Nest Nepal Hosting Review 2021: 11 Test To Love/ Hate it 90 Days Experience

Over the past few years, I have tested countless hosting providers from Nepal, and have stick with babal. host for a year and still, it is a good hosting provider if you have good amount of cash to spend on same plans which nestnepal offers in lower with 5x,

But there is one hosting provider which we are totally unaware of and a game-changer and wins over with everything from pricing to features and many more.

Keep reading why nestnepal is better than and all other host company, according to my eyes and review’s data.

It won’t take a long time, yes it is “Nest Nepal, this host provider has recently come into my eye, a couple of months ago and I can end this Nest nepal hosting review with just one sentence ” Migrate As soon as possible”.

I have strong honest reasons why you must host your website, applications under NEST NEPAL.

In today’s honest detailed Nest Nepal Hosting Review you will learn its pricing, performance, speed, pros, and cons, and many more, know to keep reading.

So without further ado… Jump right into the scala hosting review 2021 lists you” re interested in? Just use our handy table of contents.

Why Nest Nepal Hosting Review?

I know somehow this title sucks, but every articles has some story and meaning and this is all about!

Nest Nepal hosting is booming this year, and day by day being more popular web hosting providers around founders, students to everyone. If you are searching for a faster, affordable, and secure hosting provider from Nepal, then I highly recommend you to taste and try Nest Nepal Host Provider.

Before i share with you the reason why Nest Nepal is good to go hosting provider, i want you to clear some points!

  • This article is not sponsored by “Nest Nepal” neither promotions come under our policy.
  • For honest review, Nest Nepal has provided us with three months of web hosting for free just to test their performance and collect their system data.
  • We have come up with an awesome result that not just claims Nest Nepal should be the #1 best web hosting company in Nepal but also will force you to migrate as soon as possible. ( Read my small story)

It has been a year and a year since our website is hosted under babal. host, but we just migrated to nest Nepal. Over the past six months, I have published more than 120+ web hosting articles on our “Pocketlinko site, as well as hamrolinko,

But in those long periods, we have encountered countless web hosting provider from Nepal, but we still just promote from Nepal cause we had thought ( and it’s its best) is the only host provider which is affordable, have good features and comes under the cash budget.

But @nest Nepal has just let it go by provider such features that even does not support it, for now, so we decided to contact their teams and I met Kushal kafle who is one of the founders of nest Nepal and asked lots of questions related to nest Nepal from privacy to money-back promise and many more.

He gave us three months and i decided to test it from scratch, and this is why you reading the line for “Nest Nepal review”. Now you have my story + why i decided to craft this article with full transparency.

At the end of this article, you will also get a flat 15% discount using our exclusive promo code which you can use to redeem their web hosting provider at half a cost.

More than pricing to almost many things, “Nest Nepal aims and really focused on helping each other, they run lots of campaign to help students and people to get their website run and save money on hosting prices.

In case if you are in hurry and want to know if I recommend Nest Nepal hosting provider or not then,

Yes’, Nest Nepal is potentially one of the best web hosting providers for its pricing, features, support, security that anyone can abroad without breaking bank cash.

About Nest Nepal

Nest Nepal Business is one of the few hosting providers from Nepal, which I officially recommend you to choose and host your website, many host provider has come and gone out from this market but Nest Nepal is something that has been winning countless hearts from their active customers.

Man behind nestnepal

In 2018, two students launched Nest Nepal, The main aim of this hosting solution is to provide hosting server plans at very affordable pricing so anyone with small or big cash can get started and host their website without breaking the bank cash.

In today’s date, they host over more than 850+ active websites and domains on their platform but the most interesting part to know is Nest Nepal has come live in the year 2020 only, which means the number is surprising.

Their strong organic publicity has earned them a position among the top host provider according to public web blogs and site information. This web hosting offers budget-friendly shared, WordPress, and VPS plans and there are some eye-catching features that make side from all other Nepal host companies.

Overall, Nest Nepal hosting provider ranks near the top of all the web hosting companies with an uptime of 99.9 % promise.

