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Once you complete your high school education, huge numbers of students  get degrees and with over range of of career options in Nepal

Out of them about mostly 55% of people dont know where to go and feel we don’t have opportunity in Nepal but if we have deep case study in Nepal.

Every studens arent mean to get degress and have a job and be satisfy.

For example, some people love a job that involves a lot of traveling while others prefer to work in a goverment job for lifetime settlement.

In this article, i will list out top career options in Nepal to choose from with high paying and be different from others,self made.

Top Best Career Opportunities In Nepal 2021

Top Career Options In Nepal 2021

You are going to spend a lot time on  playing the careers game. But before you will jump into the ring of career decision  it will be a good idea to know what the game career is all about.

1. Share Market


It is the most demanded and most successfully running a business in the not only the context of Nepal but in the world. so it can be chosen as a career to build on Share Market. 

Acquire Knowledge related to in which condition to invest more money to gain high profit, in which condition to invest less money and also gain high profit, in which condition not to invest at all if it seems obvious it might get loss. 

Dig more on which project, company etc to invest money on to gain profit.

Also, Consult with the people who are highly successful in the field of Share Market and ask them about the recommendation and simply build career on it.

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2. Self Made Business [Solo]

Don’t you think to start own business related to skills we know and making handsome income through it? It might be little bit risk but it is much more fun to be own boss,no tension of somebody will fire us or much more than that. Simply,

Start from small and go to infinity level. 

The Best idea is to deep research and find out which sort of business modules are required in Today’s Date and also don’t do the business which you doubt or which you will not prefer to use your own products,Services because if you don’t use your own products,services then you can’t expect other to use it.

3. Utilizing Natural resources

We all know Nepal has abudance number of Natural resources but what is lacking is we are not able to utilize Natural resources to increase our Export rate. 

If you deeply visit different corners of our country there are so much of natural resources to be utilize yet like water resources,Medicinal Plants and Forest products.

It doesnot mean to use all the resources using required amount and then Those things which can be re generated we can do it. See,we import more than we export it is not big deal but we export the things we have and we again import that export things or resources.

One study also says that more than 80% products of Nepal isn’t usef yet so we can see how can we develop or build career in these sort of things and Develop ownself and country also.


4. Creating Financial Institutions

It is the most Necessary Task to build on career for those who create these institution and also for those who learnt from it.

Instead of teaching or creating Institutions in where it is not used in Practical life it is better to create institutions or teach the students which can be used in practical life. 

You might feel what to teach in these context? 

You can teach practical books of practical people who have experience ups and downs on generating financial resources,you can even bring people who have high knowledge and ,

Experience on creating financial sources and teach and explain the students to deal with different income or finance generating sources so that anybody can do anything.

None will be poor or unemployed literally which will help to reduce poverty, and also to create student who do not balance his/her own life but also who can balance or help other people to balance their life.You need to dig more on it and you will find many modules to start these sorts of Institutions.

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Final Words

Making a career in nepal requires students to possess basic knowledge and skillls.

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