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13+Best Cheap Web Hosting In Nepal [2021 Editions]

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Hello, hamrolinko fans. You have landed to the perfect article to find out the best cheap web hosting companies in Nepal. A lot of people have an excuse if Nepal cheap WEB hosting companies are any good and if you can trust them with your website.

The answer is ” Yes” in the ration of [9.9:10] Its rare.

Want to jump right into the answer for my top cheapest web hosting in Nepal pickup? My top pickup for the best and top cheap web hosting company is is ” Babal Web Host Nepal“.

If you are new to internet world you dont have to go with higher plans or go with fortune web hosting company to pay more when you are new and in beginning, you won’t have traffic so it is much better to move on with cheap web hosting providers from Nepal.

Cheap web hosting doesn’t mean it is bad, it means the hosting which plans starts from low prices. A couple of weeks ago I have contacted with some Nepali host about their pricing plans and they refused so almost every hosting gives the statement; When you are new to the market you have to sell your hosting packaged so now we are old and we dont have those cheap plans.

Here’s what you need to about those host company when they were fresh to host business they sold their package at very cheap prices like 25 – 50/m and in later on the same package they raised their pricing to above 200 to 300 monthly pricing with yearly of 4k.

So it’s much better never look at those companies. Well, there is some host they are still hosting companies which provide same features with the same product with affordable pricing where others are promoting it for more than 3- 4 /yr where those same cheap host companies provide with yearly of just 999. Huge money saved.

Finding the right cheap web hosting is very complicated enough on its own when it comes to finding any host for Nepal country. finding one that’s both good and cheap. With this in mind, I decided to conduct my tests to identify the best cheap WordPress hosting providers currently on the market.

Small websites, blogs, and other new websites can be good and get away in cheap web hosting plans which fit for every budget and affordable.

For making a self-hosted blog or website, WordPress is the best option. Over more than 45% of the world’s websites have used the WordPress platform.

I researched a lot, bought, and tested over more than 40+ Webhosting from Nepal to find out the top cheapest web hosting provider company in Nepal live there.

Unfourtanelty; Almost every web hosting I tried I found they use the same platforms and aren’t balanced in pricing and features, Furthermore, not all Nepali web-hosting companies are created equal, and you still have to be very careful about which specific company and which of their hosting plans you choose. This is where the following comparison comes into play.

In this hosting article, you will learn what are the best “cheapest web hosting in Nepal” providers, what you’ll have to pay on normal, what to expect from cheap hosting, and what the total conductors among Nepal cheap hosting companies are.

The 5 Best Cheap Web Hosting In Nepal Options to Consider 2021: 

  1. Babal Host: The most trusted Web hosting provider In Nepal So far
  2. BlueHost Nepal: Top Most Most popular cheap web hosting
  3. A2 Hosting: Best Affordable WordPress Web Hosting; Cheap and flexible
  4. GreenGeeks Nepal: Best Eco-Friendly Cheap web hosting,eco-purposive
  5. In-Motion Web Hosting: A sold package of host what you pay comes with cheap prices

What Is Reflected “Cheapest” Hosting Nepal?

One of my favourite web-hosting providers from Nepal is babal host. Its fast, reliable, affordable pricing packages and you get tons of unlimited features and services at just less than NPR 49/M.

When we describe “cheap hosting providers or budget” what we mean is those hosting falls in the pricing data of less than $0.45 to $5/per month.

In this cheap or budget case, we stop looking to features and supports and more focus comes in pricing. It’s okay to buy those host but in the other place, you can get unlimited features and best supports from another host at same or less pricing.

Note- Whichever cheap web hosting you are going to pick from Nepal hosting companies; keep these important factors before you buy any budget-friendly host.

  • Latest PHP: PHP 8.0x is a necessity as it has a meaningful advantage over the predecessor and makes your WordPress capacity quicker.
  • SSL Certificate: Google has made it public that the SSL certificate is a ranking factor. The WordPress web hosting companies that I have listed here are the one that allows simple to combine SSL certificate and also free.
  • Many Web-hosting services charge for SSL certificate even from bloggers which are not required and innocent users waste a lot of money.
  • Customer support: A decent customer service is not quite because when our website goes down, it’s a panic mode. A strong hosting should offer excellent customer support and something you should expect from day one.
  • Server-location: The load time of your website has a direct impact on the search engine ranking. Therefore, it’s highly advised to host your website closes to your target audience.
  • For example, if your target audience is from India or the USA, it should host your website on a server in Nepal. Similarly, if your audience is in Nepal, it’s better to pick a hosting that offers data centre in Nepal.

With that out, here’s the list of the top cheapest web hosting providers from Nepal 2021.