Benefits of Hosting Your Site/ Applications With Nest Nepal

In this section of Nest Nepal Host Review, I am going to share with you all the top features nest Nepal hosting provider offers that makes difference between other hosting provider and later we”ll dive into real testing, pricing and speed comparison and many more.

  • Reliable uptime and fast response directly from experts
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Unlimited hosting features SUCH as bandwidth, disk space, and emails
  • Free email hosting
  • Free SSL on all hosting plans
  • 15 days money-back promise that helps customers no risk of mind
  • CMS supports
  • Security add-ons and tools
  • E-Commer integratuion
  • One-click installations
  • If you want to keep your site free of malware and increase security then you will have to “SiteLock”
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Web Attacks Blocker
  • Host unlimited sites with all shared plans ( decent features)
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 technical clock support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • High security and speed
  • 1 click staging
  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Control-Panel
  • Free domain name

One of the great features, I love the most about nest Nepal is their unlimited features, with each shared and WordPress hosting plan, you can host an unlimited website from basic plans to endless, which is worth it.

I have personally not seen single web hosting offering the feature where we can host unlimited websites with a shared server on basic plans which we called the cheapest plans in the hosting company.

That is why I kept saying to you, once this review is on end, you are ready to migrate your website under nest Nepal in no time.

  • Affordable Plans: Nest Nepal all plans are very affordable and come under the pricing of NPR 116/Month /unlimited domain/ storage.
  • Free Domain Name: You will also get a free domain name on all plans
  • Money-back guarantee: Their money-back guarantee comes with 15 days promise which means in case if you are unhappy with the product and have a strong reason then you can simply ask for a refund no questions will be raised.
  • Clock Support: Nest Nepal offers 24/7/365 clock support via phone, chat, and ticket with local language support directly from their experts.
  • Unlimited Domains: With Nest Nepal, all plans you can host unlimited domains which means a huge saving on plans, not every web hosting provider offers to host unlimited websites under affordable basic plans.

An Honest: Nest Nepal Web Hosting Review

NestNepal Hosting Review

Our Rating: Our Verdict: 5.0
LCP & TBT : 869 ms, O ms
UPTIME: 100% (March 2021 to May 2021)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, Ticker
Scripts: 1-click install of over 150 free apps.
FEATURES: Free domain, Unmetered Bandwidth/ Storage/ and Free Email, Free SSL and CDN, Daily Backup along with the unlimited website to host.
HOSTING Servers: Shared, WordPress, Reseller host provider
Website Migration: Yes
Plans Tiers Yearly plans
PRICING: Starting at रू116/month ( Yearly  1,399/yr) basic shared plan.
Hosted at: Our Website ( is officially hosted at nestnepal
hamrolinko speed testing

I have used, Nest Nepal web hosting provider for almost three months long just to craft this review, and still, our bunch of websites is hosted in nest Nepal and we have no plan to migrate to another host for countless years until the traffic and budget exceed and unless we won’t find a better nest Nepal alternative ( rare) for Nepal.

It does not mean if nest Nepal is recommended by us or has a bunch of reviews such as Dreamhost and Bluehost ( which has reviews of over 100k+).

The above data and information is just a way of explanation, now the real nest Nepal web hosting review starts.

So let’s find out how good nest nepal performance are…

1. Nest Nepal Uptime Testing

Uptime is one of the most important factors to look at before choosing a web hosting company, remember any web hosting provider that offers to provide a 100% uptime average?

With a shared hosting provider, you cannot offer to have 100% uptime promise, but they do offer 99.9% uptime but to have 100% uptime you need to go with premium plans such as VPS and dedicated and cloud.

Nest Nepal offers to provide 99.96% uptime for the last 30 days with no downtime and you can clearly see above the image shot.

During my long test phase Nest nepal manages to have 99.96 % uptime as a guarantee and manages to give the best performance with no single downtime.

2. Nest Nepal Speed Test Result & Performance

For this testing, we have used Nest Nepal shared hosting plans and installed WordPress, and clone our files in Nest Nepal so we have detailed speed testing result in 90 days.

Now you already have an idea of Nest Nepal uptime. now let us find out the website speed and how much time it takes to load our current website with their plans.

