Top 10 Best Niches For Blogging in Nepal [2021 Editions]

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In Search for the best niches for blogging in 2021? You landed to right article the trend is no higher or less it all upon you, how you grab those trend opportunity and make it large.

Now, we people are much aware of making money through the internet and do work from home. As there are many non-genuine sites which claim you to work and pay you but it does not do so.

Today, we will know one of the genuine categories of making money online which is undoubtedly blogging. If you are very fond of writing or simply sharing whatever you know and want to make income through it then blogging is the best option.

But you might have questions like how to start? How to earn? How to grow? How to learn? Etc. (related to blogging or creating content,) to clear your doubt we have created hamrolinko.Com

(we have created so many contents related to it and also, we are creating and we will also be creating content) where you will know everything required for blogging.

The best part of blogging is you can choose it as full time or part-time and it will provide passive income including active income. So, let’s begin with today’s article on possibilities of the niche(area) for blogging.

Best niches for blogging in nepal
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Why It Is Important To Choose A Right Niche In Blogging?

If you choose the right niche then you will have a tremendous amount of advantage I.E

  • Better monetization: whatever you choose for monetization (making money) AdSense, affiliate marketing or provide consultancy to make money through your blog, you can monetize better, google can target better ads with better ctr and CPC

  • Better authority: by creating content on a particular niche, you get more idea about choosing a topic. This way your readers and search engines treat you as an authentic and get better authority.

  • Better ranking: your blog post or your website will rank on google by which your content will show in the first page of Google (search engine result page) and get high rank and readers can easily find and read your content or you may generate more traffic

How To Choose Perfect Niche For Blogging: Under 2 Mins

See, one thing is clear that you can choose any niche but you also need to know that if that niche works for you or not and more important than you, you need to know that if that niche (which you have ch0osen to create content) works for readers or not.

So, to choose a niche you need to know if it is in demand or not simply understand in this way that if people are searching for that particular niche on the internet or not? You should also know how many people are searching for those keywords or not. Google keyword tool can be used to find it more.

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You should also know what is the competition? It means how many other bloggers just like you are writing on the same niche in this case if there are more blogger then competition is very high. So, you should choose a niche with the maximum amount of search with less competition. This is the way to choose a niche.

Top 10 Niches For Nepali Bloggers 2021

Here the best top 10 niches for bloggers for those who are going to step their mark in online writing and business today. Being said , here are top niches for blogging

#1. Technology

Technology is the most popular niche for blogging since competition is very high but you can write easily about it. If you are an engineer or have knowledge regarding ai (artificial intelligence), ICT (information and communication technology) etc.

You can start a blog on a laptop or mobile phones. Google Adsense are ready to pay enough money for this niche.

#2. Sports

There is a very rare good sports blogger in Nepal. You hardly find any sports blogger in Nepal means there are less competition and high traffic on this niche. You can simply give a live score, sports events date, fixtures, how much money does a particular sports player earn, how’s their lifestyle etc.

Hence, you can take advantages through creating a blog on this niche. Again, “competition is very low and traffic is high.

#3. Sports

You can create your blogging site on online news as most people are almost are mostly on social media sites and they look for news in social media sites. So, you have high possibilities to earn from this niche because you will have to give update time to time as people are always looking for it.

You can have a high amount of traffic on this niche. People like breaking news. Hence, an online news blog can also make you handsome money. But you have to be very careful relating to accuracy and diligence.

#4. Automobile

Another niche which you can choose a niche for writing blog is the automobile. You can write about different cars, bikes etc.

  • How much it cost for a particular car?
  • Bike, which kind of car, bike to buy?
  • When a particular car, the bike is launching?

Many youngsters have a passion for cars, bikes so you can provide the content through writing on automobile niche.

#5. Music and entertainment

This niche is easiest to write although many bloggers write for it. I am suggesting it because although there is high competition on it new pieces of music are creating day by day and entertainment niche like movies, comedy videos are also creating day by day.

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Anyone knows about music, entertainment and movies can go for this niche because many people are demanding in Nepal day by day.

#6. Health and fitness

Many people know about how to be healthy and improve fitness but like rarely people are writing it in Nepal. Outside Nepal, there is a fantastic blog on this concern niche. If you want to write on it you have high chance to get traffic easily as competition is very less in Nepal and you can also rank easily.

We all know how important is our health (I shouldn’t talk about it much) now, people are aware of how important it is to be healthy and fit since google AdSense pays very well for this niche.

#7. Jobs and career

Jobs and career are one of the trending topics in which you can write about it. There are very few authority blogs on this. Many people have lost their job and career according to the current situation as well as many people who are educated are also searching for jobs and build a career on it.

So, you can write content on this and provide the genuine article and help people by providing what they are exactly looking for!

#8. Arts and culture

This is another niche which we people are neglecting. It is affecting us because we are forgetting our arts and cultural importance as well as we are daily losing our originality and ancestor great deeds in form of arts and culture. If you search on this particular niche you will find hardly any Nepali website.

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Mostly wikipedia.Com, nat-geo etc. Is ranked or simply understand Nepali people have not created on this niche. It is tough to write but having different researches and learning you can write on this niche and rank on google also give value to arts and culture which they deserve.

#9. Real estate and properties

Real estate and properties is also good niche to write if you have an adequate amount of experience or at least knowledge about this niche then you go for this niche and you will make progress as many people are searching for this keywords.

You have a high chance to grow as soon as possible you start publishing your content. Google Adsense also pays a lot for this sort of niche.

#10. Banking and finance

It is day to day kind of niche which people are looking for it. Hence, rarely people write about it. People are looking for which kind of bank to choose to create an account, which bank gives more interest which bank is most secure and also looking for finance solution.

If you have an idea about it or want to have an idea about it then have an idea about it and write down that idea in term of your blog and choose this niche to make money through it.

Final Notes

I know there are lots of other niches but according to data and latest trends by 2021, these were the best niches to get started in blogging, writing field in Nepal.

We, a family of hamrolinko recommend new bloggers or people who are about to write a blog to choose any of niche described above and start your blogging journey.

Your one single share helps us to create more detailed article likes these.

Thank You So Much! Your Business Writer- Mr Subash

niches for blogging in nepal topic
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