5 Best Cheap Web Hosting In Nepal 2020(Comparison + Deals)


Cheap WP Hosting

Cheapest plan

Price Rating



Babal host

रू 69.44/month


Prabhu Host

रू 83/month


E-hosting NP

रू 83/month


Web hostNepal

रू 83.44/month


Miles Hosting

रू 140/month


Are you looking for the best and affordable cheap web hosting in nepal?

Hosting is the heart of the website.

For making a self-hosted blog or website, WordPress is the best option. Over 30% of the world’s websites have used the WordPress software.

The cheapest web hosting in Nepal is not at all good because they have limited features and can break your website also if a vast amount of traffic visitors land on your page.

cheap web hosting in Nepal
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We all know cheap hosting providers in Nepal or in any glance they have limited features


I have excellent news for you,

From the past 3 months I have been looking for the best and cheapest hosting in Nepal with unlimited features and finally today I have found it.

Give a second to tweet this;

Based on my research, these are the best cheap web hosting providers in Nepal with unlimited bandwidth and other plans.

Cheap Web hosting in NepalFree Domain
01. Babal hostNo
02. Prabhu HostNo
03. E-hosting NPNo
04. Web hostNepalNo
05. Miles HostingNo



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In my 4years of blogging carrier I had moved by lots of domains from one hosting to another hosting provider, including pocketlinko over 5 times picking a new WordPress host and migrating is a tedious task in Nepal.

I had learned many things while migrating from one hosting to another hosting provider in Nepal.

When you are picking WordPress hosting for your new or an existing WordPress site, definitely focus on these few things:

  • Latest PHP: PHP 7.0x is a must as it has a significant advantage over the predecessor and makes your WordPress function faster.
  • SSL Certificate: Google has made it public that SSL certificate is a ranking factor. The WordPress web hosting companies that I have listed below are the one that offers easy to integrate SSL certificate and also free.
  • Many Webhosting services charge for SSL certificate even from bloggers which is not required and innocent users loses a lot of money due to this.
  • Customer support: A decent customer service is not enough because when our website goes down, it’s a panic mode. A reliable hosting should offer excellent customer support and something you should expect from day one.
  • Server location: The load time of your WordPress website has a direct impact on the search engine ranking. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to host your website closes to your target audience.
  • For example, if your target audience are from India or USA, it should host your website on a server in Nepal. Similarly, if your audience is in Nepal, it’s better to pick a hosting that offers data center in Nepal.

There are lots of things to consider while choosing the cheapest website hosting in Nepal for your website including like hosting space, bandwidth and easy-to-use control panel is the icing on the cake.

In this post, I have shared good and cheap web hosting in Nepal which should fit perfectly into your budget, whatever your budget may be! Less than Np 150.

Get Cheap hosting from babal.host (Excellent customer support).

Cheap And Best Hosting Provider In Nepal

Cheap And Best Hosting Provider In Nepal
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These are the top best WordPress Web hosting in Nepal.

Babal.hostरू 69.44 /monthUnlimited
Prabhu Host रू 83/month10GB/M
E-hosting NPरू 83/month10GM/M
Web hostNepalरू 83.44 /monthUnlimited
Miles Hostingरू 140/monthUnlimited

Here I will list only those hosting companies which are created for the cheapest hosting and are also the cheapest.

Top 5 Cheap And Best Web Hosting In Nepal

Are you beginner in blogging? Thinking of creating a blog or website of your own? Looking for best cheap hosting provider in Nepal.

That’s great, but for that, you need a cheap and best hosting provider in Nepal with premium features.

In this article, I will advise you on the cheapest web hosting in Nepal companies in Nepal which are budget-friendly and gives amazing benefits at a cheap price.

01. Babal. Host (Best Cheapest Hosting In Nepal)

babal hosting best cheap hosting
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I am using babal.host for my every website and blogs which do not require high traffic. This is another cheap WordPress hosting service on the list,  that offers outstanding support and server quality.

If you want a great hosting in a limited and cheap budget, then babal.host is the best option for you.

Babal.host offers various hosting packages, but for a beginner, I would suggest starting with single unlimited if you don’t have an exorbitant amount of visitors in your site.

cheap hosting in nepal
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You can see how much active domains and it hosts hosting on babal hosting, which shows this is the web hosting company in Nepal with the cheapest price and affordable price.

Babal.host is one of the few hosting services which also offer reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.This makes it easier for clients to quickly upgrade to a higher server package when their site’s traffic increases.

If you are a complete newbie and don’t want to invest too much in blogging but want to start your first blog with WordPress.

Then babal hosting is the best hosting provide in Nepal for you. Here you car start your blog with as low as Rs. 0.69/month. This is the lowest price you will get ever with babal host.

Features of babal.hosting (best hosting provider in Nepal

Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Site Migration
24*7 live Chat and Telephone support
Pay bill via eSewa, Credit card, Khalti
Free SSL using Lets encrypt
Unlimited Email Accounts
Automatic Backup
Rating 4.5/5

02. Prabhu Host: रू 83/month unlimited hosting

Prabhu host cheap plan
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This is another second good cheap web hosting for a beginner in Nepal.

If you have a scant amount of visitors in your hosting i recommend you yo go with it but keep in mind they have only 1Gb storage and only 10Gb of bandwidth .