Top Cheap web hosting provider in nepal

#1-Babal Host Nepal- The most trusted Web hosting provider In Nepal So far

Babal host is one of the most trusted popular cheap web hosting in Nepal host and powered by more than 5 thousands+ websites in Nepal. These web hosting is the most used and renewed hosting so far.

No list of any hosting in Nepal can be completed without including babal host. Just Bluehost is the most popular hosting and officially recommend by wordpress babel host is one of them from Nepal.

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They are a perfect and best choice for web hosting because when it comes to Nepal cheapest web hot providers. Their system performance is specially optimized servers.

All of their hosting plans come with free SSL security and WordPress staging environment, and one-click WordPress install features AND BUDGET friendly.

Pricing Plans Babal Hosting

When it comes to babal host cheapest plans. This web hosting offers two different packages with the best pricing for Nepali people like us.

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The two different plans are suitable to run both big and small startups websites and blogs.Babal hosting every package are specially optimized only for Nepali users who want to start their website, blogs etc.

  • Single Unlimited
  • Babal Unlimited

Single Unlimited: In this plan, you can host only 1 website with almost everything unlimited like data, bandwidth and backups etc. This plan starts with 999/Yr which is best for new internet people who are just starting out there. There are no drawbacks of using these plans except having more than one website and 1GB per mailbox but you can always go with highers plans with WordPress optimized. Built on Cloud Infrastructure with free SSL.

Want more data about Babal host? Read our honest babal host review after using it for now years (Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons) 2021. The 9x faster web hosting! is one of the few hosting services which also offer reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.This makes it easier for clients to quickly upgrade to a higher server package when their site’s traffic increases.

Babal Unlimited: This is the best plans which I recommend everyone if you are going to host your website in WordPress CMS. There is nothing much to talk about these plans. With these plans, you can host unlimited websites as much as you can with no limitations and almost everything unlimited like emails accounts Storage, SSD storage, bandwidth, sub-domains etc with WordPress optimized. Built on Cloud Infrastructure with free SSL.

Further more you get features like;

  • Rated 9.9/10 overall by survey respondents (a top-host rated company in Nepal)
  • No 1 Most Used and popular host in Nepal
  • Affordable specially made for Nepali based people
  • 99% of users will extend their hosting subscription when it’s up for renewal
  • Reliable Support
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Load time: 584 ms
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, phone
  • Features: WordPress Optimized + Unlimited features with Pro Plan
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Affordable, Cheap, Budget-friendly host
  • Hamrolinko Rating: 5/5

With said you dont have to pay more when you revnew you hosting the prices remains same. You dont have to worry about anything when babal host is there they are a trusty provider and we highly recommended these web hosting and always write about their data and host information is various sites so that you can save money without costing you extra.

Recommended Host PlansBabal Unlimited
Free Backups45 Days Free Money Back Gu
Free Domain NameNo
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration Cloud infrastructure and everything unlimited Features

Here is the deal for you: Get 15% off on every web hosting plans [Babal Host Promo Codes&Coupons: Lifetime Discount].

#2-BlueHost Nepal- Top Most Most popular cheap web hosting

Bluehost is the most used and popular web hosting provider in the world. This web hosting is officially recommended by wordpress large community. They power more than 5+M Websites so far.

This web hosting package come in very cheap prices and budget-friendly, the cheapest plans come with the pricing of just $2.65. A perfect host for your websites in starting phase with great packages for every web hosting solutions.

Pricing Plans BlueHost Nepal

Bluehost is recommended by large comminuted and wordpress is one of them powering Bluehost from last 16yrs. They have a history of millions of domains accounts and customers with high experiences.

blue host nepal pricing

When it comes to their cheap plans, shared web hosting is what you must look for. All of their shared cheapest plans come with the starting pricing of $3.95/mo and $13.95/mo.

This web hosting is precisely in integrations with WordPress and other companies with their SEO tool that scores and tracks how well your website is ranking for specific keywords.

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Furthermore;you get tons of features like;

  • Free domains and SSL
  • 24/7 backed by all three methods
  • One-click software installations
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth

Being said; once your host expires our renewal price jumps up to $8.99 per month after your initial term. And you have to pay for at least one year in advance.

Storage50 GB SSD
Free Backups30 Days of Free Money guarantee
Free Domain NameYes
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration Solid server performance – Good uptime (>99.95%) and response time (< 450ms)

#3-A2 Hosting- Best Cheap WordPress Web Hosting; Cheap and flexible

When it comes to cheap, affordable web hosting in Nepal, A2 Hosting is one of them in our lists. They offer the best web hosting services for every type of business.

