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5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nepal as a Student (2021)

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You are here for a reason it can be anything, it can either replace your mindset of thinking future employee job or show trashed society there’s a life without degree and job.

So you want to make earn money online in Nepal as a student! Great decision for you as a student and if you have decided to make money online as a student in Nepal then make a hold with today’s article.

This post was in my draft for five months and finally today I am again re-writing and as a dropout self-learner student, i am giving you two choices.

The first choice, don’t just earn money better build a community because if you are going to earn money online then it won’t take you time but there is no guarantee how long it would exist.

The second choice is simple forward, focus on one single profession, remove the word passive income, you just can’t make passive income forever by working on two different fields, you have to focus on one single platform, and be professional on it so you can make money anytime you want that you have never thought.

The problem with most people on the internet who get in involved in making money online is they work on two different things, and can’t give their 100% effort and this is why it takes so long to make your first rupee, so the best advice I can give to students is to create the best content that no has made in the entire world, take your time and make it.

See I am not guiding you to drop out or do blah blah just guiding you, to make your first rupee or dollar from any online business you have to give your 101% so in return you will get 110% since you are a student.

I don’t recommend you to not focus on study, but if you make money online then try to build your community so that community can give you a return and build real clients, in 2021 life just can’t be making private money, it will end soon.

Money is the dream of every student, so today I am perfect to guide you to show the best genuine way to make money online in Nepal as a student and how you get paid by working online, and the full guide to earning money from online as a student, entrepreneur, founder, etc.

So without further ado… Jump right into the lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy Table of contents:

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nepal as a Student
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5 Earn Money Online In Nepal As A Students 2021: Proven List

Do you with the list to make money online as a student, you can earn money online while working from home, hotel, university place of your linking. If you are not a student then you can read my in-depth article on “How to make money online” also this guide is for both students and non-student.

Since you are also a student because I am teaching you to make money and hence you are by-product “student”. Dont confuse your degree studies with the word “student” 🙂

Here are the best ways to earn money online as a student:

1. Start a blog

One of the great ways to make money and my first recommendation as a student to you to make passive income in nepal is to “start a blog right now”.

Blogging is one of the great ways to make money online, where you don’t need to have certficiate of school or verification of age. It can be dont by anyone in any age.

I have already written a definitive guide to starting a blog in Nepal 2021, which you can read for more detailed knowledge and learn step by step to start a blog.

Blogging is a web form where you get knowledge form article words, illustrations, images and so on. More simple, a blog is a place where you can get knowledge in the source of articles.

Starting a blog in Nepal will cost a small investment but worth starting, you can always starting blogging for free without single cost in platform which is a product of Google.

Learn how to start blogging in nepal and make passive income.

2. Instagram

Instagram has billions of active users and I found this platform as one of the second-best ways to make money online as a student because i see many students are passionate in romantic, pets, movies etc.

Instagram is not just a social pics sharing platform but also many people are making thousands of dollars per day with just one single page, Instagram has turned up a business platform for all kinds of users no matter if you are having zero followers or you have decent followers.

I have written an excellent guide to making money from Instagram in Nepal with live examples. Click here to read.

You don’t need to have thousands of followers to make money with Instagram, all you need an Instagram business account so you can direct deals with brands. If you passionate about cricket, pets, or anything all you need to create an Instagram page, post consistently, use correct hashtags.

After few months you will have decent followers and once dont you can start putting affiliate product posts, or recommend them to your readers these two guides are proven and widely used by many users.

Recommended Guide:

3. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is another way to make passive as a student, there’s even no need to have a degree of expertise. If you are good in learning and typing speed is then great, you can do this.

The word expertise “Transcriptionist” is basically one who converts speech into a text and this type of works can be found in open source internet in trusted platform such as fiveer,up work etc.

Almost many businessman, professional requires this service, you don’t need to hustle hard all you need to convert that speech of any things into text and get paid per hour or project, it depends.

If you are interested in this work, here are some of the great sites from where you can get such work: GMR transcription, Rev, Trancribeme, One Hour Translation etc.

You can except the project either with per hour or per project and according to data, the excepted amount new people who work over there online the amount is between Rs 9,000 to 25,000.

4. Video Editor

This is not a hustle work, if you go to fiverr for video editor gigs you will find there are more than 100K+ people are searching for services and the best part if you go with fiverr you would not be asked for any softwares to get edited by that, all they need is their words to done.

So you don’t have to master video editor but you have to master the work you will get through such freelance platforms.

If you are well versed with softwares such as adobe xd, final cut pro or for mobile applications, you are welcome and go ahead for this type of works. All you need a mobile or laptop to get started and skills so you can work on the project with fully committed requirements of your clients.

5. Graphics Designer

Many students love editing photos, creating unique graphics, if you are reading this line then you can start making money from it.

This is our fifth online job work for student which is going to pay for your work, the more better graphics you create the more money you can make.

If you are blogger then you know how hard is it create blog graphics to get red of this graphics designer are the best replacemenet,

Not only in blogging, graphics designer is needed in every work for example brands image for ads and so on.

Final Thoughts

So, how to earn money online in nepal as a student? Choose one of the above work and starting working hard as you do for your studies as a student.

I can write more lists but nothing is going to help you until you take action. Make sure to be a member of this platform so whenever i update this article, you will get mail in your inbox.

Feel free to comment .

If you have any questions about how to Earn Money Online In Nepal For Students? Let me know in the comment sections below. I am there for you always. Just feel free to ask with the community.

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make money online as a student in nepal
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