Here’s the result of Nest Nepal speed test:

nestnepal ecommerce website
Nest Nepal ( Ecommerce website testing)

  • Nest Nepal: 6.9 seconds load time with shared plans ( NPR 116/MONTH)
  • Private Host: 13.9 seconds load time with WordPress plans ( NPR 1200/month)

Now you have an idea how fast Nest Nepal is comparing to private host ( this is why we moved almost all platforms to Nest Nepal and left private ( sorry the private hostname cannot be named).

Here are some other testing result:

nest nepal hosting test
  • Minimum Loading Speed: 0.32 seconds
  • Maximum Loading Speed: 0.40 seconds

Nest Nepal delivers satisfactory load times with a speed result of 1.2 sec load time with LCP ranging from 839ms s depending on the location.

Google recommends having LCP under 2.5seconds for better ranking were comparing with Nest Nepal LCP speed, it is just far beyond our testing website.

I was quite impressed with the Nest Nepal heavy speed test with shared servers, now you have a clear vision and understanding of Nest Nepal, and why I kept saying you will just love to host in Nepal host.

Your server hosting response time will reflect how fast your pages will load. The better fast hosting you go with the faster your page will load and where Nest Nepal steals the game with #1 top faster performance speed hosting provider in Nepal with affordable pricing.

3. Nest Nepal Website Builder

This is something new and I have personally not seen in any web hosting provider from Nepal but from a global web hosting company, of course, Nest Nepal offers free website builders to their customers who buy their hosting plans.

weebly website -nestnepal

Nest Nepal web hosting company offers free Weebly and Sitepad web builder on their all hosting plans, although the builder is the third party at least gives features of premium which almost no hosting company from Nepal offers seen so far offers

Both builders come with a drag-and-drop website builder from which you can create your own website the way you want with full 100% customizable, they also provide pre-built themes that you can use in no time.

You do not have to pay single rupees to get that website builder,now you can craft SEO-friendly customization for PC, mobile, and tablet responsiveness.

4. Clock Support

Nest Nepal offers 24/7 clock incredible support directly from experts, which means if you choose their WordPress or VPS plans, then you will get dedicated support directly from WP and VPS experts…

In my testing, they also provider supports in english and local language which is a plus point for all locates.

You’ll get access to both supportive system:

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Phone Call

Support is like have a girlfriend, a hosting without support is same like running in a dark stret with no map and light.

Customer support is also one of the main factors while choosing a web hosting company. You never know when websites get in trouble and need the help of teams but using “Nest Nepal” you will not get such an issue as they claim to provide clock support.

5. Nest Nepal Data Centre‘s

This is something catchy, this is one our another reason, why we moved our bunch of website in nest Nepal is because of data centers, which means we can choose desire data centers which we love from the following they support.

Nest Nepal data centers are deployed in Asia (Singapore), Germany, and very soon they are also deploying in Finland and the USA (Soon within 2-3 weeks).

6. LiteSpeed Servers For Faster Performance & Load Times

Nest Nepal uses listservers which help to improve the website loading speed servers 5x faster than allocated the most reliable smooth servers to your site.

While we compare LiteSpeed servers with apache, there are not live actual test results that are true or false and that’s just still a theory, LiteServers will help to decrease the load times to your site slightly by creating separate cache copies of your site pages for each user.

7. Free Website Migrations

Nest Nepal offers free complete website migrations with all web hosting plans they offer and support.

Unlike other web-hosting providers, as being said, Nest Nepal offers unlimited domains to hosted with single shared, so Nest Nepal offers complete unlimited website migrations.

The website is migrated with no single downtime by experts in the hands and the best part you will get live updates on how the process is going on. With all plans, you will get completely unlimited website migrations.

8. What Kind Of Security Nest Nepal Offers?

Nest Nepal offers both free and premium security layers, the free version has the following security labels:

Although the security they offer is common to all other web-hosting providers, they have played a better game, by offering premium security, which makes nest Nepal different from others. It offers Immunify360 Security, And DDOS Protection, and so on…

If you want to get premium features, for that you have to be their customers, so you can directly install premium security features in your servers, to get premium features, first of all signup to Nest Nepal, “Click here to signup“.

nestnepal security

Once done all you have to hover on ” services or website security” and boom you will be on a page where you can explore countless services and premium addons for your website servers.

