Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

The 7 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs 2021


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If you study, research, listen, see about Successful Entrepreneur then one of the habits you will find common in them and that is absolutely reading habits. It’s the revealed secret that because of reading books they grow a lot. 

It does not only help to grow financially but it helps to grow as a person. Today, In this article we will explore highly recommended books or we will explore highly effective must-read books for entrepreneurs 2021.

How many books do you read per year? Reading, learning and practise is the right way to evolve the next version of yourself. When you read books you are getting a secret weapon but normal people usually don’t understand where reading is a secret weapon for successful entrepreneurs and founders.

Begin an entrepreneur reading all books one by time can be hard and tough. In order to make you easier, I would love to suggest you the best top 10 books every entrepreneur must read in 2021.

1.Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning ​ books

This is the book where you will learn about how morning rituals decide your day and also your life. 

The author has given his+many personalities experiences in order to connect or express how important it is to make your morning awesome in order to make your day awesome and your life awesome and so on.

This Book will give you new energy and to begin with awesome Enthusiasm. Miracle Morning has especially focused on 7 letters word to adopt in any way but to make it proper word it is named ‘Savers’ but you can follow any I mean you can follow a first from the savers or v or e or r or s. What are they?

S: Silence
A: Affirmation
V: Visualization
E: Exercise
R: Reading
S: Scribing

Immediately after waking up, you can follow these rituals from any word but you must follow it until it becomes your habit.

There is more to it but if I say all the important points here then you wouldn’t enjoy reading that book or if i say ,

Here all the point you wouldn’t buy a book of the author and he might get lost which is he is not getting but as per his dedication his book should be learnt by many upcoming Entrepreneur in order to be it and sustain Entrepreneurship.

2. 21Days of Effective Communication

This book where you will improve Communication speaking, listening, understanding with one to one person and in also in the group. Day by day you will improve in every field of communication. Some of the days let’s explore today.

Day1: Listen to Listen Not To Reply: Have you ever noticed we don't listen to listen but we listen to reply, it might be bitter to us but yes it is but after learning this book we will learn how important it is to listen.

21Days of Effective Communication ​

Day2: Check How often you interrupt other people: When someone is giving you suggestion or saying you something check how often you speak before they finish their saying.

It might look Normal but it plays psychologically if we interrupt other people they will feel lack of respect or they will feel you donot value their word so please check yourself and improve on not to interrupt for it.

3. Hackers & Painters

hackers and painters book

The author of hackers & Painters  Paul Graham tells a prototype of technology entrepreneurs can become successful.

This book will teach you about the history of the tech industry so as to plan the future in the tech industry.

We are living in the computer tech age, in a world increasingly designed and engineered by computer programmers and software designers, by people who call themselves hackers. Who are these people, what motivates them, and why should you care?

A must read books for young entrepreneur’s

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad


Anybody who start they journey yo something either building career or goals they know the book name Rich Dad, Poor Dad as it is so effective Book to be learnt so you guys can also learn it.

The author has categroised Dad as a term of Rich and poor and he has explained How rich and poor are different, 

What are the factor that makes rich more richer and poor more poorer in order to get success in Entrepreneurship life it is must read book to all. So,Read it and prepare yourself for being Entrepreneur.

5. Get Smart:How to Think

get smart book sucess BOOK

It is a very deep and most exciting book where you will be learning to be a smart version of yourself. Yes, Hardworking is necessary but smart work is also important in our life.

In these Book, you will be knowing how to set priority according to the level of success you want and you can work for.

There are different practical method in order to get smart and achieve more, you will develop smartness and you know how absolute you need smartness in Entrepreneurship Journey. so ya without exploring more read this book and implement these Techniques you will not regret.

6. Power of your Subconscious Mind

This is the book where you will get Magic or you will get Treasure of the success or failure because it is upto you,you want to use it as positive way or negative way,

You are even using it now but you are not aware of it by which you might not have been getting the result you prefer or you might not be aware of it but you might be getting the result you prefer,or you are aware and you are getting result you prefer.

In these book you will know how to use our brain for getting what we want in very simple and deep manner. 

You will also realise wow these is all about and you will get motive to have fearless and yes i can do whatever i want kind of inspirations.

So,you can read these book for your entrepreneurship lifestyle and improve yourself,Know how worthy you are!!

7. Out of Your Comfort Zone

one has rightly said yes comfort zone will give you pleasure but for short period of time or when you are in comfort zone but it can’t give you comfort as a long period of time.see,

Once you decide to leave your comfort when leaving it you might not feel good but when you master it you will feel awesome and say oh thank god i am not what i was which will make you very productive person and you will be extraordinary person and person who inspires other.

So to know how to brake your comfort and leave productive life you need to read these book and follow the techniques which is enlisted in these book.

8. Power of Positive Thinking

This is the book to make your belief system strong and as per its title it will let you know how can thinking in a positive way will change your life it is taken from Bible

(The Holy Book) which helps you to build a relationship with God and letting you or letting to know you through god you can do anything.

You will be a completely different person after you read these book and you will know you can do anything which applies in entrepreneurship also.

Some of the points like I can do anything through god if god is with me who is against me etc are the popular quote in this book and it is explained in a very well manner. So check it out and Be Positive (But in the case of Corona)

Final Words

Yes, there are many more books to recommend, but these were the ones that came to my mind first and entrepreneur, founders must-read.

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Subash Sharma
Subash Sharma
Subash Sharma is a Business Advisor, Technical SEO, and Brand Ambassador at Hamrolinko. I read, breakdance, and try random business Nepal experiments.

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