Top 10 Best Niches For Blogging in Nepal [2021 Editions]

In Search for the best niches for blogging in 2021? You landed to right article the trend is no higher or less it all upon you, how you grab those trend opportunity and make it large.

Now, we people are much aware of making money through the internet and do work from home. As there are many non-genuine sites which claim you to work and pay you but it does not do so.

Today, we will know one of the genuine categories of making money online which is undoubtedly blogging. If you are very fond of writing or simply sharing whatever you know and want to make income through it then blogging is the best option.

But you might have questions like how to start? How to earn? How to grow? How to learn? Etc. (related to blogging or creating content,) to clear your doubt we have created hamrolinko.Com

(we have created so many contents related to it and also, we are creating and we will also be creating content) where you will know everything required for blogging.

The best part of blogging is you can choose it as full time or part-time and it will provide passive income including active income. So, let’s begin with today’s article on possibilities of the niche(area) for blogging.

Best niches for blogging in nepal

Why It Is Important To Choose A Right Niche In Blogging?

If you choose the right niche then you will have a tremendous amount of advantage I.E

  • Better monetization: whatever you choose for monetization (making money) AdSense, affiliate marketing or provide consultancy to make money through your blog, you can monetize better, google can target better ads with better ctr and CPC
  • Better authority: by creating content on a particular niche, you get more idea about choosing a topic. This way your readers and search engines treat you as an authentic and get better authority.
  • Better ranking: your blog post or your website will rank on google by which your content will show in the first page of Google (search engine result page) and get high rank and readers can easily find and read your content or you may generate more traffic

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