interview with Anurag Pramanik nepal entrepreneur

The Journey From A Mobile PhoneTo Laptop pursuing Digital Marketing World of a “Nepali”19-Year-Old Entrepreneur

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  • The world has actually changed ( Nepal) and that’s the best thing it could ever happen people started knowing the secret and hidden world where the degree is just a word and sheet of paper and has no relation connection to life.
  • Days more and people are discovering the secret formula to escaping the disruptive “9-5 ” module, Meet Mr.Anurag Pramanik from ” Nepal” who started countless things to live the way he wants and born as an Entrepreneur.
  • ” Every story, the interview is unique and every story, interviews matters” so let’s get started.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I met Anurag parmanik, we only have a small chat exchange, he share with me his small bio story and I decided to publish his exclusive story among our readers with full transparency and lines “Lets’ get started.

I started my Journey in 2017 when my other friends were enjoying their SEE Holidays there. I was searching for something which can help me make an online income. To Be Honest my first Online Income was NPR 20 which I made from Khalit app. This idea was given to me by one of my Facebook friends whom I met online. 

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