How to become SEO Content Writer In Nepal [Practical Guide] 2021

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This is a complete guide on how to become SEO content writer in Nepal from beginning with a practical guide.

Writing SEO content writing in Nepal is everyone’s dreams and many people work for it day and night but in the end, they leave.

Some write journal content or articles and others become successful authors like Jeffrey Archer. But, no matter how much effort you put in, some writers are better than others.

What makes these writers good at their work is the difference in how they research and function.

Do you know?


 “4 out of 5 content pieces fail because there is a lack of ideation

In this digital period, here are numerous content websites online, only writing what is on your mind is not enough.

Matching your unusual talent with the right way of processing it is what makes your writing remarkably good.

Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now?

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Benefits of reading this article?

How to start content writing in Nepal from scratch.
Practical Guide to becoming SEO Content Writing In Nepal.
Content writing for the website in Nepal
Content Writer Salary In Nepal
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So if you want to get most out of enhancing content writing in Nepal from home.

This guide is for you.

Let’s jump right in.

How to Become A Content Writer In Nepal 2021

Whether you are writing blog posts, website articles, web content, or books, the following tips will help you organize your work for enhanced output.

Content writing is all about resolving problems for a particular set of audience. Since you are solving problems, you are actually adding value to this set of audience.

And when you add value to this set of audiences, you build trust and trust is a key ingredient in building a brand.

This is important to understand because aspiring writers either approach content writing as a way to please the search engines or get intimidated assuming they need to be creative.

Let’s get started on How to become a content writer in Nepal today with a practical guide.

How to become SEO Content Writer In Nepal
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Step 1: Select Your Niche

If you want to become a highly paid content writer in Nepal, the most consequential blunder you can make is offering your content to each & everyone on the earth“

Yes, it’s true.

If you want to make money with SEO friendly content writing online then the best part is always charge high.

Here’s why?

Most of the people after successfully mastering content writing they do these silly mistakes;i.e they run towards the content writing jobs which only pays 10k to 20K Np.

So, what happens is when you apply for job your value gets down .

I can share my story to let you become SEO content writer in Nepal.

I am passionate about Blogging, SEO, etc. I can target and write on a range of topics related to SEO-blogging and so on.

A couple of months ago I have got mails from Nepal different Digital marketing company , they had offer me a good amount of money .

But i rejected;


So what i got next offer again that rejected total I had got 10+ offers .

Here’s the lesson you should learn;

  1. You will never improve your writing skills
  2. Your work will not be published on authority websites
  3. You will never get an opportunity to increase the price of your work

Lets come to the topic.


Start with a small thoughtful action. Ask yourself –

  • What topics are you really good at and have knowledge on
  • What do you read about mostly
  • What are the hobbies that you carried with you for a long time
  • What topics do most of your friends generally seek help from you on
  • What is your educational background
  • What areas do you have professional experience in

Learn how to pick up niche easily in 10mins.

Step 2: Research Your Niche a Lot

You must have to research your chosen niche a lot because if you won’t research you will not be able to earn single penny of money.

You must validate the market and find out the scope of the content writing service so you can find its scope and become a freelance writer in Nepal.

The more you research one topic the more you get content ideas and you need to enter the research zone often. Research shouldn’t be directly followed by writing and planning.

In fact, take a moment. As soon as you find the idea you are going to write about, research more. But now, specifically on this topic.

Here’s a practical guide on it as being said above!

Head over to Google and type the niche you are interested in.

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Now your niche might; also has the same interface like this, if you don’t find it would be much better leaving that content niche and moving towards others.

In the Google search results, look out for the following things to validate whether there is a market for the niche you are interested in;

If you got same as showed above then Cheers!.

  • Are there freelance writing jobs & gigs posted
  • Can you find advice on that niche in the form of articles and publications
  • Are there established writers in that niche

You can do the same with other social media also.

Don’t worry about the location of the job postings and freelance writers as you are just trying to validate the market for your niche.

Step 3: Create Your Own Writing Unique Style

“Become an expert at one type of article rather than becoming average at ten type of articles“

You need to have your own copywriting style. Many content writers start their article by an introduction to the topic.

You can show them examples first and then make them promise as I have done above the post which is my unique copywriting skills.

The PBC Formula
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Credit – Backlinko

That’s how you can create your own unique style. Strong experience in one type of article will fetch you more money in the long run.

