Babal Host Review 2021: (Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons)

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Babal Host Review रू69/M

Quick Overview

Babal host is one of the best web hosting in Nepal for bloggers and digital marketers. Their pricing plans start at just रू69/per month and offer a plethora of features like free site migrations, unlimited bandwidth, SSL, unlimited email accounts, and so on. Read our in-depth review to find more.

User Review
4.81 (16 votes)

Are you wondering why babal hosting is the best web hosting in Nepal?

Is Babal hosting worth of money to buy web hosting in Nepal?

Which babal hosting plans are suitable for you?

Find out all the details in this detailed babal host review.

Babal hosting is powered by over 2000+ websites throughout Nepal and they are in the hosting industry since 2019.

In such a small time, they have become one of the best web hosting companies in Nepal today date. There are very few web hosts that offer you incredible features with super-fast customer support help at affordable prices.

Here’s where babal hosting comes into play, which offers you faster, reliable, and cost-effective web hosting features.

Here’s the honest review of babal hosting where you can find all the details including its features, different hosting plans, pros, cons, performance, and so on.

Babal Host Review: Is It Best Web Hosting In Nepal?

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Features of babal host:

Here are the lists of best features you will get in this hosting where others don’t do not provide.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Site Migration
45 Days free money back guarantee
24*7 live Chat and Telephone support
Pay bill via eSewa, Credit card, Khalti
Free SSL using let’s encrypt
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited database
Automatic Backup
1-Click WordPress Installer
Access to both cPanel along with Softaculous

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Babal Host: Pros& Cons

There’s not a chance you haven’t heard babal hosting, which is believed one of the best hosting in Nepal.

Our this blog is also running on babal hosting and believe me this is the best hosting with unlimited features.

Babal hosting is also seen by its alternative name cheap web-hosting in Nepal.

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing banal hosting to run your websites in 2021 and beyond.

1. Access to web hosting cPanel

It’s true many hosting doesn’t offer and access to web hosting cPanel. Your life becomes very easy when you have access to the panel .

It’s like controlling the airplane without being licensed on an aeroplane.

What is cPanel?

A cPanel helps you handle everything including installing WordPress, parking your domains, managing your billing accounts, and so on.

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You can have full control on your website hosting with cPanel, the best part about cPanel is even someone hacks your site and have no access to WordPress or other apps. You can recover it easily.

Here are some features of cPanel:

File Manager
Error Log
Raw Access Log
MySQL Databases

01. File Manager:

The File Manager replaces a FTP program and allows you to upload files to and download files from your website. It is a stand-alone file management program with a graphical interface.

Cpanel folder image
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File Manager is the place where you’re all coding of website and plugins related supply are listed with each named folder.

02. Backup

As we all know backup is most important in today dates.

A full cPanel backup makes a copy of all of your files, email, databases, etc. Once started, you must allow the backup time to perform.

The server can send you an email to an address you specify once the backup is ready to download, with the access to cPanel you can back up and restore your website at a click.

03. Sub-domains

cPanel allows you to create and manage sub-domains.

Sub-domains can be used for many purposes, including hosting friends or clients.

Sub-domains are necessary for companies to and big brands. Heres how sub-domain looks like:

Without-Subdomain Example;

It’s really not important to have sub-domains on your website.

When do you need subdomains ?

Lets make this line simple with one example;

Suppose you have one with clothing store and clothing are available for both male and female and you do not want your clothes(both males and females)to mix in one site.

Heres where the sub-domain work.


Site Url:


I hope you have understood the concept of sub-domains.

04. ErrorLog

The error log displays all the “404 File does not exist” errors so you can find out what files are missing from your website.

cPanel really makes our life easier honestly telling. The error log in cPanel shows HTTP errors that occur when visitors try to view your site.

These errors may be related to requested files that were not found, permission settings, and so on. The error log in cPanel shows the last 300 entries from your website’s error log.

