7 best ways to make money as a college student

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Are you a student and looking for something that makes you money apart from your studies? Then, this article is for you. You will find ways to earn without investments as a student.

Nowadays, students are very much responsible as they are getting mature very fast. Change is very quick as the world is squeezing. There are so many plans to make money while studying in college and it is easy in today’s world to make money online for beginners but we have to be very selective before choosing any of the ways because as an opportunity is huge there is also the chance of scam. 

Today, we will discuss top 7 genuine ways through which college student can make money online and offline both.  

7 Best Ways To Make Money As A College Student ( Fast)

best ways to make money as collage student
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1. Gaming


It is the fastest-growing craze as it is fun to play games. Who doesn’t play games in today’s world? The game can’t be good or bad itself but it is depending upon user how and how often they use and make it good or bad, as a player for us games are good but our parents might not think it is the good but only way our parents think games are good is by making a career through it and make money.

It is a kind of win-win situation for you and for your parents too. There are many ways through which you can create handsome capital through gaming. You can live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and also take part in different gaming tournaments and also make a name and fame through gaming.

You have to invest in the quality of pc and all the requirements for your gaming career and which is worth enough as it has massive benefits.  

2. Party DJ

How any sort of party is memorable, enjoyable? Reason can be many but one of the reasons is the music system, isn’t it? How someone expresses they are happy? The reason can be different but of the reasons is dancing, isn’t it?

So, why not be DJ and make awesome music effects like the remix, mashups, etc. you can perform it at different marriage ceremonies, many bars, restaurants, etc. you can also perform it on special days like new year’s day, Christmas day and get paid well through it. When people will love your work there is a chance of getting extra tips from them.

You can perform it not only at one place but you can perform it in different places by which you will have many options to make money. So, learn skills related to it and try to make the best music and make people like it the most.

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3. Blogging

Blogging is the efficient direction to make money as teenagers (you can even take it to your higher level of age) as it has no boundary of age group. Anybody can do it but when we are fresheners it is great to start blogging as a career. You can do it as part-time as you have your college studies aside.

You can take it as a full time after growing it more and more. While, if you are studying stuff related to blogging at college then you can learn it from college and implement your learning, or if you are not studying stuff about blogging at college then why waste your time on college if blogging you would choose after your college? What I mean by that is learn stuff at college which will add value to your career life.

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Blogging has so many scopes to learn if you go deep inside. Same like let’s say somebody studies related to doctor then what kind of doctor? Animal’s doctor or human doctor? Which part of the body doctor will treat? and so on and so.

You can start your writing career as a student and create pocket money for yourself as a beginner and in the future, you can make the walk of life through it.

4. Barista

How often do you drink coffee? Learning about how to make coffee and working on it and making money through it is a great idea of making money. As there is a demand for barista in many places all around the world.

If you do mastery on it, you can create your coffee shop as well as a training center so that you can teach other people too. It is a difficult skill to master on but it will be providing the valuable result.

5. Invest in books and share market 

When you make money through the above-mentioned ways or by doing anything, some of the amounts you have to invest in books will help to earn more money in the future. You can even make money through books which we have already written on this topic.

Rather than wasting your earning money on junk foods, material goods, luxuries items, you have to invest money in books which will give you a great return. If you are not earning but you have money given by your parents as your pocket money then you should also not waste on no value providing items or things.

You have to know the essence of that money and you have to be responsible for your growth in life. Another best investment of your money or your parents’ money is you can invest it in the share market.

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As a beginner you can start from a small amount, you have to make the motive of knowing what share market is and how well it works not the motivate of making a huge profit through it. When you read books related to the share market, analyze different sectors of investment in the share market, you will grow in compounding.

When you start your investing career as fast as you can either if you fail it is not a problem because parents are behind your back to wake you up again.

6. Freelancing

 Freelancing is mostly done online work as it is capable of higher possibilities and many sorts of skills, we as a freelancer can implement and make handsome money.

It is not like other platforms like when you go for a job you need to have anyone kind of special knowledge either data managing skill or graphic designing or software developing but freelancing Is that you can have as many as skills and work on multiple sorts of skills.

You can implement whatever skills you have and you can work from home. Famous freelancing sites are fiverr.com, upwork.com, etc. you can either write content, make design, sell photos, edit videos, etc. on these kinds of sites.

7. Arts and entertainments

Making a career in arts and entertainment is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is the most loving or hating career made by the people because you might get a compliment as well as you might get criticize in public forums. Once you learn skills like acting, scriptwriting, editing, clicking, working on body language, voice, dance, etc., which are required for arts and entertainments then you can make an amazing career through it.

You can work on creative ideas and thoughts and show them on public platforms. As, a beginner you can start from YouTube with an affordable budget, you can work on different genres like comedy, social message giving type, action, horror, etc.

Later on, while you are growing in your career you can come up to the big screen like theaters (as per favorable condition), make different web series, etc. These have higher possibilities always because everybody wants entertainment and some deeper message which people can take away from arts and entertainments. So, why not learn and earn as a student through it.


Above mentioned are the profound key ideas through which you can make money as a college student. It doesn’t mean that 7 are only the ways but there is an abundant niche through which you can learn as well as earn.

Let us know where you want to make your career on!

Thank you!

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