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Cloud Sansar – The New-gen cloud hosting in Nepal ( Fast, Affordable)

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If you are searching for the top hosting in Nepal then CloudSansar can be a great choice because this is the same company hold by prabhu host and entirely made for cloud lovers.

In today article you are going to get two double benefits, no one: you will get prabhu host domain in rs999 and hosting with 15% discount using our coupon code.

New year coming and with the new year one of the most well-known brands in the Nepal hosting community “PrabhuHost” is offering a flat 15% discount on their hosting and with that, you can get a domain name on only 999/domain for a very limited time.

Prabhu host one of the most well know and trusted web hosting provider in Nepal. When it comes to “trusted web hosting companies in Nepal” there are very few names but with the list, Prabhu host and Cloud Sansar is also one of them and ranks for the close to the top.

New year in Nepal is coming very soon and you may be very clearly lots of brands offer flat discount and skims on their products. Some offer discounts where some offer buys one get one free so on.

This new year festival session grabs powerful hosting solutions Prabhu hosts at very affordable prices. If you also have a plan or an idea to start your own website in Nepal and searching for good hosting then Prabhu host is our good choice and with cloud Sansar with 25% discount with very affordable pricing.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

What is Prabhu Host?

Prabhu host is one of the most trusted web hosting providers in Nepal widely used by thousands of online startup founders, bloggers, online ecommerce owners as well as for online businesses for any niche.

They provide excellent hosting plans at affordable pricing and have gained lots of reviews from different mediums. They offer 24/7 clock support and have trained experts supports from different mediums such as WordPress expert supports, e-commerce, technical, etc.

As being said when it comes to hosting in Nepal, close to no list of hosting in Nepal can be crafted without including Prabhu hosting company.

Why Choose Prabhu Host? Features and General Impressions💡

Prabhost offers many hosting plans such as shared, wordpress, managed,cloud and VPS , Email hosting. They also have specific hosting plans for developers, ecommerce etc.

With all plans you will have 27 days money back promise from shared to cloud covers all most many plans servers. If you are a blogger or a wordpress developer and have clients and searching for hosting provider in nepal then one of our recommendation also goes with prabhu host.

By the end of this article, you also get a flat discount on their all plans. If you are in hurry then click on this and grab your domain only on 999/domain name. While other hosting providers are offering domain names close to 1100-1200 per domain name.

Features & General Impression💡

That’s not the end. Now let’s have a look at the amazing list of features you are going to get with their plans with a flat discount coupon code I will be sharing with you at the right moment.

Here are the benefits of using Prabhu host (You must not miss this today prabhu hosting discount sale 2021):

  • 28 days money-back promise
  • Full access to the root
  • Free Cpanel
  • Lightning Fast Server
  • Daily Backups
  • Cost-Effective
  • Developer Friendly
  • SSD storage on all plans
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Solid State Drives
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Full 256bit SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Expert Hosting Support
  • Free SSL
  • Free Website Migration
  • Latest Updated PHP & MySQL
  • WordPress Optimized

Cloud Sansar new vertical of Prabhu Host: Better Cloud Hosting Platform

If you are here and have thinking to go with cloud hosting servers, then wait! CloudSansar is the only one platform in nepal offering only cloud hosting plans server on their entire servers platform with best pricing model.

Their basic plans come with the pricing of $30/per year with 25% flat discount on their basic plans which is $3per month that makes a sense and we found they are the only one affordable or cheap cloud hosting platform in nepal offering so much value with such extremely cheap managed cloud hosting.

cloudsansar plans
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You heard it right it’s managed cloud hosting which means you no longer have to take single tension about updating plugins, wordpress, themes, security, downtime, and other security, all mostly things are handled by their system, with self-healing technology and their teams.

Now you have got almost many things about Prabhu hosting as a review as well as CloudSansar. Let’s dive in more information about Cloud sansar for better understanding

What is CloudSansar?

Cloud Sansar is new edge cloud hosting platform designed for wordpress platform offering great features such DDoS Protection , Antivirus ,Intrusion Prevention along with CMS Brute Force Protection and ModSecurity. Honestly speaking truth cloud sansar really provides cloud hosing servers in very affordable pricing.

They provider 24/7 clock support directly from experts and has one of the easiest setups in the industry with one-click installation features.

Why Choose CloudSansar? Features and General Impressions💡

This cloud hosting platform is optimized for both beginner and developers anyone with zero knowledge can get started with cloud sansar with easy to install feature and beginner friendly dashboard.

