The 10+Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal So Far(2021)

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Hunting for the top and best online shopping sites in Nepal so-far in 2021?

Online shopping & E-commerce sites in Nepal are going day-by-day very popular, thousands of people are buying products from online shopping stores in Nepal.

Nowadays people are likely more prefer to buy everything from e-commerce markets. Daraz Nepal has changed the meaning of shopping in Nepal.

There are lots of top e-commerce websites in Nepal but people mostly like daraz for many reasons and more with the brand.

Customers have all the reasons to buy from stores online instead of shopping offline.

There are a large number of best online shopping websites in Nepal sofar. Nevertheless, which one to trust is quite a predicament.

Lists Of Top 10+Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 2021(Updated)

Sooner or later eCommerce in Nepal will boom! and become the norm of the day. Here are the lists of top ten online shopping sites in Nepal 2021.

Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal
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1. Daraz Nepal

Daraz Nepal is far from the most popular online shopping sites in Nepal. A large number of people from Nepal buy the products from Daraz.

No Doubt!

Daraz is one of the tops and best e-commerce websites in Nepal to buy products online. Although, this website needs no introduction because it operates in market of south Asia and southeast Asia.

Daraz is currently serving in 4 countries:- Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Analyzing the current campaign of {“Daraz Mahabachat Bazar”} While researching for it I was surprised to hear the number.

daraz nepal mahabachat bazar order data
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As per internal sources at eSewa, over 34,000 people paid from eSewa while ordering from Daraz in the ‘Daraz Mahabachat Bazar’ offer campaign.

The above number shows that the trend of online shopping and digital payment is growing in Nepal on a massive scale.

Daraz sells everything from electronics to home appliances and vouchers. Hence, Nepal online shopping users are heavily reliant on daraz for all their shopping needs.

2. Sasto-deal

Sasto-Deal is the largest online shopping website in Nepal, especially from Kathmandu users. I pretty guess if daraz wouldn’t have listed in Nepal ( Sasto deal can boom e-commerce industry as because it is Nepal based company.

Sasto-deal was started back in 2011 but wasn’t popular those days but now it is largest online store in Kathmandu,Nepal.

Comparing daraz and sastodeal ( in sastodeal you can except cheaper price for much products).

 It’s an online shopping site where you can purchase anything you like. From sports material, grocery, trending products to clothing items, shoes to furniture,xyz, etc. Sasto deal has everything.

3. HamroBazaar

In simple if I say you about hamrobazaar just works the same as E-bay.

Hamrobazaar is a national online shopping website in Nepal that connect users from a different city to buy and sell their goods.

The best part is their websites is simple in UI interface and easy to use.

Hamrobazaar is no doubt!

The largest online shopping websites in Nepal where you can put your own ads of your own product for free.

You dont have to pay for advertisements to list your products completely free. ( We can say it as buy 2nd hand products at cheap prices)- Uncomplicated words 😀

4. Socheko

Socheko is another good shopping website in Nepal where you can get more thousands of products online at more affordable prices.

This e-commerce website is new and focuses on quality slightly than the value in the market. The store strives to establish the right amount for every product available on their website.

If you are looking for trying new online shopping websites and want to have experience you can go with this store.

5. Bhakari

Bhakari is another good shopping online store in Nepal that focuses mainly on electronics.

Unmixed words;

This online shopping websites focus on electronic devices i.e( mobiles, memory cards, appliances and cameras,), etc

If you are looking for one specified electronics niche online eCommerce site in Nepal then you can check the online shopping service.

6. Muncha

Muncha is another online shopping website in Nepal with thousands of products online, especially from physical stores.

Fast delivery worldwide schedules and flexibility of payments have helped muncha grab a leading position in Nepal online shopping sector.

Buyers can pay with iPay, MasterCard, and VISA and national payment gateways.

7. SmartDoko

Smartdoko is another top online shopping websites for discerning customers. Smartdoko persuades superior quality and guaranteed original products.

Although Smartdoko doesn’t have added many products ( based on my research), to keep in mind you will get the products at affordable prices.

8. FoodMandu

Riding back for the fastest and top online e-commerce food delivery at your footstep.

Food-mandu is an online commerce food ordering website in Nepal&first company to deliver any food you want in your doorstep.

Foodmandu is best for families with little time for wasting on food shopping at crowded stores. This online store offers a wide selection of online fresh food.

Prices are intended to suit every budget.

Action Item! Food mandu is not available for all cities which is quite unexcepted but its true:-) Want More Check Out the: Available city

9. Metrotarkari

‘Happiness Delivered Home’- the promise of Metrotarkari. A great online store for grocery requirements.

This online grocery shopping platform is Nepal’s biggest online grocery shopping site. This site allows busy people to shop for their groceries from limited locations.

You can the best deals from here when it comes to grocery online stores.

Action Item!  The delivery area of this online grocery is only from places of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu. Besides, they provide delivery to Sanga and Thankot if the order exceeds Rs. 4000. ( Information by unknow sites😖)

10. Gajabko

Gajabko can truly be called the undisputed leader of online shopping sites for mostly fashionwear.\

Gajabko is another better shopping website in Nepal Fashionwear packaged uniquely. This online shopping store is only hosted for websites not for apps.

Lists Of Top Online Shopping Websites In NepalCheck Out

Final Words: Best Online Shopping Sites Nepal

Guess What?

Now you have the ultimate 10x lists of top online shopping websites in Nepal so far.

Now what?

 🥺 Experience the top online e-commerce sites convening from home and comment down below how their services are.

One more…..

After ordering from those sites till then read our guide and make money online just sitting from.

Your time:-)Thank me ❤️ for sharing this article…( Yes you can do it)

best shopping sites in nepal
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