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11 Truthful Questions We Asked To Babal Hosting After Using It Since Half Year. Based On Comments, Polls, Mails. How We are saving रू 500/M After Migrated To Babal Host Nepal

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I confess I am a superfan of babal hosting.

Babal host has always been one of my favorite web hosting providers in Nepal amongst another budding hosting service.

I am excited to let both bloggers, marketers, and businesses know why going for babal hosting solution is the best option for them,

Adding to that thought,

I managed to save time and asked babal hosting top honest questions where our hamrolinko readers are asking these same questions in comments, polls, etc after we had written a definitive guide on babal host.

But before I do that, let me take you back 9 months back. This was when I had started my first time hosted on babal host.

Over time I used 5 different web hosting and after doing testing and surveys and I realize that babal host Nepal has some of the best features in terms of pricing, security, support, and speed.

I signed for 7 different hostings including Nepal babal WebHost and measures speeds with the GT Metrix tool. On each web hosting, I installed an Astra starter template called [Custom printing].

The result was quite shocking. Never thought and excepted.

Have a look Nepal hosting report,

nepal hosting report
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Impressed by babal?

SAme here…

Out of 7 different hostings like Siteground, Go-daddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc babal host is one of them which performance was able to beat 5 different hosts.


Do I really need to write this…

I was roughly paying $5/M for another hosting like Bluehost, Siteground for the same package, speed, and security so this is the reason why we wrote our title like these.

How We are saving रू 500/M After Migrated To Babal Host Nepal

This is one of the honest reason I migrated my all 9+ sites in babal hosting and saving रूthousnads per year. 🙂

Enough said…

Babal host nepal
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Q1> What Is Babal Host?

Babal Host isn’t just another addition to a long list of web hosting providers.

Based in Nepal, the company adopts a completely server-less configuration and makes use of public clouds fueled by some of the top providers including Digital Ocean, AWS, and Linode which have spent billions of dollars setting up the structure.

  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS
  • Linode

This provides Babal.Host the ability to scale in a matter of clicks enabling them to keep the prices fairly low while providing a premium offering.

Who said hosting and scaling a website is difficult? It’s fairly simple and wouldn’t cost you a lot. 😉

Q2>What kind of security features do you offer?

Babal host offers state-of-the-art security which is of utmost importance for any website.

Here are the lists of security babal host offers for free;

CageFS Security
HardenedPHP by CloudLinux
Mail scanning
Inline DDoS protection

i>Imunify360: It provides security and protection against many common website threats.

  • It auto-scans and prevents malware drops into the website.
  • It can be used as a way to scan a site and clean out infected files as well
  • Realtime malware tracking and prevention is possible with Imunify360.

ii>ModSecurity: Web application firewall which prevents a certain type of attack. Keeping your website safe.

iii>CageFS Security: CageFS is a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other, and viewing sensitive information.

CageFS prevents a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

It is completely transparent to users, without any need for them to change their scripts.

iv>HardenedPHP by CloudLinux: Several highly popular versions of PHP, used in nearly 85% of all PHP sites, are unsupported by the PHP.net community.

HardenedPHP secures old and unsupported versions of PHP – 4.4.9, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1.

WordPress recommends everyone update their PHP versions, but this is often not possible.

This is why we use HardenedPHP, by CloudLinux. HardenedPHP is a way of supporting older versions of PHP without compromising security.

There is nothing you need to do if you don’t want to even when WordPress displays a warning as the security side for not using the most recent PHP version.

All this while maintaining those versions and ensuring the smooth functioning of the same by CloudLinux.

v>SecureLinks: SecureLinks is a kernel-level technology that prevents all known symbolic link (symlink) attacks.

It enhances the security level of the servers even further and prevents malicious users from creating symbolic link files (where an attacker tricks Web server to read some other user’s PHP config files).

vi>Mail scanning: You do not need to suffer from having undelivered emails due to poor reputation.

All our outgoing emails are routed through SpamExperts or MailChannels – our mail delivery partner. This ensures that your emails are delivered without any blacklisting issues.

vii>Inline DDoS protection: All of our providers use some form of DDoS filtering, but with some providers like Linode, as they operate a new, fully automatic inline filtering system that can remove bad data and keep legitimate traffic.

The system reacts in a few seconds to any attack, right up to layer 7 (eg HTTP floods), providing several terabits of protection capacity to keep your site running, all at no extra cost.

All standard cPanel security features including but not limited to SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL certificate, API token, Hotlink protection, and Leech protection.

Q3> Can I Scale Up or Down Hosting Plans When Needed?

Yes, a user is able to upgrade and downgrade whenever one wants to.

Q4> How responsive and experienced is your tech support?

We often see companies compromise on customer service in order to purchase another rack of servers. But with Babal Host, that would never be a case.

We have the tech support team comprising of the founding team as well who are dedicated to ensuring the best service to the user and have combined experience of over half-a-century.

We ensure that all the tickets and even live chat requests are taken care of and resolved at the earliest possible.

We do have a track record of getting back and resolving/solving things/issues within 12 hrs. of its initial opening.