05. Raw Access logs

Raw Access Logs allow you to see who has accessed your site without the use of graphs, charts, or other graphics.

You can use the Raw Access Logs menu to download a zipped version of the server’s access log for your site. This can be very useful when you need to see who is accessing your site quickly.

06. My SQL Databases

If you use MySQL databases for your website, you will have the ability to manage all your databases with this option.

my sql data base c panel pic
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The Databases section allows you to create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and users, to change databases and access to them. There are several tools in the cPanel Database section.

2. Free website migration

Almost every hosting company provides site migration but most of them in a cheap plan means out of 500 only 100 hosting providers provide free site migration with their cheapest plan.

Where babal host also provides free site migration with all plans.

Are you discouraged with your current web host and looking to move to another affordable yet powerful web host?

Then, unquestionably, try to a web host like Babal host. The exceptional thing about using this hosting is that it offers you website migrations for free, as I have mentioned above.

Their 24hrs available technical and support team can help you with free website migration whenever you want and they’ll migrate all your website data from your existing web host to their hosting servers at free of cost.

The best thing about this you can even call them and send the queries for site migration.

3. Free Malware Scan and Removal

Do you know according to the latest report by sucri in 2019, 49% of the infected websites belong to WordPress CMS.

Have a look at the following infographic to see the number of infected sites (platform wise). mostly 50% are infected.

sucri report 2020 pic
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As you can see in the above WordPress is although a powerful platform, but it’s an easy target to hackers from all over the world due to security vulnerabilities across their platform.

This is one reason you need to secure your WordPress website from all threats like malware attacks. Fortunately,

Babal host offers you a free malware removal tool that will prevent your sites from all the security threats and malware.

4. Unlimited SSD Servers, Free SSL, Uptime Guarantee

This is one of my favourites and one of the biggest reason to choose their hosting is that they equip their hosting plans with pure SSD storage.

It’s my favourite and in fact, it will be yours also once you try their hosting they have features of unlimited, they provide unlimited sad servers and 99% uptime guarantee.

There are almost hundreds of hosting companies in Nepal but they can’t perform well because their plans are very expensive with limited features with had servers and no backups.

When you choose a web host with SSD storage, you get faster speeds as they increase up to 20 times than spinning hard disk drives.

Heres a screenshot of Nepal another hosting :

nrpal hosting
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You’ll also get free SSL certificates so you can easily move to an HTTPS secured version as it helps you with better security and increases yours,

Overall search traffic (as Google takes https into consideration while ranking a page).

They also offer you 99.95% uptime guarantee as they use Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers that help them provide you the best uptime in the hosting industry.

5. Access to Excellent 24/7 Supports

Almost as many hosting providers do not provide nor support 24/7 support to solve your problems related to hosting and domains.

This is another excellent reason to choose babal host to host your WordPress website and business sites. You get access to 24/7 customer support available around the clock to solve your queries.

You will get access to:

Live Chat 24/7Support
24/7-Email Support
Live Phone Support (24/7)

Apart from this, you can also access their knowledge base to find a lot of useful stuff around hosting, billing, installing SSL certificates, and so on.

Babal Host Pricing Plans& Details

As I have mentioned earlier, babal host offers premium cheap affordable quality web hosting plans in Nepal.

Here are the plans of babal host

Unlimited Hosting
Cloud Server
Babal Re-Seller

1. Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

This is one of the best plans featured by babal host and I Am also using their unlimited plans in more than 8 sites. It’s cheap and affordable hosting in this plan.

I highly recommend choosing this plan for your new and thinking to start an online business or start your own blog today.

They offer 2 different offers in the unlimited web hosting plan, which includes;

Single Unlimited
Babal Unlimited

Let’s quickly break their all above 3 plans of unlimited hosting brief with pros and cons.

1. Single Unlimited Plan

This is the opener plan from babal host which costs you only रू69/M which is the cheapest plan where you will have the following list of features.

