Why is Nepal Not Yet a Developed Country

Why is Nepal Not Yet A
Developed Country?

Nepal itself is a beautiful country but what makes it ugly is the lack of proper plan and policies to utilize
Natural products that may be anything including humans. 

We, Nepali have an abundance amount of natural resources as well as.An awesome human who can change the perspective or turn Nepal into developed Nepal, but what is lacking them are of various.

Reasons, without blaming someone(government) we can say or demand such kind of stuff which government isn’t aware of or they might have the 1950s. 


Here are the few problems which can be resolve by the continuous demand of local people.Bringing international payment system changing educational system

So, you can take it as a problem or problem which should be demanded to resolve it.

Bringing an international payment system

We all can see how any sort of pandemic isn’t barriers to the growing economy of the country for so many countries it is why? Because they can do any sort 

Of income generating stuff internationally. Let me come in the context of Nepal, in Nepal freelancer are of the huge amount they have skills by which they are 

Ready to get paid a huge amount they resolve the problem and they even get paid but the problem is they are not able to withdraw that money from any international 

Sites, company as there is no international payment system in Nepal, they are unable to feel that money. So, many people having skills aren’t satisfied with the system. They 

Can work in a boundary of the country and get paid with a local payment system but it is like a limit for them which is not limitless. As, if they earn money in their own country 

Invest/waste in their own country means that money is flowing in their own country but when they will be earning from other countries then they are earning and increasing the country’s economy

Why? We are having no international payment system because most of our leaders might be unaware of it that remittance or foreign currency isn’t just earned by 

Tourist traveling in our country or some kind of donation by others country to us there are much more than that which is doing online task for other countries people and getting paid 

With foreign currency. Some problems happen when they are not able to do things from Nepal and they go or some other country offer them or invite them and they settle their by which we will 

Be loosing skilled human resources as well as our economy will be down. So, our country should travel or flow through the need for the current time.

Changing educational system.


Don’t get goosebumps that Nepal is facing so much od problems some problems are face by developed countries also including(developing Nepal), the educational system is one of them.

We all know that we are not changing our thoughts in order to provide effectively and quality of education which is helpful to live life or which should be taught that should 

Be in use in our practical life. We know it we need to change it but many students are not able to demand it because they have fear what parents will say because parents have thought that 

The degree is much essential than skills and it’s not their fault because they were programmed in the same way but nowadays, we can give more than enough example of people who have to succeed in their 

Life not by degree but by skills they have learned. Somehow students manage  to say this thing to teachers/parents and in response to what they get they are being told that if you will not have a degree

You will be nothing in your life by which students are being in depression, having negative thoughts, involving in crimes, and much more. Another reason why parents do it because the son/daughter of their relatives 

Has got the degree so to secure their respect their kid also should get the degree. Isn’t it a big problem to live life without purpose learn something, get a job, hardly manage to spend time with family, hardly enjoy the 

Life. It is a big problem if I write about it, it will be a limitless word. What’s the solution to change the educational system which focuses not on a degree but on skills, not on the job rather than start doing a startup, not forced to go to foreign countries

But being called by foreign countries to implement your skills and return to the country and keep growing.

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