10+Best Actionable Low Investment Business Ideas In Nepal That Works Like a Charm! (A Cheat Sheet for Nepal)

Hunting for the profitable low-investment-business-ideas in Nepal that works like charm?

The hunt for funding to do new business, startups in Nepal has become day-by-day abandon their desire to build, create, and innovate.

Lots of people want to become rich and boss free life but most people of not getting funding always seems to leave their startup business and move to,

Small low investment business and stuck on it.

Starting a new business in Nepal can seem like the peak of a task. Significant the cost of time, money, and risk connected all depends on the business idea you chase.

The ideas I am going to share you are fully proven and done lots of experiments on it and results are listed down and shared by experts.

These small low-investment business Nepal ideas include an excellent entry point for beginners, bootstrappers, or anyone with a busy schedule, letting you pick up a side business without having to drop everything else.

Today in this article I am going to share with you the best low-small investment business ideas in Nepal that matters with high profitable. (A Cheat Sheet lists of low investment business ideas for you)

10 Low Investment Business Ideas In Nepal You Start From home 2021

Many people in Nepal want to do their own startup business with low investment but they have less idea which fields to choose and start to do business,

They strength have an idea but they might not have an investment amount so they visit foreign countries for the job, even they do the job for others in Nepal and they always have that incomplete feeling.

By knowing the condition of the majority of people of Nepal I decided to give you full clarification on which business to choose in Nepal?

So that we shouldn’t live incomplete life or feel regret later on and feel I could have made it.

These businesses are 100% profitable business which can be done by any shorts of people if they want to boss of their own business.

Here is a list of business ideas you can start on your own with a small investment in Nepal living from home.

low investment business ideas in nepal
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1. Printing Business Nepal

Printing business in Nepal is the first powerful small low investment business idea in Nepal that can be started from a small scale like from home.

Wherever you go you see the different printed t-shirt, shirts, cups, identity cards, etc. It’s like compulsory to wear a t-shirt having wonderful designing from baby to old man there are the fascinating design clothes which customer wants like a baby might like a superhero, cartoons, etc.

Teenagers like to wear gaming design clothes, differently branded clothes, old people might like to wear god printed clothes so

It can be profitable business similarly you can take orders from different governmental and non-governmental organizations and make design and print the clothes as per they want.

You can also even create printing clothes according to the craze or festivals like you can create printed clothes of Dashain, Tihar, Holi as per need .

The season for that you need to give extra effort for creating a unique design so that your clothes go in the blue ocean and people get attracted through it and they also should recommend other people to buy from you.

You might have seen many people as part-time they do cup printing business as it is also profitable business in a different ceremony like as birthday gift, anniversary special they print their cup so that they can create memories.

Even many institutions use their company name and print it out on their cup so that it will look like the genuine system to them and so that they can feel we are branded and exciting company which psychologically help people to feel their company as big company so.

You can take orders from them and give an awesome quality of the printed cup and make them glad and loyal customers.

You can also start these businesses by creating identity cards for;

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Bankers
  • Managing director
  • Websites
  • Chief office executor

To start these printing businesses you can start from any sorts of clothes or cups or identity card as per your interest.

To start this business you need to have 1-2 lakhs and you can add different machinery as well as workers from a profitable amount. It is like starting from small to big.

Action Item! Printing business in Nepal is a low-investment way to test product-market fit and launch a business before you invest in your own original products. ๐Ÿ˜‹ 

2. Paper Plate Business Nepal

The paper plate business in Nepal is another low investment business in Nepal that you can start from home only. It is another profitable small investment profitable business.

As we live in the 21st century we have made the environment and earth so polluted there might be different reasons for it but by whom it gets polluted is undoubtedly we human being.

As the food is a necessary or basic need for we people but where we eat is the major question. As, we Nepali have different festivals from birth to death we have festivals and parties, etc.

In any sort of event, we prefer to eat and celebrate many people use plastic plates to serve as we know plastic is a non-renewable source of energy neither it gets completely vanish which affects all the living creators of land and water. So some alternative methods should be applied or some small steps can be taken for little improvement.

It is better to give small efforts than no efforts so we can replace plastic plates with paper plates as it has less effect on the environment than plastic plates and it is profitable business all over the world people use plastic plates which is a problem for all.

We can simply take one big step and start these businesses because it is needed somewhere we need to control pollution so it can be done.

Action Item! To do this business you might need one machine called hydraulic paper machine and small working place, to begin with. So you should have an investment of 2-3 lakhs. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Detergent Small-Investment Business Nepal

As we people wear clothes it gets dirty due to any reason so it is necessary to wash those clothes and maintain personal hygiene.

So, it is a necessary kind of thing to do in daily life if we do not wash any clothes and buy new each time then it is possible for any kind of person.

It is required to wash clothes for every people so why not start a detergent business? As it is a profitable business because do you think people will only wear new clothes?

