Liquid Web vs Nexcess Hosting: Which One to Pick [Explained]

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There are over 330,000 web hosting providers at the time of writing this comparison article on “Liquid web vs Nexcess”. With so many options of course everybody will be confused when you have hundreds of hosting options in the market.

If you are also confused between Liquid Web and Nexcess Hosting, which is perfect for your business website and better for you? Now you don’t have to worry anymore, I am here to help you choose the perfect decision between Liquid web and nexcess.

Let’s break down each point and clear your all doubt WITH OUR in-depth comparison article on Liquid Web vs Nexcesss. You can also use our table of contents to jump directly into the points you love without garbaging your single microsecond.

What is Liquid Web?: Best For Large Businesses

Liquid web is a privately-owned leading managed web and cloud hosting that was founded by  Jim Geiger In 1997. They offer various hosting products and servers like Cloud, VPS, dedicated, and enterprise hosting. They do not offer shared hosting.

At the time of writing this review on Liquid web, they manage over 500K+ websites which have over 10 global centers. They also offer hosting solutions o 500 Fortune companies.

Liquid web mainly focused on large businesses enterprises and web professionals that require high-end performance and dedicated hosting solutions to power their business websites. They help their customers to achieve business goals by providing boast speed cloud-based hosting.

Services offered by Liquid Web

Unfourtanely, If you are here looking for a cheap hosting solution for your website, then Liquid web no offer such shared hosting. Let us see the hosting plans and services offered by liquid web along with pricing, bandwidth, and storage.

Plan Name Diskspace Bandwidth Monthly Price
Private Cloud 128 GB RAM 2.5 TB SAN $510/mo
Cloud Dedicated 8 GB RAM 2X1 TB SATA RAID 1 $149/mo
Personal WordPress Plan 30 GB SSD 5 TB $19/mo
Cloud VPS 50 GB SSD 10 TB $15/mo
Beginner WooCommerce Plan Unlimited Products 150 Transactions/mo $19/mo

Liquid Web Pros & Features

Now lets us find out Liquid Web Pros and features that you can get with their hosting products.

1. Free Email Accounts

When you own a business website, you would need a branded email account to communicate via email with employees, clients, vendors partners, and others. Having a branded mail account will not increase trustworthiness.

Liquid Web all hosting product comes with a server on emails, so this means you will get a free email hosting account to interact with others. If you need something more than emails, then they also premium email hosting service which comes with the pricing of $2 is a lot better than Mail and Proton Mail.

2. Humans Level Support 24×7

When you go hunt for looking for any web hosting provider, support is one of the most crucial important factors to look at.

Pocketlinko” found that 22.9% of web hosting clients say technical support is the most important factor thing to looks for choosing a web host. Y

What more say…

Liquid web customer support types

Liquid web knows it very well. That is why they are so focused on customer support. They offer four types of technical solutions to their customers via email support, live chat support, phone, and help desk support.

They also maintain a vast comprehensive knowledge base, that answers the most common questions you usually encounter on your site.

Try yourself “How faster Liquid Web support is”

3. 100% Uptime

Uptime is the heart of your website and hosting provider. It is one of the most important factors you need to look at before choosing any web hosting provider.


If your hosting provider isn’t offering a minimum uptime promise of 99.9% uptime, it’s time to move on.  Liquid Web offers 100% uptime promise with their all web hosting plans.

A natural disaster cannot be anticipated, that is most of hosting company offers 99.9% uptime, the level of guarantee and trust liquid web offers shows well they are. Only a few hosting companies are offering 100% uptime and the liquid web is one of them.

4. Impressive Loading Speed

Liquid web offers robust impressive loading speed. The level of performance they offer is superior to those of n DigitalOcean, AWS, and Rackspace. This is what liquid web claims on their website.

If you ask me how the faster a website can load with the liquid web?

The simple answer relies on its hosting plans, the better plan you choose the faster your page loads. However, all plans are different with servers. If you choose cloud and move to dedicated, then you can expect 200% growth in performance.