Step 4: Become Innovative, Original

If you are writing a content piece, which is already on the internet, what difference are you making? This is not how you start content writing online.

You need to be more creative than your competitors, find out the ranked article and find out their mistakes and include in your article and make it unique.

“The secret of becoming a writer is to become Innovative, Creativity&Original, and keep on writing.“

Furnishing a new makeover to your content piece is what makes your article or blog different from others. That unique angle is necessary to gain a reliable audience.

Step 5: Build Portfolio For Better Content Writing Jobs

You need to start building probability before you start earning anything. This is the step where most people give up. 

Because this is the platform where you are doing something without any kind of monetary feedback. But it’s important you do this.

This way you can stand out from the crowd and also demonstrate practically your passion for the profession.

How Do I Build Portfolio For Content Writing?

Here are the exact blueprint steps how I made my own portfolio withing months;

  • Start creating social proof
  • Writing and publishing articles on in your selected niche.
  • Guest posting on blogs or websites who are in your niche.
  • Build authority with a blog
  • Do Comment On Articles
  • Create a pitch
  • Start on Fiverr and Upwork
  • Join Facebook groups and communities
  • Set up your LinkedIn Profile

Step 6: Reach Out To New Startups

Do you mostly new startups in Nepal are looking for freelance writers in Nepal who can deliver better content.

It could be writing for their blog, newsletters, press releases, landing pages, and much more within the area in which startup is operating.

That’s why focussing on a niche and establishing your expertise in one to two areas of writing will come in very handy for you.

Step 7: Guest Posting On Blogging Sites

This is the best way to show your skills in content writing and sell your products and get feedback from the reader.

The guest posting which means writing on someone else’s blog or website is a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out there in the online world.

Depends on your Niche! That will build your reputation, enhance the quality of your portfolio, and will help you in getting that first paid assignment from a client.

Step 8: Set Your Content Writing Rates


Never write cheap with one exception

You might be a beginner who is just trying to break into the online freelance writing in Nepal scene, but, that doesn’t mean that you write for free or dirt cheap prices.

This is a bad practice. You will come across many clients in the job portals.

However, you can make one exemption to this rule.

You can do a guest post on big for free for top blogs in your industry and big platforms Like;

  • Your Story
  • Entrepreneur
  • BuzzFeed
  • Entrepreneur

Do remember you are writing them for free, but you are getting an ephemeral return in the form of building your own brand value and reputation.

When your article gets published on those big sites, You don’t need to write a sample for your client to win the project. A lot of saving your time.

Step 9: Start Content Networking

You can use networking as a plan to reach out to already established freelance writers in your niche.

There is no outrage in trying to network with other freelance writers as they might help you out by referring some of their clients. Make use of LinkedIn to connect with other freelance writers.

Step 10: Set up your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can help with your online branding because it’s an effective tool for brand awareness and brand promotion.

I know most you reading this article don’t have LinkedIn and have no idea what linked in all about.

LinkedIn is also a search engine, so when companies are looking for people with specific skill sets, you have to make sure you show up.

To do this, make sure you have put in keywords in the title and in your description. Please don’t go overboard and stuff it with keywords here.

Linkedin is best for finding online and best jobs around the world.

Take advantage of it.

What is the average salary for a content writer in Nepal?

I am once more guiding you, stop looking at content writing as a “job” and start looking at it as a skill that you can deploy regardless of where you are and who you are.

Why would you work for someone who pays you only 10k To 20K NP for content writing when you have better skill than the jobs.

Be Your Own Boss!

Lets come to the main

If you also want to know the salary of content writing in Nepal.

You expect your salary to start around Rs.15,000 per month, and it can go up to Rs. 25,000 per month depending on various factors.

It might promote from 15k to 50K Maybe more but in years.

The same if you will spend writing for your own company or blog then the amount can go to 1,0000 to $2K.

It depends but it works.

Wrapping Up

Don’t overthink start writing any matters if people read or not if you well crafter the article, everything takes time.

You have to go through the curve for you to become better at it. 

  • The more you read the better you become at it.
  • The more you learn the better you understand it.
  • The more you write the better your flow will be.

The above was the blueprint to become a successful Content writer in Nepal step-by-step!

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Share the love by spreading this article, i have invested a week to craft this article only for you give me a love by sharing the article.

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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how to become Content Writer In Nepal today
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