Q5> What if I’m dissatisfied?

We have established a reputation for reliability, performance, support, and value for money.

At Babal.Host, we work hard to provide you with the best possible service and we’re so confident in this that we offer a no-objection,

 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason within the first 30-days, you are free to cancel and receive a full refund including the time already used for all web hosting plans.

Q6> Do you provide Multiple Add-on Domains?

Yes, we do provide an option for users to have multiple addon domains with Babal Unlimited or equivalent plans.

Best yet, we do not set an upper limit on how many addons one can add under a single cPanel.

We do find that too confusing and we do not want to confuse our users with the same thing.

Within the resources allocated, one can go with as many addon domains as one wants to.

Q7> What’s your downtime history?

​We do not have any serious downtime history other than a few minutes of a slowdown in some of the servers which were swiftly taken care of.

Our promise however is to offer a 99.9% of uptime guarantee and failing to do so, we provide free monthly credit to our users as details in our SLA here:

Check Out Everything you need to know about security, privacy, downtime history- Babalhost legal. 🙂

We are so confident with our servers that if the uptime falls below 98.9% for any given month.

We provide a free month of credit – which is even better than many of the dedicated hosting provider’s SLA. 

Q8> Why not India for server location?

In our starting days, when we had our servers in India and we hosted ​around ​​100​-200​ websites,

One of the major transit providers in VSNL (which is partly controlled by the government of India) stopped routing certain server IP based in India as it should.

There was no notice period nor any explanation – it just took us by surprise. With much of the traffic in Nepal being routed through India that was a serious issue as they’ll come via VSNL network.

We quickly started the process of moving to the Google Compute Mumbai but that got the same treatment as well.

We then moved everything to the ​Digital Ocean server in ​United Kingdom overnight until we figured out what was happening and reassessed our position.

All this was so swiftly taken care of and as it all happened past-midnight (local time) and before anyone got off the bed – no reports were received.

The server was operational during the whole event and the sites would load if they weren’t being routed by that VSNL node still.

After a week from the incident and as everything was settled, we moved it all to Singapore.

We personally contacted all our users detailing the ongoing incident and letting everyone know of what is happening next.

We added a free month of service to all our active users then for the trouble they had to go through.

Since then, Singapore has been our home base and the reason why we do not want to move to India ever again.

Government policies there are at times simply illogical and have a lot of restrictions for a company to operate there. Our most senior tech team member even went on to say,

Q9>What is your back-up policy?

We do provide twice a day incremental backup of all the site contents separately using JetBackups.

Backup policy babal host
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All these are stored offsite within the cloud provider it is originally based in, in encrypted form.

Users will be able to browse, download, and even self-restore any of the backup through Jetbackup in the cPanel.

The backups are retained for 30-days as standard.

Q10> How many customers are on each server?

Being in the public cloud provides us the ability to quickly scale the server up and down.

So, the number of users hitting a certain cap and causing issues like in traditional physical server-based hosting is not one of our problems.

We do monitor our resource usage and add more as and when required.

On a general configuration, we have 99-107 client accounts but we add equivalent resources as the number of client accounts rises. 

Q11> Does the Hosting Site Own the Infrastructure or are they a Reseller?

We do not own the infrastructure nor do we plan to. Babal Host isn’t just another addition to a long list of web hosting providers.

We knew that spending a huge chunk of the amount on setting up the data center wasn’t an answer to the current problem.

Doing so would only add another provider in the already long list of web hosting providers which wasn’t/isn’t our objective.

We adopt a completely server-less configuration and make use of public clouds fueled by Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, AWS, and Alibaba.

These providers have already spent billions of dollars on building their architecture.

Making use of the services they’ve already put out, we can rather focus on providing the best

Shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting platform possible to our users.:)

Over To End

Thank you, team @babalhost… For replying all our quieres asked by our readers

So what are you waiting for …?

If you want to migrate to a better web hosting solution, Babal host Nepal takes the cake.

 If you had any doubts about this platform, hopefully, it all got cleared as I move towards my last full stop of this article.

I hope this article definitely be of some help to you. If you agree or disagree with something, feel free to drop your comments below.

FAQs: Related To Babal Host Nepal

Is Babal host the best WordPress hosting service In Nepal?

Babal host is one of the most affordable and money-saving hosting services that are fast, reliable, and offer high security with 24hrs online support So, using Babal host Nepal for your WordPress hosting won’t be a wrong investment and doesn’t cost you more.

Which is the better hosting service In Nepal Babal host,Prabhu, or E-hosting?

Amongst babal host and Prabhu, Babal web hosting Nepal steals the cake for reasons like excellent quality support, less downtime and faster loading times with full-day online support both personal and team. Prabhu host is a bit expensive as a starter pack as compared to babal. But, you will want to invest in babal if you need a much safe and better hosting service. for less price with the same features.

Which is the best WordPress hosting in Nepal?

The best WordPress hosting so far we found is Babal hosting ,Prabhu, etc.

babal host nepal hosting
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