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5 Easy Steps On How To Start Travel Agency Business In Nepal

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You have landed on this article to learn how to start travel agency business in Nepal from scratch (Step-by-step) in 2021.

We have always heard that..

“No one can buy happiness that is no genuine statements. “

Let me tell you.

Travel is the just thing that  you buy that makes you happy

As we all know in a present scenario in Nepal, tourism and travel are growing day by day and reaching significant heights.

Travelling is being fashion nowadays and the more travel people from one place to another place the more opportunities reach height,

The more it reaches, the more you have successively to start travel agency business in Nepal.

You can start an online travel agency and operate it right from your home in Nepal. You can start on your own with a little help from experts or professionals.

With the help of internet you will even don’t need a shop and place to start travel agency business in Nepal, intent is also a place with billions of user in world.

The online travel agencies manage massive amounts of information and data to offer the best trip arrangements to travelers in the quickest time. 

Starting an online travel business isn’t capital intensive as there is little upfront cost and you can save a suitable amount of money as you will need less manpower to operate the business. 

Now the questions arises.

How to do that all? As from where to start?

How do you make yourself a provider of travel services?

How do you make your brand name in a market immersed with services across the travel world? 

In this article

I have covered all the steps from scratch on how to start travel agency business in Nepal.

 I have shared step by step on how to start travel and tourism agency business in Nepal.

5 Steps On How To Start Travel Agency Business in Nepal 2021

How To Start Travel Agency Business in Nepal
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Here are the 5 simple secret method to Start Travel Agency Business in Nepal 2021.

01. Find a Niche

How to start travel agency business in Nepal step by step
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A niche in travel agency means find a topic or service which you love to explore, describe or tell stories like your dream destinations.

It’s something like finding a topic to get started on any field.

Check out – how to find a niche for a travel agency.

It’s easy to find a niche for a travel agency. Do what you love to do.

Here are some niche examples related to travel agency business in Nepal to start from scratch

To build a brand for travel agency, you need to provide specific travel services, few examples are; 

  • Honeymoon travel
  • Mountain holidays for solo travelers
  • Snowsports for women
  • Beach holidays for urban dwellers
  • EasternNepal  tours 
  • High  altitude  trek
  • Walking and  cycling  jungle  tours

You know it very well that each traveler is unique and has individual obligations.

Once you focus on serving individuals, you will serve the client in a better and personalized way. 

For example, Eastern Nepal Tours is unique. It is one of the most unexplored regions of Nepal and very few show eagerness to visit west in Nepal.

Above all, you can help them explore lesser-known places and offer them customized tour packages. 

02. Choose Your Target Audience

how to start travel agency business in Nepal
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This is one of the major steps to start a travel agency in Nepal.

If you select and target the wrong audience, you will have no profit nor any tourist will come.

It is like heart of the travel business in Nepal.

The audience will largely hinge on on your selected niche, like a newly married couple for honeymoon travel or a youngster for adventurous travel or even travelers with no strategy in mind. 

The very next step will be to know who your target audiences are because having clarity on the audiences will help you to know them better and reaching them easily.

You must identify the actual ideas and clients.

Its like more or less a brainstorming exercise and starts with focusing on one best customer and then drill down the characteristics of that person.

Here are some steps to find your targeted audience for your travel agency.

  • Age, sex, profit, marital status and family status
  • Which travel-related books they relate to read, the TV shows they watch, their favorite foods and hobbies
  • Who they travel with, why they travel, what questions they have when planning travel, what emotions they have when planning travel.
  • What questions do they ask during the stages of travel? Dreaming, Planning, Booking, Pre-Travel, In-Destination, and Post-Travel.

Now it’s easy for you to once you have the answers to the above, you will know exactly how to find them, customize your tour packages according to their needs.

03. Choose a Unique Name for Your Travel Agency 

How to start an online business in Nepal
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Choose a name that will make your business looks lie brand .

The next step is to purchase a proper domain name to reflect your online travel business.

Your travel agency should have a name related (specifically) to travel and the services you will offer. 

Heres how to register domain in Nepal.

Step1- Head over to

how to start travel business in nepal
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Step2-Search for your domain related to business hers how i pick it up.

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Step3- Add to cart and buy and once you buy congrats for starting your own business.

This site 100% genuine and trusted by thousands of people in Nepal, including us.

In fact our 3 business in running with baballhost companies.

how to start travel business in nepal
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Babalhost is one of favourite hosting company because they provide cheapest service for us. They like customer, not like business.

Here are some key factors you should understand while buying domains/

  • Keep the name short and travel-specific
  • The domain name to be 2 to 3 words long (max 15 letters)
  • The name should  be simple and easy to spell 
  • Avoid hyphens and special characters in the name
  • Pick up proper domain extension

04. Setup Your Website 

how to start online business in nepal
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WordPress website is the simplest way of building your own website in a few minutes.

For setting up a website, you will require a hosting service provider. I love the fast, safe hosting services of babal hosting. 

Here is the link to sign up with babalhost with discount

Next, you need to select themes and configure plugins to see the functional website.

Do not worry about the process, it is not so technical and you will do it in 5 minutes with no tech support.

You can start a Website in 5 Minutes and Configure Yourself Easily.

05. Find Your Audience to grow your travel agency in Nepal

how to startonline travel agency in nepal
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This is not the least but the last.

Last, you need to find places where you can get travelers to your website and optimize for conversion.

Here are my 3x proven ways to find and attract an audience in Nepal with a travel agency in Nepal.

  • Social Media Channels
  • SEO Traffic
  • Paid Marketing


If you had followed all the above 5steps, then you can start an online travel agency in Nepal.

That’s how to start travel agency business in nepal

Corona Virus has penetrated the travel and tourism industry globally. All the airlines are grounded and trains halted. 

With the situation getting better, the government is slowly resuming transport services. Once again people will start moving and the tour and travel industry will bounce back to its earlier high growth momentum. 

So, it is the right time for you to start an online travel agency and make a decent income.  

iF you loved reading, then make sure to share it with your friends.

how to start travel agency business in nepal
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