive and harmonious reader experience.

Mobile Headers – With the help of this functional header menu, you can get to know that it is fully adjustable from three to eight columns and helps in setting up a perfect custom menu for your mobile device by using some amazing css3 scripts which you never have to code.

Mega Menu- Create a truly beautiful website with the help of your favorite drag & drop page builder. To make sure that you are completely satisfied with any layout you choose, astra make it easy to change things up so that your website can look absolutely stunning!

Colors & TypoGraphy: You can easily choose colors and fonts that complement your brand’s identity, and pick colors and font types for your site as a whole.

Woocommerce Ready – Astra is completely WooCommerce ready and helps you build a fast and attractive store through the customizer. It’s easy to create your online shop through our point & click user interface.

4. Free Starter Templates

Want to get started quickly with your website?

Astra import templates

That can easily be done by using Astra Free Starter Templates which simply need to be imported into WordPress! For even greater ease of use, you can also use the pre-created templates as a starting point for building a site from scratch until you are ready to import them !

5. Woocommerce Intergration

A common challenge that many ecommerce stores face is the experience of looking for a theme. Finding a theme from scratch or one that works seamlessly with your existing Woocommerce store can be a hassle.

Astra Woocommerce integration

In such circumstances, you can look for Astra which is the perfect solution to these challenges! Astra not only supports your existing Woocommerce store but also creates new ones, giving you a chance to focus on increasing your merchandizes.

#6. LeanDash Integration

Astra Pro and Learndash, work together to make developing an online course website a lot easier as Astra already comes packaged with the theme LearnDash, allowing you to create your own Online Course Platform in no time.

Knowledge is power and now anyone can learn anything they want by accessing free or paid courses anywhere they are, anytime they want.

FAQs: Realted To Astra Theme Coupon Codes

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Astra Coupon Code. Just read on to find the answer to a question that interests you.

Is Astra Theme Comptaible With ANY WordPress Page Builders?

Astra delivers beautiful digital products that are easily integrated with helpful plugins. These plugins, including Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Elementor and others work seamlessly with Astra’s existing features to allow you to quickly design engaging online experiences.

What Is The Astra Pro?

Astra Pro gives you the freedom to fully customize your site so it’s truly yours! Choose from a variety of unique designs, layouts, and colors that best represent who you are. Choose from one of our stylish templates or create your own custom template with whichever elements and style you prefer. We believe in doing things our way!

Does Astra Theme Offers Money Back Gurantee?

If you’re not happy with your Astra Theme purchase, then you can get it refunded within 14 days of the date of your original purchase. And that’s something we really love about Astra Theme – there’s advanced customer support to help guide new users through customizing and using their awesome WordPress theme if they need assistance or get stuck at any stage.

Summary: WP Astra Pro Theme Discount

Astra WordPress themes are noteworthy for being modern, attractive themes built for building a website without the need of an additional page builder plug-in.

Due to the limited amounts of Astra WordPress Themes coupon, you’ll want to snag one as soon as possible for a limited time so that you can kick-start your website campaign! (Also checkout top cloud hosting provider companies for this year)

We hope that this content has helped answer some of your questions regarding Astra Themes. If you have any other queries, or would like advice on other related subjects, feel free to get in touch with us via the comments section below and we’d love to hear your feedback!

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