The 5 Best Cloud Hosting In Nepal 2021 (Budget-Friendly)

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Want to know more about cloud hosting providers in Nepal 2021 and read reviews on the best cloud host providers? You docked to the Nepal best guide at the right time.

If you already have started a business or want to start a business website in Nepal, then you need to find out the best web hosting provider in Nepal, If you are already a WordPress user then you need to find out the best WordPress hosting company in Nepal.

You’re in value because with today’s cloud host choices, it has never been more straightforward to keep your website online with cloud providers. To make your work easier and down your burden, find the best. I have come up with the list of the best cloud hosting in Nepal providers for Nepalese users that falls under budget and compromising performance. What you pay you to get for sure.

The best portion is that most of the listed cloud host providers are affordable, budget-friendly, which helps websites to run 5x faster than another normal cloud host as being said.

Speaking of research, I started working on this project for the last 2 weeks, I did a bunch of testing for you to find the perfect cloud host. All the hosting I am going to share with you will take care of all technical stuff, 100% uptime guarantee, and perfectly optimized for cloud performance for your website.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Cloud Hosting For Nepal? ?

When it comes to Nepal host for any product no matter what you have searched in past like wordpress hosting in Nepal, VPS host in Nepal, host for small business, etc. you have to look at various important factors. There are some features almost every web hosting provides such as free SSl, daily backups, support, one-click installations, stagging, security, etc.

When it comes to cloud hosting the level of sound is different. In the past year, the rise of cloud hosting has accelerated growth in popularity because in 2021 cloud hosting is no longer expensive than what it used to be back in 5-8 years.

Finding the perfect host for anything in Nepal it’s the same as finding gold and diamond from underground. The Nepal host pricing is so expensive that shared hosting plans come in cloud host and cloud pricing comes in dedicated. I am not describing it as bad depends on plan factors but there are still host in Nepal providing unlimited features with the pricing of NPR 69/m.

Coming to point,

Sit backward and repose while I present you the factors to find out the best cloud hosting in Nepal:

Factor#1: UpTime

Whichever Nepali cloud web hosting service you going to use for the site make sure to find the hosting history from scratch and its uptime data.

Nepal hosting Provider uptime

Time Period Downtime
Day 1 min 26 sec
Week 10 min 5 sec
Month 43 min 12 sec
Year 8 hrs 45 min 36 sec

Many cloud hosting providers in Nepal I have seen mostly offering 99% uptime guaranteed uptime but with an uptime of 99.99%, your website will for sure face downtime in some time. In simple words, for example, UPtime is the same as having a CPU, and once it turned off or malfunction it does down.

In 2021 almost every cloud hosting comes with 100% uptime guaranteed but you have to go with words before you get into lock any cloud hosting ask them to send screenshots of their uptime data. I am talking here about cloud hosting in Nepal you know how hard and complicated to find and lock in the host for year.

Factor#2 : Ranking

This is my secret method to find out hosting companies from Nepal the easiest method to find out which one is new or trustworthy for example.

This same technique helped me to write more than 100+ articles regarding hosting companies for different types of niches and purposes with counter ranknesses.

Follow these steps to find out a trustworthy host in Nepal.

#Step 1: “Search For Best Web Hosting Nepal” WITH current year.

All you have to find out its Alexa rank and domain age for such hosting that can be integrated with your cloud wordpress business. If the ranking for Nepal is lesser than 500 then you must know the site is somehow hitting organic traffic and you can for it.

Factor#3 : Support

Find a hosting provider that offers 24/7 support. I know what you thinking of ” How do I find Nepali hosts with the best customer support”

Visit hosting company and chat with them to find out their customer response. Here are screenshot how i did it,

Example#1: Babal Hosting

Babal Host chat data

I found that average response from Babal host comes with the data of less than 60seconds.Wait before you say okh to babal hosting let me show you other host providers system support.

Example#2: Prabhu Host

After Babal host, there’s a host called ” Prabhu Host” which takes second on the list of cloud-hosting, but i decided to remove from today article with strong reason which is something every host provider must go for.

Slider image

I went to Prabhu host live chat feature at 11:23 to check out their 24/7 server but unfortunately unfourtaneltly no replies even no one with email tickets also I waited for almost 20minutes to get a reply back. So decided to give one more chance and failed to respond at 7:45 pm. Do try and let me know in the comment below how your was your experience with the Prabhu host.

Note: My aim from this article is to just guide and I am not promoting any of these hosting nor I do, and when it comes to hosting live24/7 babal host wins the game. There is no point in choosing those hosts who dont have better live chat attendance.

This is the same as going to abandon a street without a map, where the map is support and the street is hosting. You can always go with Prabhu hosting anytime. Your choice. 🙂

the best cloud hosting services in Nepal

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