8 Online Jobs in Nepal that Pay Np.60,000 PM from Home(2021)

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So you are searching for best online jobs in nepal and thankfully you landed to our beautiful article to find out the genuine jobs you can do it by sitting at home online.

We all know the time we are in and making money in this time by going in jobs as physical or whatever it was you did before has shut down for a temporary time. And, If you need some extra income then there is no better way than doing online jobs in Nepal.

There is no investment to start an online job in Nepal & you can work from your home, office or any convenient place.

The 8 online jobs in Nepal I am going to provide you, it doesn’t matter either you are searching for ;

  • Online typing jobs in Nepal
  • Online typing jobs in Nepal for students
  • No knowledge in online terms

Let me tell you;

In fact, thousands of people in Nepal are earning a full-time income from online jobs. It’s the hottest trend in Nepal and going on and on each day. One of the beauties of these online jobs in Nepal is that you don’t need any qualifications or technical knowledge to start any of the tasks.

Without taking your valuable time;

Lets Jump right in:

Best Online Jobs in Nepal 2021

Online Jobs in nepal
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Here I will show you some of the best & simple online jobs in Nepal that can pay you up to Rs. 50,000 per month for everyone.

You can work part-time or full time. I have provided a complete guide for each and every online job.

Here is the lists of best online jobs in Nepal 2021 you can do right now without any investment and sitting from home easily.


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Blogging is world best favourite online income as part time jobs.

Bloggins can be chosen as a carrier in nepal if you take it seriously as business.

Blogging is my most favorite way of making money & whenever someone asks me about online jobs then I recommend blogging only.

So if you are thinking ;

What this blogging means in nepal?

I will explain to you in simple language

“Create a website & publish some useful content on your website on a regular basis”.

If you dont know how to create a blog in nepal and earn moeny?

Well, No probelm i have writeen a definitve guide on blogging in nepal.

If you check this blog then you will find that I am publishing regular content related to ‘blogging & similar topics’ on this website.

This called blogging.

You create a website, start posting articles on a particular topic (your favourite topic) & start earning money.

Uff…so how can someone make money by creating a site & simply posting content.

There are various ways to make money from your blog.

Here are the exact steps to make money from a blog in nepal

  1. You start a blog in either in blogger or WordPress
  2. Write high-quality posts on your blog
  3. Use Adsense ads or affiliate programs on your blog
  4. Earn lots of money

02. Online Writing Jobs In Nepal

content writing jobs in nepal
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If you are really good at content writing then it is no better online job than writing. You can become a freelance writer through various freelance sites mentioned here.

If you know there are hundereds of freelance writers in nepal who are earning a decent income writing online.

In Nepal, you can easily earn up to Np 45,000 – Rs 60,000 per month writing online and plus if you are doing blogging with these then you can have

More than the double of that money.

Freelance writing can be in nepal like

  1. Web content writing
  2. Technical writing,
  3. Business writing,
  4. Copywriting,
  5. Newspaper writing etc

If you are a writer who can write simple English with no grammatical error then there is no dearth of writing jobs online.

It is also called to be content writing in nepal.

03.Data Entry Online Jobs Nepal

Data entry jobs in nepal 2020
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There is nothing new about online Data Entry Jobs in nepal . I don’t either you have listened to it or not .

Data entry jobs could be Like:

  1. Copy and Paste Work online
  2. Formatting files using MS Word and MS Excel from clients
  3. Converting clients digital/Image files into Word Documents

So they are many jobs

Finding a genuine Data Entry job especially in Nepal that can pay you on time regularly could be very challenging but I have made it easier for you.

There are few tasks you must know while searching for data entry jobs in nepal.

While surfing the google you must know you should never pay any fee for joining data entry jobs in company .
While joining the company you must looks at thier comapny background , data, phoneno etc.

04. Freelance Online Jobs Nepal

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About thousnads of people are doing freelancing online jobs in nepal and earning lots of money than normal people.

Let me tell you ;

Freelancing means self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

Online jobs like Data Entry work, editing transcription jobs, survey jobs, etc can be called freelancing jobs in Nepal you have to focus on one thing.

You have to master in one thing you cant work on many fields and cant do all these jobs at once.

let me give you an example of it

You cant be doctor and scientists at one time .

Freelancing jobs are different;

You can do many jobs at any given time. Freelancers do various jobs like 

  • Writing articles
  • Designing logos
  • Web development
  • Editing videos

05.Captcha Entry Online Jobs

Online jobs in nepal
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Captcha entry jobs in nepal and infact in world is growing big day by day and it will be soon high in market.

Earlier companies and individuals in nepal they were creating thousands of accounts daily on different sites.

They automated this process by using software or robots.

In order to prevent this activity, the captcha was introduced so that only human can open the account to prevent robots.

In nepal you can easily earn 4$ to 6$ for sloving more than 1k captchas. If you even slove 1k capthca per day you can have more than 40kNp rupess per month.

06.Digital Marketing Jobs

digital makreting jobs in nepal
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Digital marketing jobs in nepal is trending nowdays.

Unlike previous few online jobs, blogging, digital marketing are considerably new to the scene. In the last 5 years, they have become quite popular especially among the younger generation.

I think digital marketing in nepal will be in very trending in nepal soon.

Digital marketing can easily pay you Rs 10,000 – Rs 35,000 per month if you choose to work for other.

07. Online Transcription Jobs Nepal

online transcription jobs in nepal
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People confuse transcription jobs with data entry work.

Admittedly, they both are completely different.

In transcription you listen to audio/video files and conver them into wordfile.

You might dont know;

This job is mostly given to medical or legal (mainly dor medical purposes.).

The job is quite demanding because you need total control over medical and legal jargons.

To get this job your typing speed must be more than 60 words per minute.

In Nepal you can find genuine online transcription jobs if you are willing to do some research.

Salary of a transcriptionist is really good in nepal 2021

08. Online Tutoring Online Jobs Nepal

online tutoring online jobs in nepal
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Online tutoring doesnt means that you are teacher and teaching in only school .

Let me telly you :

Online tutoring means if you jave good knowledge in anything like if you are good in painting , seo, frequent english speaking then you can go ahead with online tutoring.

The best thing about online tutoring in nepal is you can teach students on part time basis. J

Just 2 to 3 hours a day is enough for earning Rs 20,000 – Rs 30,000 a month.

You must have good knowledge on one specfic terms or niche.

Wrapping it Up

I hope you this in-depth article on the best online jobs in Nepal 2021

i had drop-down the best jobs for you from which you can earn more than 40k Np per month if you give time on it.

Let me know in the comment section which job fits for you .



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FAQs: About Online Jobs In Nepal

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Q1.Which is the best online job in Nepal?

Honestly Answering : Which is the best online job work in nepal? There are Thousnads of jobs to earn money. Some require too much physical work and some nothing at all.
Some of the legitimate ways to earn money online without spending a bit from your pocket are:
1. Blogging
2.Affiliate Marketing
3.Digital Marketing
4. Online Tutoring

Q2. How can i get Online In Nepal?

Here are the best online jobs in Nepal from home.
1.Digital marketing
2.Online Tutoring Online Jobs
4.Content Writing

best online jobs in nepal 2020
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