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The Story Of 13 Year Old Blogger From Nepal | Inspiring Story Interview

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  • Pravakar Singh is a newborn blogger from Nepal so far we found today’s date. His age is currently 13 and a half reading in Grade 6.
  • The day we located him we called in the right moments to get his story published on hamrolinko. ” Every story, the interview is unique and every story, interviews matters”.
  • He is currently running a profitable blog “Genius Blogging” where he reviews products. For example SEO tools, SEO Ebooks, Best, etc.

Pravakar and I have been talking for the few past months after connecting on Twitter and Instagram for the first time and i was quite impressed by him so I thought it would be a great feature to shed some light on the work he is doing from now on to find out more about how he built a profitable blog and how he got the thoughts in this age to be in online presence.

“Your age nevermore matters! It matters for robo socio rat-race human kinds- Mr. SIddhit”. There are no edits in single interview words.

Interview With 13 Year Old Blogger From Nepal: Pravakar Singh

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1- Can you give me some information about YourSelf?

Hi HamroLinko Readers!

I am Pravakar Kr. Singh. I am a Part-Time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and A Full-Time Student. I am located in Mahendranagar7, Dhanusha ( Nepal ). My blog is where I write articles on blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. I have been Blogging For Past Few Months ( 6-10 Months ). Blogging Is My Passion. 

2. What are your greatest strengths?

I have many friends who motivate me. They all are great bloggers and awesome personalities in the blogging industry too. They also help me by giving useful suggestions and some tips for being a successful blogger. 

So, Whenever I feel demotivated, I watch motivational videos on youtube like interview videos. And after that, i follow some blogs to gain some more knowledge about blogging. Following blogs are my favorite blogs:

  • BloggingLift By Sumit Bro
  • BloggingCosmos By Santosh Sir
  • BloggingTry By Archana Mam
  • SimpleFactsOnline By Chayan Bro
  • FacileWay By Sayem Bro
  • GuideBlogging By Umer Bro
  • LitBlogging By Akash Bro
  • BloggersPassion By Anil Sir
  • BloggersDesire By Ayush Bro
  • BloggingWithJoy By Joy Bro
  • BloggingJoy By Joy Dhan
  • BloggingGate By Vishwajeet Sir
  • JustWomenWorld By Subha Mam
  • PocketLinko By Siddhit Bro
  • BloggingBeats By Amit sir
  • BloggingQnA By Mangesh Bro

All of the above blogs are awesome and useful for me. I’m sure, if you are a blogger then you will love their contents. – MR Pravakar

3. Apart from blogging , what are the other activities you are involved In?

I have been blogging for the past few months. But Before Getting Involved in Blogging, I was a normal kid. At that time, I was using the internet for seeing movies, videos, etc. on youtube only. 

But now, I am Watching Videos only related to blogging. Sometimes, I watch movies. After That, I am doing guest posts on top blogs for making backlinks. And I also do affiliate marketing. 

4. What motivates you at work?

There are many things that motivate me at work. Basically I am So Happy to have teachers like Chayan Sir, Sumit Bro, Mangesh Bro, Santosh Sir, Ravi Bro, Ayush Bro, etc. teaching me blogging in the right way. They all motivate me whenever I am demotivated. I would like to thank them. And other things that motivate me are comments. Whenever I see comments on my blog. I motivate myself to work more and provide more quality and helpful content on my blog. 

5. How do you manage studies with work?

I have created a routine for all my works. I know I do Much Blogging but I never forget to study and do my homeworks at times. I am a full time blogger on holidays. 

7. Where do you see yourself after ten years from now?

pravakar singh interview
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I don’t think about this but I am confident that I will be successful in blogging one day. And Being a Pro Blogger one day is also my dream. To make my dream come true, I am providing quality and helpful content on my blog for my readers.

8. Any tips for the coming up young talents out there?

Best ways For Showing what you can are:

Don’t Give Up: If you give up then it will increase your chance of failure in your journey. So, If you want to be successful then never give up.

Ignore Failures : Don’t remember your failure days. Go ahead, And Don’t listen to your demotivators.  So, Stay Motivated.

Don’t Listen To Your Demotivators: If you will listen to your demotivators and do as they say then, forget about getting success in the online world.

9. Any tips for the coming up young talents out there?

I was a normal Kid Before getting involved in blogging. My Routine was like this before getting involved in Blogging. Get up/ be ready/ go to school -end/ make homework play some time

At that time, I was a normal student. So, This Was My Routine, at that time. But now I also do blogging. So, my routine has been changed now. There are many things that inspired me to enter the online world. The main thing that inspired me is my passion. Yes, I like to do different and creative things. You Know? When did I hear about blogging?

So, let’s go back to 2020 in May month. I was bored due to lockdown because of coronavirus. Then I thought, why not do something cool. Then I got an idea of starting a website. But at that time, I don’t know much about how to start a blog. Then I saw a video on youtube. That video was an interview video of umer Qureshi by Satish kushwaha sir.

So, let’s go back to 2020 in May month. I was bored due to lockdown because of coronavirus. then I thought, why not do something cool. Then I got an idea of starting a website. but at that time, I don’t know much about how to start a blog. then I saw a video on youtube. that video was an interview video of umer Qureshi by satish kushwaha sir. Then I know about blogging. then, I researched more about blogging. and then, as a result, I learned about blogger & wordpress. starting, I started my blog with a blogger.

I also got Adsense approval for it. but from then, spamming on my blog increased daily. so, I decided to sell that blog and start another at wordpress. I met a person online. he said that he would buy my blogger blog. then I said yes. but unfortunately, I got cheated then I decided to start a blog on wordpress.

11. Outside of writing what creative mediums would you like to explore

Outside of writing, I like to explore new places, watching movies, reading blogs, etc. I love playing games too. But Outside of writing, I love to explore interesting and helpful blogs on the internet. 

Sometimes, I feel bored, so I go outside and fresh my mind. It gives me new ideas like new post topics, etc. 

I like to Help My Junior Bloggers. After that, I chat with pro bloggers and take their suggestions and implement those on my blog. Basically, I want to become a pro blogger in the future and want to help many newbie bloggers to succeed in their blogging journey via my content. 

I hope you loved this interview with Pravakar , make sure you visit his blog : “Genius Blogging

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