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10+Best Profitable Business In Nepal (2021) Booming Right Now!

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Starting your own profitable business in Nepal 2021 is everyone’s dream, especially for budding entrepreneurs.

“I’m stuck in the 9-5 job“, “I have limited income to live my life” “Should I save or spent money?

You have understood the concept by who these common dialogues are said, if not especially from those who are the job employees.

I was afraid not to tell my secret lists of small business ideas in Nepal but after a couple of years, I am sharing it with you because I single cannot handle hundreds of business.

The lists I am going to share with you are the lists of best and top business ideas in Nepal that are booming today if you are true to work on it with high demand.

You don’t need a huge investment to work on those suitable profitable business ideas in Nepal, in fact, you actually don’t need it.

I wish my future innovative some of my list of business ideas become useful for you and you can start your new journey almost without investment.

I am sharing all my research on business ideas for startups with you today that would help you to start your business in Nepal.

Here’s what you’ll learn;

10+ Best high demand business ideas with practice you can implement in Nepal.
Tips and my fav 6x Method strategies to where to invest money in Nepal with a medium scale.
Ideas with practical examples along the way

Excited ….?

Everything you do in this world is a business so take every simple object and work as a business,

So are you ready to find out the top business ideas in Nepal 2021 with zero or minimal investment?

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In Nepal 2021 Without Investment

Profitable Online Business In Nepal
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1. Start DropShipping

You might don’t have an idea, dropshipping is a booming online industry in Nepal. If you will start and do it right it can the game-changer on your life as the best profitable business in Nepal with high demand.

You can start your own e-commerce business but without any big investment and without stocking any product.

It’s true you don’t need any investment nor any products to sell it which can be teue as innovative business ideas in Nepal.

Simply; dropshipping is all about “buy a product, store it, pack it and ship it”.

The best part about dropshipping is when you find a product to buy from a third party vendor, you don’t even need to store, pack and ship it as the third party supplier does all those things.

This is an upcoming future business in Nepal with high demand, accept it.

Why I should start a dropshipping business in Nepal?

The reason to start dropshipping as an online business is because it involves less risk as you’re not creating any product by yourself.

Dropshipping is just like an alternative to affiliate marketing but different in various ways.

How do I start dropshipping business in Nepal?

The first step to start a dropshipping business in Nepal is to find good marketplace like AliExpress to start dropshipping as a profitable online business.

alidropshop in nepal
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Here are to steps to start dropshipping in Nepal from scratch.

  • Find a supplier like AliExpress and tie-up with them.
  • Create an e-commerce website and list what you want to sell from this supplier.
  • Promote your website through Facebook and another online marketing channel.
  • Receive orders.
  • Place orders with the supplier and ask them to deliver the product to the customer’s address.
  • Make profits.

Your profit will be the margin between the supplier price and your selling price. You can sell as high as 3 timers the price of the supplier.

2. Blogging In Nepal

If you really want to make a brand and have fame you can start your own blog in Nepal. You can start a blog for free in Nepal but I highly don’t recommend going with free blogs called so.

Blogging is the most successful way to start a profitable online business.

How do I start blogging in Nepal?

As I mentioned above you start blogging free in Nepal but I don’t recommend that with many reasons. If you’re starting a blog as a business, you need to invest in the essential things like;

Domain Name
Web Hosting
Few themes and tools such as email marketing, SEO tools etc

I see blogging as a profitable business in Nepal where you can invest your money in Nepal if you cant the way to invest.

It’s true if you are thinking about where to invest money in Nepal?

The honest answer from me will be at an online business,

Web Hosting
Paid Courses
Webinar Etc.

Learn -; How to start blogging in Nepal from scratch ( step-by-step-guide).

I am a live example in front of blogging in Nepal as part-time business ideas in Nepal.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube is a great platform to share your knowledge and skill in terms of video marketing.

Youtube is booming in Nepal, it can change your life if you have a passion to work in it, Are you looking for a profitable online business idea without investment?

If Yes, then youtube is made for you.

All you need a Google Gmail account to get started. In a month more than millions of channel are created and in 2021 about more than 80% are sucessfull.

You must have a good niche to get started with youtube, content is the kingdom.

Age doesn’t matter in any field. Heres how this guy age 8 Ryan Kaji  proves us.

According to Forbes Ryan Kaji is last year’s top YouTube earner with $26 million? He’s one of the highest YouTube earners.

Ryan Kaji earning
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Can you imagine it $26M i cannot but its possible with internet.

Not only Ryan there are thousands of YouTubers who earns only youtube.? Do you know what he does on YouTube to earn such an insane amount of money?

He reviews toys and does experiments with them.

Sounds crazy I know.

Here’s how you also can do make such a revenue model.

