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Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal: The Definitive Guide 2021

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Well, I know you are searching for how to earn money from facebook in Nepal?

That’s why you have landed to this page.

I promise you this article will help you make money online from Facebook living in Nepal from home.

So I thought to create the definitive guide on how to earn money from facebook in Nepal.

This thought has always fascinated me…

A part from sharing selfies and hearing those notifications can use facebook to earn money.

You can earn money online in Nepal from facebook in unique ways.

There is one popular way to earn money by facebook in Nepal is by selling by Facebook pages and likes .

Let me tell you…

But this way, you will not always earn the sufficient amount.

I have seen people selling 1000 likes in NP.100. Your earning depends on the demography you are targeting and type of client you can get.

There are other ways to make money on facebook by which you can earn much better amount.

Although some of them require initial investment, either monetary or time, but you will get a lot of money in return.

Lets get started on how to earn money from facebook in Nepal.

1. Earn Money From Facebook Page In Nepal

Facebook has more than 50million pages in 2021 out of that 50M about 60% of people are having revenue from those Facebook pages.

Calculating in Nepal there are more than thousands of pages and out from that only 2% of people are having revenue from.

Heres how you can earn money from facebook page in Nepal.

Create facebook page from here.

Step 1: Find a niche

Niche is a Specific Topic you will write on your facebook page.

Lets understand this with an example.

There is one heart doctor, and the doctor wants to start a Facebook with a niche by the topic “heart”.

I hope you understand the term if not then.

Check out what is nice and how to find a profitable niche for facebook page and blogging.

You must be clear from day one that you have to make money from your fb page.

For that, you must know the potentiality of a niche which will help you earn money and your interest in the topic.

Earn money from facebook in Nepal is not a hard work.

It is also significant that you must have the basic knowledge about the field so you can create content for your fans and inspire other people to like your page.

Step 2. Produce content on your facebook page to earn money

Start producing good and unique your content should be such that people read/watch and share.

Now the questions are how to make money from facebook page in Nepal to earn money?

Well, there’s a simple way. The more content you write, the more you earn by your content either by affiliate products or paid promotion articles.

In a month, I usually get paid promotion, content to add on this blog.

Facebook pages to have a low organic reach and people often forget you if you are not persistent.

You must upload articles in a week to make it on constant schedule so that if you are busy somewhere, your page will still keep running.

This is my best 2nd method to earn money from facebook in Nepal.

Produce content on your facebook page to earn money

Step: Make a brand and Relationship

When you create facebook page, make the page name something that looks a brand.

People look for the brand page so they can trust your page and business ideas, have a look as a public view you will understand it.

Brand = sponsored Posts.

Sponsored post means that you get paid to write (and post) about a brand on your fb page.

This is the best method to earn money from facebook in Nepal.

Step 4: Make Money From Facebook Page

Once you followed all the steps from 1 to 4.

First i would like you two congratulations from having a brand facebook page.

Now you need to have a decent facebook amount of followers developed a name in the town, you can apply to the affiliate programs to earn more money or you can have sponsored a post.

This is how you can earn money from facebook in Nepal by creating pages.

Lets move to the 2nd method to earn to make money from fb in Nepal.

2: Make Money by Selling Products On Facebook

earn money from facebook in nepal
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You can use facebook’s make an offer feature to earn money by selling products in Nepal.

You can also offer your own affiliate products by creating a selling product Facebook page in Nepal. This is one of the best method which works to earn money from Facebook in Nepal.

You nothing need to do a hard for it you just need to insert the link of your product in the link box and give a coupon code to offer a discount on the product.

You can also use an affiliate link from any e-commerce site and attach a coupon code (unnecessary if the company does not offer a discount).

Your fans will buy the product from your link and you will earn money through the affiliate and to have a good revenue you must have to follow the steps given above.

Let me give you my 2x Favourite techniques to earn money by promoting products.

Give an attractive offer like a 20-35% discount or buy one, get one free. Your offer products should be competitive or better than your competitors.
This is my best method, Promote the offer with Facebook and Google paid ads.

3: Be a Facebook influencer

This is one of my personal and best and proven method to earn money from Facebook in Nepal.

There’s a simple trick to earn money from it.

You can also earn money by becoming an influence on your normal profile. If posts on your Facebook wall get decent likes and comments, becoming an influencer is an excellent way to earn money.

Your profile should look different from others.

I have analyzed a lot of profiles and found that out of 100% only 55% of people have an actual description in their profile and in this day’s everyone claims to be an entrepreneur.

If you have a fan following and you merge with them through your personal profile, then you can make money by signing up through an influencer account to make money.

You would like to read-Earn money Online In Nepal: The Ultimate Guide.

4: Earn money with the Facebook group

Sounds good?

“Yes” you can earn money from facebook group it is true and proven ways.

 Make a group with more than 5k members and a good engagement in conversation around a niche. Keep the members engaged with relevant questions, blog posts, images, polls, etc.

Now what?

Hers how you can earn money from facebook group in Nepal:

  • Paid Survey
  • Paid Products
  • Affiliate Products
  • Selling E-book/Services
  • Sponsor Content

Paid Survey:

A paid survey is a numerical survey where the participants/members are rewarded through an incentive program entry into a sweepstakes program or a small cash reward, for completing one or more surveys.

Paid Product:

Paid Products means someone will pay for promoting their products on Facebook pages or on a website.

Affiliate Products:

What is affiliate marketing in Nepal from beginning to finish?

Check out the 5 best affiliate marketing products in Nepal to promote?

Best affiliate marketing in Nepal to promote from scratch.

5: Earn money By Creating Facebook Games

This is only for one who knows a lit bit of coding and can create a good app for facebook to earn money with fb.

You can develop a facebook app independently.

In your app, you can earn money by applying for banner ads or you can sell virtual goods of your own or from some gaming companies like  EA, Zynga, Pop cap, etc.

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You can monetize your apk with google ads and promotion ads.

You can see the above image to understand Facebook apps and games to earn money. They earn by placing google ads and other ads alternatives.

Final Words

Making money with Facebook in Nepal is a little tricky.

Facebook does not allow organic promotion to many fans. But the trick here is, if you can keep your audiences engaged, you can win the organic reach to a much larger extent.

You can suggest me more earning methods from facebook here in the comments.

This was my 5x best techniques to earn money with facebook in Nepal.

If you loved reading this, Share with someone you care.

This was the ultimate guide to earn money from facebook in Nepal.

how to earn money online in nepal with facebook
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