A2 Hosting is the most trusted web hosting by every business owners, bloggers and other digital marketers out there. When it comes to their plans they offer the best affordable hosting with full built-in cloud infrastructure.

They focus more on speed this is why a2 hosting tag line comes with “Our Speed, Your Success”. They focus more on speed and systems performance that pricing.

A2 Hosting: Pricing Plans

None of any a2 hosting plans has limitations for traffic and storage each plan comes with unlimited packs but when it comes for cheap web hosting plans a2 hosting do have some limitations but it won’t effect your website host to upgrade unless you dont get high traffics.

IF you are searching for a cheap web host in a2 web host platform then you most go with shared hosting plans today; In this plans, you can the best features like ;

a2 hosting Nepal plans
  • Solid State Drive Speed Boost
  • A2 optimized features like wordpress and pre-tuned performance
  • Anycast DNS
  • Get the best hardware and sold SSD with 5x faster performance in cheap plans.
  • 24/7 backed by all three methods
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Taste the free website migrations in shared startups plans

This web hosting is very fast scalable and most used web hosting by new bloggers and business stores owners when it comes for pricing, highly scalable.

Storage150 GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameNo
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Configuration Free Access to root with 1 core

#4-GreenGeeks Hosting Nepal- Best Eco-Friendly Cheap web hosting,eco-purposive

After babal host Nepal, greengeeks is one of my fav green web hostings. This web host is not notch and the best alternative to other budget website hosting in terms of features, pricing and supports.

Greengeeks uses renewable energy to power its web hosting services. It is one of the eco-friendly hostings in our lists. They put tenth the amount of energy it uses back into the grid in the form of renewable energy! This is what it makes different form every web hosting.

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This web hosting is the most reliable and eco-green purposive hosting. I highly recommended you to choose this web hosting service if you love to get the taste and want the experience of green geeks which completely uses renewable energy to host sites.

GreenGeeks: Pricing Plans

When it comes for cheap web hosting you can go with thier two difeerent plans;

  • WordPress
  • Shared Web Hosting

You cannot accept to get features like unlimited when you are going with the plan of cheap and budget-friendly.GreenGeeks offers great values offer in money and features for their shared hosting plans.

Greengeeks budget-friendly plans comes with 3 different plans with the best eco-friendly features like;

  • Free Domain Name & Website Migration
  • Eco Friendly and Environment-Friendly
  • Top-Notch Support with Quick Answers docs backed all three methods
  • 9X faster than another host with (345ms)
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Starting Plans at $2.95/mo
  • Everything unlimited
  • Free SSL and SiteBuilder for your perfect website

#5-In-Motion Hosting Nepal- Best Eco-Friendly Cheap web hosting,eco-purposive

In-motion web hosting is another top budget-friendly web hosting for your websites and blogs. This web hosting is mainly known for its Shared and VPS hosting packages.

They are one of the oldest web hosting company older than Bluehost also. They started their business in 2001 and for now, they have already hosted millions of domains and hosting.

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This web hosting offer premium excellent technologies, speed, security, supports. In motion, hosting offers SSD hosting on their servers located at the East and the West Coast of United States so far.

Pricing Of InMotion Web Hosting Nepal

This web hosting offers more than 10+different plans for every types of business niches from small business to ecommerce and freelancer and for every types of people.

babal host nepal

For budget friendly and cheap all your focus should should go with shared hosting plans;

  • Launch – $4.99/month for a three -year subscription or $4.99/month for one year.
  • Power – $8.99/month for three subscriptions or $7.99/month for one year.
  • Pro – $14.99 /month

Even their HDD AND SSD are much more powerful and faster than other ordionary web hosting.In-motion hosting offers free c-panel with license with all cloud hosting features that will requite in wordpress ro run it smoothly.

Storage75 GB SSD
Free BackupsYes [ 30 days]
Free Domain NameNo
Money-back guarantee?Yes
Bandwidth4TB bandwidth
Configuration 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth

Which One Is The Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider In Nepal? [ Final Words]

When it comes cheap web hosting for Nepal there’s only one option babal web hosting Nepal.

This is the perfect web hosting solutions for every type of business, freelancing and blog hosting content without costing you extra for the best features. What you pay what you get.

Out of hundreds of web host companies out there, I have the listed the best and top host that comes at cheap prices and fits in your budget for every type of business.

Sit down! and take a moment which one web budget-friendly host to choose or you are always free to drop down your comment on the down section.

Still confuse?

Every web host I have included in this article I have personally used these web hosting from long and time and after so long i have re-write the article with the right information.


Your Writer- Mr Siddhit

Top Cheap web hosting provider in nepal

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