From the last 7months, we have written almost 3-4 articles on the same topic ” Business Ideas After Lockdown In Nepal 2021.

Lockdown one of the deadliest creatures has provoked memorable injuries to families, as well as immense strike and stagnation to marketplaces worldwide.

Lockdown had made someone poor in altering someone rich by the internet and business opportunity.

In this article we have writeen and showd up the list of best protiable business to work after pandemic.

Heres the story.

  • We Suffered a lot
  • We lost our jobs
  • We lost our control
  • Business losses
  • We lost what we love the most

Here’s a small question for you and answers yourself and lets us know in the comments sections?

What we wanted so don’t we think to start something different so that any sort of pandemic wouldn’t stop us from the income-generating process?


To work safely without giving damn to any sort of pandemic? Because we can do it in a very safe manner

Of course, we can by keeping knowledge that the modern age is the age of the internet we can do any sort of works through online and,

If we don’t follow it we know the result of how can this kind of pandemic makes our life. Do we know that it has made people’s life so difficult people weren’t known either to live or die?

It’s time to change ourselves and know the fact in our mind this corona type of virus is not an end because it is just the beginning so knowing that fact let’s create or do such work through which it won’t hamper us in living but the case is different if we suffer this sort of virus.

Top 5 Best Business Ideas After LockDown In Nepal

It’s time to change ourselves and know the fact in our mind this corona type of virus is not an end because,

It is just the beginning so knowing that fact let’s create or do such work through which it won’t hamper us in living but the case is different if we suffer this sort of virus.

Here are some of the best profitable business ideas you can do for your living after lockdown.

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1. Online Teaching

Let me tell you this is not the new trend business well, it is in Nepal, India reason because of pandemic.

Just because of pandemic one of our hamrolinko member is making $1k/M just by translating the Nepali words into English.

In nepal usally we have its rare to make $1k/M no idea why but with your skills you can make hundreds of thousands $ By skill not degree.

In this pandemic, we have learned and we knew degree doesn’t matter reason in this lockdown millions of jobs were gone so we conclude jobs and degree is temporary.

Skills person invest themselves and get feedback for themselves where degree people works for a company and get feedback from the company, not themselves and stuck less money.

Simple the more they job they more boss becomes rich.

What’s stopping you from being self-made?

Education is one the option which never dies or will reason the more we learn the more earn simply.

To the point,

In this lock-down every school, high school one can satisfy in online video classes, online tuitions, special classes, webinars, or Zoom.

Instruction employment to reach out to the huge number of students who crave a comprehensive explanation and understanding of unexplained concepts and completion of the academic syllabus.

Online teaching is booming in this lockdown go ahead… 🙂

2. StartUps

Startup current is the age of science and technology we all know, but the thing we are knowing but still  being

Unaware about it is the upcoming generation or technology is replacing every human being from their jobs, no physical, the mental task will be done or will rarely be done by humans.


So,why not create a startup. 

The generation which I am talking about is far for our country or it will be ruling our country in a late manner but why not improve the technology that we are lacking  rather than trying something  new? 

I mean we are still behind the development of strong privacy software.

We easily get hacked and we lose big and useful data,we also do not have an application which is so much advanced or genuine or kind of application which can challenge the international arena.

More than that we are lacking different vfx kinds of thing for awesome cinematic projects. 

Its field doesn’t only mean programming there is much more than that. So, it’s necessary to improve on digital security, international payment system,

Advanced data protector, startup games developing, apps related to certain institutions for saving time of both clients and workers,

Improving filming or cinematic effects, etc to provide movies or films to be nominated in different kinds of awards.

So, it is better to do a startup related to it rather than being more behind. 

We need to improve ourselves and drastically change our country in a digital way. In these sectors,

We are not so developed so where there are more problems there are more solutions or we can grow. 

We have written a definitive guide on Best Actionable Low Investment Business Ideas In Nepal That Works Like a Charm! (A Cheat Sheet for Nepal) No regrets when hamrolinko is with you 🙂

3. Freelancing Projects

Freelancing means everything that can be done for mostly.

Freelancing jobs like content writing, website updating,designing , editing, publishing, graphic designing, gym instructions.

You can choose fiveer, and Upwork to the right work ahead.

Many other such freelance jobs are easily available and the requirements for specialists in the designated fields in progressing with each passing day.

What if you failed in getting freelancing jobs and no clients what other jobs you will be choosing, Well we have listed the best Highest Paying In-Demanding Jobs In Nepal [2021 Edition] Real Salary Jobs List for Earning With Scopes (Based On Polls).

4. Content Creations


Content creating so you might feeling on which bases you are saying content writing? Well, you can see the content that we are providing to help you in any way.

We are providing powerful content related to different niches in order to make you aware. Yes, here are the different possibilities that we might be lacking to see. 

In the same way you guys can choose a niche any of the niche which you feel you are good at then simply create the content and be content creator.

Here,you will not only earn in one way but various ways and when the criteria is fulfilled it will help you to earn you effortlessly,so give a try and experience yourselves.

Knowledge is required to do anything so before choosing it take knowledge related to it and not only go through it but also grow through it.

 According to our own experience we are feeling positive that we provide such a unique content that more than 1000 people are loving our content as they are getting what they are naturally unaware of. 

We are glad that internet connection is 70% available in our country or every second house so people do not waste money reading newspapers,magazines,books which are in physical manner and also read through online and pay internet bill.

 So,mostly people who have an internet connection won’t go for newspapers,books,or magazines which are physical.

In the end, you can create content related to any niche like how-to content, recommendation type of content, news portal, spiritual knowledge content, business to get started type of content, summary of books type of content, etc.

5. Home-based food Stalls+delivering

Home to home many of us are so busy we cannot manage time for eating or we are so busy

We cannot manage time for preparing food or we are not so busy we have time for eating food or we are not so busy that we have time for preparing food.

So somebody might not have time for preparing/eating foods for income generating in the same way somebody might have time for preparing/eating time through,

Which they can generate income, for somebody that preparing food is limiting themselves from earning money and for somebody that preparing food is expanding themselves from earning.

So, we can absolutely create handsome income through it because eating is a basic need for the people.

People are busy so they don’t have time for eating but it is against nature so I need to take my word back and let me make little sense that people are busy because

They don’t have time for preparing food so in order to go with the natural process they would need something that would save their time for preparing food so in this case, we will create business opportunities here.

Simply, we will create awesome food with an awesome amount of positive thoughts on that food and simply deliver in their door to door.

In the first case, they will save their time for preparing food in the second they will utilize time for preparing food it is so profitable idea

If you deeply research on it. You will be preparing food on day to day life as well as to save their time on a different occasion by preparing food for them as well as the people who are attending that occasion .

Final Words

These were the 5 best business to do after a lockdown in Nepal chooses by readers,based on pools.

Now What?

Read our most loved articles related-:

Keep learning and improving

Hamrolinko family

Your time:-)Thank me ❤️ for sharing this article…

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