CloudSansar has many unique features but one of the great features we like is their e-commerce features called “Faster and Resource boost“, no one the hosting provider from Nepal offer this features.

Here are some of the great features you can get in CloudSansar hosting platform:

  • 100% SSD Server
  • Fully Managed by Cloud Hosting provider
  • Free hassle migration
  • 5x Superior Faster Performance
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Free Cpanel
  • 30 days money Back guarantee
  • Free email hosting accounts
  • Free backups
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

If you own an ecommerce website or high traffic website then you are very clear when traffic hits more than the limitations the server starts getting low and just because of the hits you are most likely to migrate or upgrade to their higher plans.

But using CloudSansar hosting provider when you have ecommerce sale time you can boost the resources like CPU/RAM for specific period to serve audience/traffic smoothly with no downfall of site.

This web hosting provider offers flat 30 days money-back promise guarantee with fully 100% SDD Servers built on NVME SSD storage. If you already own a website then cloudsansar team will migrate your website or application for free with no cost extra.

Pricing Plans /Month

Clousansar offers the only cloud hosting servers so they do not offer other server hosting types such as shared, dedicated, VPS, and managed so-on. Cloudsansar offers three different cloud server pricing plans and the best part with all plans you can get started with monthly and yearly plans.

  • Budget hosting: $30/annual plans with 25% discount
  • Cloud Hosting: $50/annual plans
  • Business Hosting: $60/ annual plans
  • Personal Hosting: $3 per month
  • News Portal hosting: $5/per month
  • Ecommerce hosting: $6/per month

Prabhu Host New Year Sale: Get Domain On Just 999NPR & 10% Off On Hosting Plans

For new website creators like yourself, a web hosting can be seems huge investment and costly. Good news!
You have landed to prabhu host review+ Prabhu host new year sale 2021 where you can get domain name only on 999/per domain for very limited time.

Now you can get an even better prabhuhost discount than ever before, but only for the next seven days for domain name where for hosting you can get it using our coupon code.

What is The Hosting New Year Offer?

Today prabhu host nepal is offering domain name on 999NPR for very limited as being said and as well as 15% discount on their hosting plans using our coupon code ( hamrolinko)

prabhu host discount
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How To Claim the New Year Prabhu Host DIscount Offer?

its very simple forward.

Visit Prabhu hosting landing page from where you can get a domain name on 999/domain name and 10% discount on their all hosting plans.

Step2: You will be on a page where you have to enter your domain name to get started with prabhu host new year sale.

prabhu host domani register cheap
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Step3: You can clearly see their you can get .com domain on 999/NPR . One you pickup your domain name now choose the hosting plans.

prabhu host buy hosting
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Now all you have to click on their hosting element. Choose any plan from the list with best performance and features. If you see in left image it has clearly wrote for each hosting plans they have their own uses.

Just like for unlimited hosting you can except unlimited features, if you have the plan to build new website then go with their news portal hosting so you can get maxium features of news sites and so on. Now you are clear to move ahead with next further to buy hosting and domain name with our today prabhu hosting review and sale discount.

Step4: Use our coupon code ( Hamrolinko) to get flat discount.

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Once you add our coupon code just click on checkout button and afterwards all you have to do payment and enjoy the web hosting by Prabhu host and you account will be activated.

Once you follow our all steps, now you have successfully purchased hosting from prabhu host with flat 10% discount on their host plans and 999/NPR on domain name.

Once the payment is done just checkout your email for login credentials or you can directly signup using the registered email account.

What’s the catch?

You have to understand, we must admit, new year do-not come everyday and this is one of the exclusive offer for hamrolinko readers that doesn’t come everyday,

We’re partnered up with Prabhu Host to offer our readers this offers, so there is no catch and genuine deal.

Just use our prabhuhost exclusive link and follow our steps to get started with nepal trusted hosting provider,

prabhu host trustpilot reviews
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Final Words

Keep in mind this offer is only for HML readers who want to start own websites, launch an ecommerce website, build applications for developers etc, If you have any idea just get started with today bunch of discount once it end you will end up making in next year.

There is no doubt both cloud Sansar offers top cloud server hosting plans with affordable pricing with bunch of features that no one any hosting provider from Nepal offers.

Thankyou for reading today! I hope it helped you in any means. ( Happy savings)

Cloud Sansar review
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