While they also offer Free SSL to their users, an SSL is not just for making the website with green signal and padlock but also secure data between your site and visitors and search engines eat SSL.

Google takes ” HTTPS” as a ranking factor, if you want to more what are the most crucial google ranking factor then click here to read my in-depth article.

Top Google Ranking Factors That Works Like Charm! ( Stop spending time on 200+ ranking factor)

9. Nest Nepal ( N-Panel) Overview

Unlike another host provider, Nest Nepal dashboard is more good in UI, although used by countless web hosting provider, their dashboard is something looks different than others, this is why they are good to go hosting provider.

This hosting provider offers custom-built beginner-friendly panel, from where you can control each element of your website/ applications and install more than 150+ scripts applications such as WordPress/ Joomla/ Magneto and drupal and so on.

If you are an active customer in Nest Nepal and to log into Cpanel, all you have to hover to your products and you will a page which looks something like the above image, over the left hand you can log in to Cpanel and control every element of the website with full access.

You will get more features in Cpanel providers, starting with managing email accounts, billing, traffic, Support, upgrade or downgrade the plans.

10. Nest Nepal Backups

Nest Nepal offers daily and weekly backups per backups with “Jetbackup” which is inbuilt in Cpanel system integrations which means you don’t need to have any third-party plugins to get backups.

Backup is also a lightweight factor for considering better hosting and Nest Nepal crossed the benchmark by providing daily and weekly backups for free of cost.

11. Nest Nepal Email hosting Overview

Unlike other web-hosting providers, Nest Nepal offers unlimited email hosting accounts with all plans. You heard it right, nest Nepal offers unlimited email accounts with all plans which means you will have no limitations on shared plans.

Almost many web hosting provider comes with limitations of email accounts, where we can create 25 email accounts for their basic shared plans but comparing with Nest Nepal they offer unlimited, which is another good plus point to consider nest Nepal as a good to go hosting provider.

Nest Nepal Server Pricing Plans

Nest Nepal offers three server plans:

  • Shared Hosting Plans ( रू. 1,399 /yr)
  • WordPress Plans (रू. 1099 /month)
  • VPS Server Plans (रू 1299 /mo)
  • Dedicated Server Plans ( रू 1,099 /mo)

Nest nepal stands for #1 when it comes for best hosting pricing in nepal per my eye, what i found and what i have research so far.

If we focus on their cheapest plans, Shared hosting is best for any business small to medium business websites which starts from the pricing of NPR 116/ per month.

1. Nest Nepal Shared Server Plans ( Review)

Nest nepal offers three different shared hosting server tiers plans, the basic plans comes with the pricing of रू. 1,399 /yr ( which so budget friendly and cheap anyone can host unlimited website in it)

nestnepal shared hosting plans.

This is the cheapest plan on nest Nepal, anyone with small cash can host their first website without breaking the bank cash.

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With all three different plans, you can host an unlimited website which great also get access to automatic malware scans and daily automated backups, all plans run on lite speed servers. You will also get the .xyz domain and .info domain for free.

2. Nest Nepal WordPress Plans ( Review)

Nest Nepal wordpress hosting plans comes with three different server plans, the basic plan comes with the pricing of रू. 149 /mo where you can host one website with unlimited features such as email accounts, storage,Innodes and many more..

More than 48% of the internet is powered by WordPress which is the best CMS platform for all online owners. If you have a plan to create a WordPress website, then you use WordPress because this plan is highly optimized for WordPress users only and has its own CMS core features.

With all server plans, you do not have to worry about site downtime, technical issue,s and so on because they offer managed WordPress hosts where almost many things such as updates, systems downtime, performance are optimized by their self-healing servers and take cate their staffs.

BASIC plans Regular IDEAL
Price: रू. 149 /mo Price: रू. 249 /mo Price: रू. 299 /mo
1 Website
~25K Visits/M
Unlimited SSD Storage
3 Website
~50K Visits/M
Unlimited SSD Storage
Free .xyz domain
Unlimited Website
~ 100K visitors/M
Unlimited SSD Storage domain

The best benefit of using WordPress plans is they run with core features of WordPress and if you fall into any trouble nest Nepal has a dedicated WordPress support team.