Absolutely not,

Because they need to wash their clothes whether they wash their clothes after many days but they should wash. So, detergent is a compulsory base product which people should use.

If people will not wash clothes then your business will go in the loss but people need to wash their clothes so it is like a low-risk business.

Action Item! To start this business you need to have an investment of nearly 10 lakhs and earn a lot from this business. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Potato Chips Business

The sound itself is low investing business and have huge oppourtinity in nepal.

Life is very busy nowadays, we have very little time for ourselves so we want instant food to consume so it is better to make potato chips and grow this business.

As we know potato is the king of vegetables so why not use the king and make potato chips and supply the instant needs of people.

When we go to visit our relatives we give them instant food so chips are mostly regarded to be given. It is necessary to provide quality and hygienic chips then we can easily attract buyers.

As it can be made instantly and supply instantly as well as can be packed for supplying to the far area as well as to store for some months.

Note-It provides crispy feeling and it is loved by all so you can make this business as profitable. You need investment about 3-4 lakhs and grow these businesses all over Nepal.๐Ÿ˜‹

5. Tea And Coffee Stall Business

One thing today you should keep in your mind that when you do any sorts of business you shouldn’t think it is too small kind of business all of the business are equally important and should be respected.

You need to know whatever you do you should think it is big for you no matter what others say to you just simply ignore them.

Don’t be emotional it is a business so ups and downs are the two side of the same coin and when you are up be happy but don’t let your happiness touch your ego similarly.

When you are down don’t be sad but think what I can learn from these? What I can improve? So, tea and coffee stall is also an awesome business you can do. When you provide this facility you go very deep through these process be very passionate don’t ever think what people will say?

Just do it in a unique way and simply grow this business once you prepare tea/coffee and when people will appreciate you you can expand your business to other cities/towns. Just give that sense of (wah!!!) to people.

It seems a very easy kind of business but when you look it in a deep way and try to make it great taste it will be hard to prepare tea like you by others. So give your effort and from one stall too many stalls do not stop.

Action Item! To do tea/coffee stall business you need an investment of about 60 thousand. So, all businesses should be equally respected and you can add value to people’s life by providing a great taste of your tea/coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Ice-Cream Business

Once somebody said if you want to make everybody happy sell ice-cream. The point here is ice-cream has so delicious taste it is most loveable food to have.

We can see how babies cry to buy ice-cream even teenagers love these and also old people love it (although they might have some diseases) they love to have ice-cream as ice-cream makes them happy.

If it makes happy then we will have a happy life.

It might be a little risk because it might get sold only in the summer season but by growing these craze we also want to have it in the winter season isn’t it?

Guess What? To-Do this ice-cream business you need very ๐Ÿ˜›small investment about 1.5 lakhs to get started๐Ÿ˜›

7. Sanitary Pad Small Investment business

Female gets more pain than male so there some natural thing which female suffer a lot.

Menstruation is one of them. Most people are not aware of sanitation or most are compelled to follow the same procedure for these periods.

By which most females suffer a lot. Either they suffer because they are unaware of hygiene or traditional beliefs of using old and unhygienic clothes or they do not talk openly about these concerns which lead them to face different problems.

So, it is necessary to provide different sanitary pads to every corner of the place. Every rural village.

They should provide awareness about using sanitary pads and should make people open about these problems and help to shoutout.

Let’s see these as not only of as business but let’s see it as a responsibility to help females as they are the ones who handle or who endure different problems.

Let’s do it for sanitation health for a female to do these helping task you need an investment of 5 lakhs and in return, you will get your investment+profit back but also you will get many blessings from them๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โš•๏ธ

8. Tailoring Business

Do any sorts of business you would need skill. Tailoring also needs the skill to develop a tailoring business. What you do here sew different clothes for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, groom, bride, etc.

Tailorman is those who will make your respected man/woman.A student does not look like a student if they do not make proper clothes from them so they play a very vital role to identify who the person is? What do they do? Clothes decide that so they are the ones who can help us to be a proper human being.

So, in these businesses you create every sort of clothes related to any sort of the profession, to escape from any sort of weather, season.

So, if they are not here we will have different trouble to give identification of ourselves, to escape from different weather, season.

As per the need of circumstances, they help me make clothes to the human.

To do this business you might require a budget of 5lakhs and you can do this business and also get linked with any printing factory and earn profit for both the parties as you can create a win-win situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Words

No doubt!

I could have made this content business idea longer but as promised I do random business experiments and found out of 100 business only 3 are successful these days and the results lists are shown above.

These are the most profitable and low business you can do and grow it.

If you do your own business you will have a feeling of responsibility hence you will be a responsible person as well as you will have experience by yourself so you guys can literally know the situation to handle


Life is of one so why not be self-made?

I will be providing powerful content from our blog you need to take action and if we added value to your life we will be grateful we will feel in your achievement it’s our achievement.

Now What?

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Hamrolinko family

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