Host Single Site
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited SSD & Bandwidth
Free c-Panel
Free SSL Certificate
Cloud Infrastructure
Imunify360 Security
Unlimied Emails account
Unlimited MySQL DB’s
WordPress Optimized

Discount available for all plans use code – (linkolovebabal)

Click here to get an exclusive discount with this link.

2. Babal Unlimited

This plan itself sounds unlimited, which means you will have every feature unlimited. This is the ultimate unlimited web hosting plan where you can install many sites you want and it costs you रू208.25per month.

If you buy this plan for 3 years you will have access to even a bigger discount on 3-year payments.

Host Unlimited Sites
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited SSD & Bandwidth
Free c-Panel
Free SSL Certificate
Cloud Infrastructure
Imunify360 Security
Unlimied Emails account
Unlimited MySQL DB’s
WordPress Optimized

What’s the money-back guarantee in babal host plans?

If you’re not accomplished with their hosting, they offer you a 45-day money-back guarantee. That means, if you are not cheerful, they will give your money back. No questions asked!

Yes, that’s correct, but that applies for the first order of the customer or until the 45-day of account registration to ensure no fraudulent activity.

Babal Host Pros & Cons

Let’s find out the Pros & Cons of babal hosting.

Pros of babal host

Free SSL to make your site go from HTTP to HTTPS
Regular 24/7 backup
99% Uptime guarantee
Free site migration
Host Unlimited Sites
Access to cPanel
Unlimited Sub-domains
Instant chat response (their customer support help through their live chat is extremely faster which is also available 24/7)
SSD Storage with all plans
Unlimited Disk,Bandwidth
Limited CPU
Offers 1-Click Installer various scripts like WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, and other CMS
45 Days money-back guarantee

Cons of babal host

You will not have access to unlimited CPU but you can go with cheaper plans to get unlimited CPU. After researching an hour I could find only 1 cons which I had mentioned above.

How to start a website with babal hosting?

First, congratulations on choosing babal host to host your site and domain.

Curious to know how to start your own website with babal hosting? Just follow my simple steps by step tutorial on starting your blog or website on their hosting (along with a special discount code).

Step 1:

Use code (linkolovebabal) to get an exclusive discount on the hosting. Click on this link to direct, redirect on their plans.

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Once you click on the link you will have the same page like this;

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Step 2:

Choose any plan from both you love to use and order it now. I highly recommend going with babal unlimited hosting with lots of features as I have mentioned above.

Step 3:

 Now, you’ll be redirected to their billing page where you need to enter your payment details along with other details such as the domain, email address, any extra addons if needed, and so on.

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That’s it, pass the payment and you’ll get a confirmation email. Upon receiving the email, you can log in to your hosting account to launch your website on their hosting.

Do I recommend babal hosting?

Yes, I recommend getting their service of babal host. In fact, we host our over 8 sites on babal hosting so you can trust us and babal host.

babal hosting dashboard
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So if you are one looking for the best and cheap affordable web hosting for your site and blog then you go with babal host,you can definitely consider their hosting.

While writing this review, i used their instant chat section many times, and I always got instant replies. The finest part is, you can get responses from them even without sharing your details like domain address, email, etc.

What others are saying about babal host?

Babal host as already generated a lot of positive whisper around the blogosphere and it also got excellent reviews and 4.8 ratings (out of 5) on Trustpilot.

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Most customers are happy with their hosting features such as faster servers and also their customer support help.

So if you’re someone who is looking for a faster and customer-friendly hosting choice, definitely consider babal Hosting.

Final thoughts about Babal host

If you are looking for best web hosting in Nepal at a cheap price, definitely consider babal host can be remarkable for you.

They offer you exclusive features like SSD storage, free domain, free SSL, 24/7 instant chat support, free site migrations and tons of features why not to try them?

So what are your thoughts about babal host review? Did you like their features and pricing? If you’ve any questions, let us know in the comments.

FAQs About Babal Host

Here are some common question ask on babal host review.

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