The 11 best entrepreneur movies 2021 For Inspiration and startup Motivation

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Hello Entrepreneurs, startups founders, in search of the best Entrepreneur Movies in 2021? I have come up with the list of best business movies to gain some inspiration and motivation. Being an online Entrepreneur I watch weekly one movies related to entrepreneur which helps to set in track and focus on my work for every week.

Among fiction films and entertainment, there is a portion you can learn about the dilemma of entrepreneurs from the comfort of your couch.

Thank you for choosing the article and before we dive into today’s article to find out the best entrepreneur movies of all time, you may have a question pop up to whom this movie are made and why to watch?

  • Whether you are intending to begin your venture adventure or already have an authorised one, at some point in time everybody necessitates some motivation and push to keep going.

Today’s opportunity to take a step back from being conquered and have some motivation and inspiration watching these best movies every entrepreneur and startup founders must watch โ€“ you will appreciate me!

Here are the best Best Entrepreneur Movies 2021

Best Entrepreneur Movies 2021

Best Entrepreneur Movies


Release date: 2011

IMBD Rating: 7/10

Introduction to is very first to come in our list for best Entrepreneur movies list. is a documentary movie named on; which raised the funding of more than $60Million US from the huge brands like  KKR, the New York Investment Fund, and Sapient.

If you want to study more about the rise and fall of internet businesses during the dotcom bubble, then is the comprehensive business-minded film.

Story Line was founded in 1998 with CEO Donna Jensen, a former VentureOne executive, and Director of Services Justin Segal. Segal drew on previous experience as a law school graduate renting office space out to startup companies. [ Source WIKIPEDIA].

This startup movie is about two friends who dreamed about becoming rich by starting their own company own dot com at the age of fifteen only.

They came with the impression of an online revenue collection interface for municipal governments, later somehow they managed raised funds for adapting their idea into a live product thatโ€™s called Unhappily, this startup did not last and withdrew bankrupt.

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