2. Nest Nepal VPS Plans ( Review)

VPS are slighly faster than both shared and wordpress and fall under the category of premium hosting server.

VPS (Virtual private servers) are always greater than shared hosting providers because you will get dedicated support, managed performance with security, and more features than the shared providers.

This type of server I same as living in your own home where both shared and WordPress is like sharing one room with multiple partners that have limitations, using VPS hosting plans almost many things are under your control.

Nest Nepal offers comes with three different VPS plans, the basic plan comes with the pricing of रू 1299 /mo ( the costing is more affordable).

All VPS are managed so you don’t have to worry about a server issues, all things are managed are servers and will be handled by the support and operational teams at Nest Nepal.

Nest Nepal User Experience

In this section of our Nest Nepal review, i am going to share with you my real experience after using Nest Nepal for three months in my testing phase and as well as now.

From purchasing their plans to installing WordPress, there was not much hustle, its because I contacted nest Nepal team and they migrated my all website in hours also the best party I told them “Do change my DNS to” and they told me sure and i have the id and pass of Cloudflare.

Finally they changed my dns and also did all the things and it feels i was already hosted in nest nepal from before.

This was my user experience with nestepal, while talking about their Cpanel, there is nothing new but do have some features that other hosting providers do not offer like premiums addons and other Memcache, redis, and root access, premium SSL, email hosting, and many more.

Nest Nepal Pricing, Hosting Plans Quick Facts

Here are the costs and highlights we have already covered above and now in short converting into lists.

  • Domain: Free domain name on each plan ( Except the first tier plan)
  • Ease of Signup: Very easy, beginner-friendly one-page sign-up process.
  • Money-Back: 15 days money-back guarantee.
  • Payment Methods: Fonepay, Mobile Banking, IMEPay, Cell Pay, eSewa and Khalti, and also Paypal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Renewal rates are lower.
  • Account Activation: Quick account activation after successful payment
  • Control Panel and Dashboard: Custom N-panel
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Quick and easy install of popular apps and CMSs using Softaculous with 150+ scripts

What Others Are Speaking About Nest Nepal?

In my survey, Nest Nepal has 100% positive satisfaction with a soulful amount of reviews from their customers from real users in social media like facebookk.

Here are some feedback I have collected some reviews from open internet source :

Nest Nepal has got 5 out of 5 according to Facebook by more than 18+ people ( till June 24) the numbers are growing day and day since because they are new and do not force for, unlike another host.

Nest Nepal: Pros And Cons

As being said above, not every web hosting provider have always best performance and features. Here are some pros and cons of nest Nepal:

Pros Of Nest Nepal

  • Free domain name for a year
  • High security and speed
  • Automated Update
  • Free website migrations
  • Free secured SSL to make your website with a green padlock from HTTP to HTTPS
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee promise with  constantly monitored by experts
  • Can handle unlimited domains/ websites
  • Free access to c-Panel beginner-friendly panel to control website each element.
  • One-click installer so you can install scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Joomla, and other CMS and so on.
  • Experts support
  • Five datacentres
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Custom Beginner-dashboard panel
  • Free website builder
  • 1 Click WordPress auto installations

In my ultimate review, I found the only cons is their money-back guarantee, although it’s good compared with the market value of 30days vs 15days money-back guarantee does not make difference, I wonder who will cancel nest Nepal services.

If you ask me ( No way), they offer a free domain with such cheap plans and the best to host unlimited websites this what makes nest Nepal beat all other web hosting companies with the features model and pricing.

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Nest Nepal is a web hosting company from Nepal that aims to provide affordable web hosting plans and domains in affordable pricing that fits under every person’s budget and domain name registrar.

Now you can build a rockstar website, without breaking your bank cash by hosting your website/ applications under NESTNEPAL severs, with the best pricing model, that anyone with low and medium cash can host their website with an exclusive 15% discount on all plans

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