The Right Steps to Find Co-founders For Startups in 2021 (Step-By-Step)

The big issue with first-time entrepreneurs is finding co founder for startups. I know you have landed in this article to find a co-founder for startups business ideas.

You cannot do everything alone; a startup without co-founder can take huge time to make it successful to get good funding and finding a good co-founder can be a very favourable decision.

As I said a startup without co-founder can take huge time because you have limited time, resources, money, energy coding, designing, marketing, and sales alone making sure that money is only a backup in startups. “It’s the idea that matters”.

Almost young budding entrepreneurs don’t choose and don’t want co-founder for their business ideas, it’s simple they think “I hustle every day and night and now there is no point of adding co-founder the business is set to launch.

Either choose co-founder before or after the product launch. There is no the perfect time for finding co founders. You can even get one during the ideation stage, or you can get one when your product is out in the market 

A partner will add cool ideas to your business development plan and finding an honest and long vision with the passion of startups co-founder is tough and quite difficult. Do you know about 45% of startups fail not because of ideas its because either their team leaves or not having the right team contributed to their startup failure.

Lets find out how to find suitable co founder for startups business ideas and companies?

Many factors go into successful startups such as market need, financing, a viable business model, and marketing.  A huge time is needed to find co founder for business. When you successfully find the best co-founder for your startup dream project you must know now it is his company also and he also have the right to control your startup.

I told you because new entrepreneurs make this as the first mistake here only for your success and your cofounder feels like doing the job and he will leave the company in future.

These are all decisions that a co-founder will have a say in.

How to Find A Co-founder for startups 2021?

You cannot convince your friend or anyone to be let co founder on your company its totally waste and first step to failure. Example , you cannot convince a doctor,lawyer to be co founder of tech company. But how do i find a co-founder when you don’t see any of your friends interested in being part of a startup?

“If you don’t have a cofounder, what should you do? Get one. It’s more important than anything else. If there’s no one where you live who wants to start a startup with you, move where there are people who do. If no one wants to work with you on your current idea, switch to an idea people want to work on.”
paul graham about startup co founder (1)

Paul Graham says about finding a co-founder

There is a friend of mine who told me until i wont find a good co founder i cannot execute my ideas and believe its now more than 2yrs of this chat he left it and now studying in grade 12. So the lesson you can grab from him

You don’t have to stop working on your startup, but your priority should be finding a co-founder. There are lots of similar examples you can search on internet.

Thats just basic lets come and watch how to find startups,business co founder for every age generations.

1. The Right Combinations Colors Of Co Founder

What you think and what your co founder is very differEnt and everyone cannot have same mindset like the founder have. Just like you want to hire people for expanding you startups fast in large scale and in other hands your co founder deny.

So what you will in do this situations? It depends either you accept your cofounder decision or stay on your tough decision making sure that you are good and will help in future by expaning your decision.

So always stay on best tough decision without thinking what your co founder in later everyint will works good and will shout out.

Now point what i mean to say by “The Right Combinations Colors Of Co Founder?

Startups will be more good when they have equal balanced partners. Here are the qualities of finding good co-founder by focusing The Right Combinations Colors Of Co-Founder.

  • Don’t just pick the co-founder when your vision matches with your startups rather than finding someone with complementary skills. The person should able to handle every pressure which you can handle and he must think out of the box.
  • Find such co founder who is good in lots of fields and have skills. For instance, companies shouldn’t have two people that are both tech-focused and don’t understand the business or marketing elements of running a startup. One should be pro in tech and one should pro in accounting then there is no point of having co founder doing the same job.
  • There should be a significant gap in your responsibilities that means you must should have the same emotions but work in different works. Not like both of start doing coding together and designing its better to give their own responsibilities.
  • Startups founders and peoples must have mix skill that means if one is afraid and shy speaking in-front of public then other founders more outgoing and has confidence in speaking in front of people so you can learn from him. You must have at least one founder who has the skill the speak so when its time for pitch to investors, speak to clients, present in front of accelerators, and more.
  • Your co-founder should understand your end objective. It will not work if you want to make it profitable in one day and your co-founder he/she wants to make quick money even if it is by selling your startup at a moderate valuation.

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