5. Free Site Migrations

Liquid web all hosting products plans come with free SSL. Let us find How migrations are done in the liquid web.

For those who have a WordPress website, you can easily migrate to the liquid web without any single cost.

They have built their own WordPress website migration plugin from which you can migrate to Liquid Web yourself or you can also contact the support team.

Whether an internal move from liquid to other high upgrade plans, Liquid will migrate the website for free so chill.

5. Free SSL Security

SSL helps your website securing from HTTP or HTTPS when things are involved in data security. Liquid offers Global SSL sign certification included with all hosting products.

Better SSL= Better ranking with trust that locks your website with a green signal factor. They are really important these days. Google itself says “HTTPS” is also an important factor.

You can also purchase premium SSL certificates in case if you need something more than comparing with free SSL but always wroth to large businesses and e-commerce sites.

5. Free CDN

Liquid web offers two types of CDN one is free that is integrated with inbuilt servers via Cloudflare, which is itself a free CDN service, and Adami CDN which is a premium CDN service.

If you need free CDN then you can go with Cloudflare and in case need something more than FREE with more features and then you can go with Adamai CDN which comes with the pricing of $130/per month.

CDN helps to load website files and their content faster all over the world to the visitors. They serve website static resources and ask your origin web server for dynamic content

6. Control Panel Selection

Unlike other hosting providers, Liquid Web offers three types of control panels to choose from– Plesk, InterWorx, and cPanel.  You don’t have to pay one single buck to get the panels as long as you choose the annual or biannual options.

Liquid Web Pricing Plans

Overall Liquid web offers 14 different types of hosting solutions for your business website that goes from affordable to premium packages prices at the time of writing this comparison article on Liquid web vs Nexcess.

In this section of Liquid Web vs Nexcess, I am going to share with you the plans and pricing of different Liquid Web hosting plans.

As mentioned above, they offer different types of hosting like VPS, cloud, Dedicated, enterprise hosting.

Here we will discuss the most affordable hosting that is Linux VPS hosting plans and pricing. Let’s see it now.

  2GB RAM Plan 4GB RAM Plan 8GB RAM Plan 16GB RAM Plan
Pricing $15/month $25/month $35/month $95/month
Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
Storage 40 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Liquid Web Family Of Brands

Let me clear you’re confusing on Liquid web and Nexcess in this section. Now you have an idea on Liquid Web what they do and offers.

Liquid web has acquired some most popular brands that are widely used by millions of people from web hosting products to themes and plugins.

Liquid Web Family of Brands

Here’s a detail of each of these three brands and the solutions and services Liquid Web Family of Brands offer:

Liquid web is a leading hosting provider that offers fully managed and cloud hosting since 1999. This includes overall 14 products as mentioned above.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Server
  • VPS Servers
  • CMS and E-commerce
  • Enterprise hosting

2. Nexcess

Nexcess is a fully managed cloud-based provider that fully focuses on WordPressWoocommerce, and other CMS (Content management systems) for content sites and e-commerce. The #1 best hosting provider for CMS platforms.

Their services include:-

  • Managed Magento hosting 
  • Managed WooCommerce hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Flexible cloud hosting
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL certificate 

In September 2013, Liquid web acquired ( Bought) Nexcess. One focuses on Large businesses where another nexcess focuses on CMS to help small businesses as well large ones.

3. Steller WP

StellaerWP is the brainchild brand of the Liquid Web family of brands. It is a company that develops WordPress premium plugins and themes. Their products are widely used and famous for WordPress sites.

  1. Kadence
  2. The events calendar
  3. Restrict content pro
  4. iThemes
  5. GiveWP
  6. IconicWP

An Overview on Nexcess: Best for CMS platforms

Nexcess .com

There is no single doubt, Nexcess is a great hosting provider especially for WordPress and woocommerce, and other CMS platforms business websites. They offer a fully managed Cloud solution that focuses on content management systems ( CMS) just like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto and Drupal, etc.