After which I highly recommended you to don’t go with its cheap plan you can get with for growing company which is prabhu host another plan but quite good.

Comparing it with babal hosting at 69 per month with Prabhu host 83/ Month


Comparing it with babal hosting at 69 per month with prabhu host 83/ Month


The Winner Is Babal.host at RS 69 Per month

Comparing to babal hosting Prabhu host is Expensive for beginners and also their monthly pack for NP 2500 for unlimited Package.

For the hosting plans in nepal , they offer the Cloud Basic hosting(most people will choose this type), Cloudlite, Reseller, Cloud VPS. In addition, on all plans, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Features of Prabhu Hosting

Free SSL Certificate
Free 24×7/365 Support
Limited Bandwidth
Regular Backups
Only 1GB Storage ( which is not good)

Comparing it with babal.host and Prabhu host (babal.hosting is 5x better than Prabhu host and all the Nepal wordpress hosting.


Disk Unlimited

Bandwidth Unlimited

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Email Account

Data Base Unlimited

Prabhu Hosting

Limited Sik Space(1GB Only)

Bandwidth 10GB

Free SSL Certificate

2 Email Account

2 Data Base

You can check this screenshot as thier unlimited infinity symbol:

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Babal. Hosting ( Unlimited Features)

Now its your choice to go with unlimited features with 69 per month which other don’t give as in low cost.

Prabhu Host (Limited Features)

Now it’s choice to go with limited features at high amount price which others might provide at low cost.

My Choice

I care for you so I have written a detailed guide on top 5 best cheap web hosting in Nepal highly recommended to with babal hosting with no doubt.

They provide unlimited features where’s others provide the same features unlimited at thier package of more than 3thousand Nepal .

I have sown you the all blue print of babal hosting now choice is yours? Which one you choose.

If you are searching for any good web hosting in Nepal always go with either babal.host or Prabhu host.

03. E hosting Server: Good Cheapest Hosting

e hosting server cheap plans
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This is my third good cheap hosting with limited features.

This is alternative to prabhu host, which has limited features but affordable for beginners to start blog with moderate amount of visitors.

E- Hosting server is an idle option as it offers free website transfers. They also offer one-click WordPress installer, which is handy.

Their hosting packages include Basic, Delux, Ultimate, Maximum. Mostly they have both servers for both national and international-in fact you can get their cheapest plan for only RS 700/yr.

Features of E- Hosting Server:

Free SSL Certificate
Unlimited Sub Domains and email
30day Money-Back Guarantee
1GB SSD disk Space
10GB Monthky Bandwidth
PHP Version 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3( Not higher Than It)
Unlimited Sub Domain, Email & FTP

I will not compare it with babal hosting because no one can beat them in their cheapest plan and service, but will compare it with Prabhu hosting.

Prabhu Hosting

Limited Sik Space(1GB Only)

Bandwidth 10GB

Free SSL Certificate

2 Email Account

2 Data Base

E Hosting Server

Host 1 Domain

1 GB SSD Disk Space

10GB Monthly Bandwidth

cPanel Control PanelLocation GEPHP Version 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

FREE SSL Certificate

04. Web Host Nepal: Cheap web hosting in Nepal

Best cheap web hosting in nepal
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What sets Web host nepa; part from its competitors (including those on this list) is their commitment to the environment.

This is best hosting for one who will have 100 visitors per month in thier website.

No matters you are calling in day or night, rain or shine. They are always there to help you 24*7. Even they will assist you in solving the technical issues of your site.

Where other hosting company also do it.

There is no difference and can’t differ from other hosting , this hosting is actually in another level which can’t be compared with other powerful hosting.

Features of Web host Nepal:

#100MB of Disk Space
Unlimited bandwidth
20 Email Accounts
20 Subdomains
Free SSL Certificate

Comparing Web host Nepal it with E-hosting server:

Web Host Nepal

100 Mb of disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

20 Subdomains

Free SSL Certificate

E- hosting Server

Host 1 Domain

1 GB SSD Disk Space

10GB Monthly Bandwidth

FREE SSL Certificate

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05. Miles Cheap Web Hosting

milesweb hosting nepal
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Miles web was started in 2012 and is based in India. Looking at the ongoing scenario, they serve thousands of customers globally.

The leading web hosting company is renowned in the market because of its customer support and competitive pricing.

Miles web is now on Nepal also with exciting limited offers.

miles web hosting nepal
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MilesWeb offers a wide range of hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, Magento hosting,. at an affordable price. 

Features of miles web hosting in Nepal

Host 1 Website
Free SSL Certificate
1GB SSD Disk Space
Malware Scan and Removal
Latest PHP & MySQL
cPanel Control Panel 

Miles web offers managed web hosting services. You can easily focus on your business growth.


The following above 5 are the top and best cheap web hosting in Nepal with a detailed guide and with comparison.

In affordable WordPress hosting, in cheap there are plenty of options, and it would not be wise for me to pick just one, as each of these WordPress host offers something unique.

Babal.host and prabhu host are the two cheapest WordPress hosting that you can pick from.

I honestly recommend babal hosting in terms of features and customer support.

Now its your turn .

Share the post with your friends and let me know your thought if I had left any cheap hosting will be implement if it is good.

Sharing is caring 🙂the post on social media.

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Best cheapest web hosting in nepal
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