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The 5 Best Digital Online Payments In Nepal 2021

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Boor running out of cash from time to time and standing in those alone banks and being boor and stuck and wasting time for paying your bills one by one?

Now you don’t have to go or no need worry to about going banks when digital payments apps, e-wallets are making it a,

Lot eaiser for for users to make cashless transactions with secure.

I have come up with the best and top lists of digital online payments in Nepal so far by 2021 used by millions of users including me and you.

Days are gone where you need to have physical money to accomplish any task and any transaction.

Nepal day-by-day going 10x Faster in digital and where now everything happens with one click money send, loan, paying bills etc.

Much more that.

Over the past 5years nepal had made lots of progress in digital era like national-digital payment, online ecommerce stores etc.

With the help of digital apps now you can store your digital money in your pocket only.

Meaning by that you just need the digital apps for both android and IOS and carry out and pay wherever and where you like and make offline and online transactions without using cash to meet ends.

People use many digital Online payment wallets in Nepal to make their lives easier.

Enough said!

Here the best digital online payment apps in Nepal 2021| Trusted by more than 5M+ Users From Nepal

What Is Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets or mobile e-wallets are also known as online payment apps which means a digital or electronic service which carries out your money digital for monetary transactions in less than a mins.

You don’t need to have physical wallets on your pocket when you can use these best online payments apps in Nepal listed down.

You can save your hard-earned money by using a digital wallet in the ease of doing a transaction and let you get discount offers and benefits provided by wallet service providers.

The Top Online Payment Apps in Nepal 2021

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1. Khalti

Launched in 2017, Khalti is the largest popular digital online payment wallet in Nepal. Khalti is one of the most used digital wallet with over 1M+ users overall nation.

The best part of khalti is it offers cashback and discount for mostly transaction you make with khalti.

Why should you start using khalti?

Payments you make with Khali in Nepal are accepted by every eCommerce, vendors, and large numbers of utility payment. For example;

Khalti services
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  • Hotel Booking
  • ISP
  • Domestic Flight Tickets
  • Schools
  • Insurance
  • Electricity
  • Ride
  • Open Source API for payment gateway
  • Flight
  • WP Payment Gateway

More than that.

As a customer of Khalti offers you numerous services through its digital wallets system. You can also use their e-wallet to make payments to numerous online merchants.

Khalti offers both android and IOS application for easy to ease.


2. E-Sewa

E-sewa is another most popular and best digital wallets in nepal. Easy to dowload and use to use UI interface esewa app.

Launched in 2009 licensed by  Nepal Rastra Bank as Payment Service Provider + nepal first online payment gateway.

Esewa has been able to acquire more than 10M+ Nepali users who users-Sewa overall nation with over 45+ banks on today date.

Features of E-Sewa & Why you must use?

esewa features
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You can do everything with this digital payment app, from payment to vendors, merchant online to paying school fees.

  •  QR code payment 
  • WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Almost every eCommerce, ticket bookings, utility bill payment, flight reservation etc you can do with this digital app
  • Offers cashback and transactions and rewards
  • Offers batch transaction initiation and approval.

3. IME -Pay

IME-pay is Nepal first to be a country which implements the service of remittance.

This allows you to receive remitted money instantly and securely into their wallets.

You can use this digital wallet payment app in Nepal to request money from families,friends, borrow and also for financial system and payments.

Features of IME-Pay & Services

  •  Remittance
  • Send Money
  • Add Money
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Financial Payment
  • Merchant Payment
  • Request Money

4. Prabhu-Pay

Prabhu pay is one the fastest growig digital payment startups in nepal They have developed another good digital wallet in nepal.

Among all Prabhu, the s amongst the easiest, most durable, and most trustworthy way of transacting through digital wallets in Nepal

This app gives you the secure policy which makes your transactions not only easy but also secure. Easy to use and trust that will never worn out.

Features of Prabhu-Pay

  •  Top up your NTC, Ncell,Smart and UTL easily from PrabhuPAY and talk with friends and family
  • Recharge your TV/DTH { 3% CashBack}
  • Pay your internet bills
  • Pay electricity bill
  • Pay Water bill
  • Ensure your insurance by paying online
  • Book movie ticket from anywhere
  • Domestic Flight instantly from anywhere
  • Pay for any eCommerce stores

5. E-Net

E-Net a nepal based digital wallet in nepal. It claims to have the quick, safe and easy process to pay or get paid online.

With this digital app you can recharge your mobile,utlilty bills payment,Flight booking (for domestic airlines) etc.

The AppUI.Ux design if this app is not top good but to recharge your mobile, payments you can use it for long term developr must focus on UI designs.

Final Note

These are the 5 best digital payment apps I am currently using for every transaction I make on the internet.

There are lots of digital wallets apps in Nepal but i am currently not using so all of them even cant but i am usinf this 5 digital online payment apps so

I decided not to include on the list as fake reviews and note without trying and making transactions.

Thankyou !

Thank me ❤️ for sharing this article.

Now what?

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