They mainly aim and targets on small scale business, the growing individuals who want to start their journey on WordPress, e-commerce, Magento at an affordable price.

Nexcess offers an abundance of options for hosting services, meaning they can cater to all kinds of market sectors. They have been in business since 2000 and boast about their experience with power-packed features that are sure to make your online presence flourish.

They claim to be innovative, so their goal is for you to be able to succeed at running your website no matter what domain or e-commerce platform you use. They also tout the fact that they have five data centers across three countries – Australia, the US, and the UK – making them a truly global brand worth checking out!

Services Offered by Nexcess Web

As mentioned above Nexcess offers fully managed CMS hosting solutions for business websites. Here are the services offered by nexcess as hosting solutions:

Service Type Price
Fully Managed Magento $49
Fully Managed WooCommerce $19
Store Builder By Nexcess Free
BigCommerce for WordPress $59
Drupal $29
Expression Engine $29
Craft CMS $29
Fully Managed WordPress $19
Membership Sites with WP QuickStart Nexcess $49

Nexcess Pros and Cons

No hosting solution is perfect and I am going to share with you what I love and what I didn’t about Nexcess hosting.

1. Easy to Use Control Panel

Nexcess hosting all plans comes with two control panels: Cpanel and Plesk, you get to choose both panels.

Except for the managed WordPress plan, all plans come with two control panels. On the other hand, Managed plans only offer the  proprietary control panel which looks something like this:


They have built own custom dashboard for their managed WordPress users from which you control everything related to your websites. The control panel allows you to do the following task:

  • Install SSL certificate
  • Create and manage branded email accounts
  • Monitor the usage of bandwidth
  • Create backups
  • Activate and manage CDN services
  • Setup an FTP account for testing

I recommend you to choose Cpanel because they are a very beginner-friendly content management system.

2. 100% Uptime

Just like LiquidWeb, Nexcess also offers 100% uptime promise with all hosting products they offer. Among the special case listed by Nexcess are:

  • Malicious attacks that take out a server(s) (e.g., a DDoS attack)
  • Maintaining and updating networks, hardware, and software on a regular basis
  • Problems with cPanel that cause disruptions
  • Legal actions taken against your website or business

3. Site Migrations

Nexcess offers a completely free website migration service for your website managed by a team of dedicated experts without any downtime. If you have considered switching your CMS host?

Don’t worry Nexcess offers a free site migration service.

4. Free CDN

I don’t know what type of website you have, Nexcess offers free CDN services with all the plans they offer. You can enable their Cpanel right from the control panel.

Nexcess has built their own custom CDN called “Nexcess Edge CDN” which operates from 22 Edge locations and features like HTTP/2 or Brotli compression give the advantage on page load time.

5. 59-Second Customer Support

Nexcess customer support is really the point and heart of selling points. They claim to respond with mins via phone and chat. But I found the level of support they provide is top-notch.

A response time of under one hour is guaranteed for help desk tickets. They also have compressive guides on different categories and topics on web hosting, control panel, file management, etc.

Nexcess Cons

As a managed hosting provider, there are only few cons, Here are a few of them:

  • Competetive pricing
  • No free domain name

Conclusion of Liquid Web vs Nexcess

So who wins the battle?

Literally, Nobody because both hosting providers are made for different purposes. Confused right? Let me explain

Nexcess offers a wide range of web hosting services that cater to small, medium mostly as well as large, and offers the best security inline features along with CDN and support.

Where LiquidWeb is built for high-traffic large enterprises business and plans are slight premium. I do not recommend any beginner to go with Liquid Web.

For those who want to start your website or migrate to CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla then I recommend you to go with Nexcess because they are fully committed to providing the best performance and features to CMS platforms.

So what is Liquid Web?

Go with Liquid Web if you have high-traffic websites, such as business websites, custom-coded sites, software, and so on. They also host 500 fortune websites under Liquid Web.

Liquid web managed host

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