11 Truthful Questions We Asked To Babal Hosting After Using It Since Half Year. Based On Comments, Polls, Mails. How We are saving रू 500/M After Migrated To Babal Host Nepal

I confess I am a superfan of babal hosting.

Babal host has always been one of my favorite web hosting providers in Nepal amongst another budding hosting service.

I am excited to let both bloggers, marketers, and businesses know why going for babal hosting solution is the best option for them,

Adding to that thought,

I managed to save time and asked babal hosting top honest questions where our hamrolinko readers are asking these same questions in comments, polls, etc after we had written a definitive guide on babal host.

But before I do that, let me take you back 9 months back. This was when I had started my first time hosted on babal host.

Over time I used 5 different web hosting and after doing testing and surveys and I realize that babal host Nepal has some of the best features in terms of pricing, security, support, and speed.

I signed for 7 different hostings including Nepal babal WebHost and measures speeds with the GT Metrix tool. On each web hosting, I installed an Astra starter template called [Custom printing].

The result was quite shocking. Never thought and excepted.

Have a look Nepal hosting report,

nepal hosting report

Impressed by babal?

SAme here…

Out of 7 different hostings like Siteground, Go-daddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc babal host is one of them which performance was able to beat 5 different hosts.


Do I really need to write this…

I was roughly paying $5/M for another hosting like Bluehost, Siteground for the same package, speed, and security so this is the reason why we wrote our title like these.

How We are saving रू 500/M After Migrated To Babal Host Nepal

This is one of the honest reason I migrated my all 9+ sites in babal hosting and saving रूthousnads per year. 🙂

Enough said…

Babal host nepal

Q1> What Is Babal Host?

Babal Host isn’t just another addition to a long list of web hosting providers.

Based in Nepal, the company adopts a completely server-less configuration and makes use of public clouds fueled by some of the top providers including Digital Ocean, AWS, and Linode which have spent billions of dollars setting up the structure.

  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS
  • Linode

This provides Babal.Host the ability to scale in a matter of clicks enabling them to keep the prices fairly low while providing a premium offering.

Who said hosting and scaling a website is difficult? It’s fairly simple and wouldn’t cost you a lot. ?

Q2>What kind of security features do you offer?

Babal host offers state-of-the-art security which is of utmost importance for any website.

Here are the lists of security babal host offers for free;



CageFS Security

HardenedPHP by CloudLinux


Mail scanning

Inline DDoS protection

i>Imunify360: It provides security and protection against many common website threats.

  • It auto-scans and prevents malware drops into the website.
  • It can be used as a way to scan a site and clean out infected files as well
  • Realtime malware tracking and prevention is possible with Imunify360.

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