  • Pickup the right niche
  • Find the RIGHT monetization strategy 
  • Find if your niche has an affiliate or not

This is 2021 you need to find such niche in which people are either interested or not just work it.

This is the best innovation, potential, and future business in Nepal coming soon in the market before it comes to just work on it and see the magic.

How to make money with youtube in Nepal?

Here are the best method to make money with youtube living from Nepal.

Affiliate Marketing
Paid Promotion
Brand collaborations
Brand collaborations
Online courses

4. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

This is a future startup business in Nepal and high profitable business in Nepal.This is trending business ideas in Nepal with unlimited opportunities.

Heres what i find after researching for year ,

Out of 100 digital marketing agency in Nepal, only 2 are successful with high demand.

Starting a digital marketing agency looks similar to starting a website on your own. Yes, a marketing agency needs a website but it offers various services.

Here’s how you can:

Start your own digital marketing agency in Nepal

Website Setup(Domain, hosting, tools, themes, etc.)
SEO Tools (you need all in one SEO tools like SEMrush, ahrefs to grow your business)
Technical teams(Writer, content creation, designer, expert)

If you don’t have money to spend on tools then no worry it’s not highly required but remember this without investment you cannot think to earn a single of penny dollars.

If you don’t buy good themes, SEO tools then the achievement which you had could get in 2 months with SEO tools you will achieve in a year without tools.

You need to have excellent digital marketing skills before you start any business in digital marketing. You can learn digital marketing online or join a training center.

Digital marketing is like running a school where students come to invest and take knowledge so remember always start digital marketing when you are pro in the level.

What are the digital marketing services in nepal to make money with.

These are the best digital marketing services unique business ideas to promote in Nepal;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Content Marketing
Guest Blogging
Website Design
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Application development
Site Audits

Digital marketing is booming in Nepal so get started with your own digital marketing agency.

The above list I have shown are the millions to make money with ff you can provide any (or all the above) services by launching a digital marketing agency,

You can attract a wide range of clients in Nepal to make consistent profits every month.

5. Consulting

Consulting is somehow similar to coaching but about implementing more knowledge to help someone to grow their business.

If you are an expert in any knowledge go ahead with start giving consultation and get paid for your knowledge.

The consulting can be related to any work like a Small Business ConsultantSocial Media, or SEO Consultant

Let’s take with an example of SEO consulting

What is SEO consulting in Nepal?

An SEO consultant’s job is to analyze, review, and improve websites in order to improve their search engine rankings. Their job also includes several things such as;

  • Improve google ranking
  • Improve search traffic
  • Analyze and beat another competitor
  • Site audit
  • Build backlinks
  • Provide expert advice

Do you know SEO is an 80 billion dollar industry? The whole Internet world revolves around search engine optimization as everyone wants more traffic, leads, and sales.

This is a profitable and international business in Nepal’s future upcoming business.

6. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing In Nepal

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and top online business ideas to make passive income online.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell other’s products by recommending the product to your audience, Which helps you to earn some bucks through it.

How does affiliate marketing work in Nepal?

Here is my exact step-by-step-method to do affiliate marketing in Nepal.

  • Create a website
  • Join affiliate networks related to your niche
  • Promote the affiliate product
  • People purchase the product via your affiliate link
  • You get paid a commission

Every niche has affiliate programs you don’t have to worry about it but make sure to do full research on it.

Important Resources:

7. Create And Sell Online Courses

Creating and selling online course is another best new innovative business ideas in Nepal with high demand.

If you want to build an online business in Nepal that grows every year, creating and selling online courses is the best thing to do.

If you have thought of where to invest money in Nepal then creating and selling online courses is the best home business idea in Nepal to invest money in it.

That’s said; here’s the thing: you need to make a solid investment in time and effort upfront.

This is 2021 and people love to see high-quality videos with captions especially when it comes to creating online courses.

These are the things you need to understand while creating online premium courses;

Your premium courses should be of high quality with highly engaging content.
Your premium courses should be worth every single penny.

If you also want to make money by creating and selling your courses then follow these simple steps,

  • Find a place to create and sell the course
  • Make the content engaging with catchy titles
  • Be Active on the platform
  • Try to Share you should do 20% on video creation and full 80% on promotion if you want to have revenue from your hard work.

Creating and selling online course is booming in Nepal with high demand you can take this as future business ideas in Nepal.

How Do i Make Money By Creating And Selling Courses In Nepal?

Here are my terminal tips to make money by selling courses online in Nepal step-by-step method;

Find a place to sell online courses, i.e Udemy, Skillshare, Khan Academy.
Find the keywords people are searching about Nepal or the skill you have

Let’s take an example of it ;

I am good in Nepali language and others so,what I am gonna do is I will head over to udemy and others sites and find the keywords people are searching about it .

Here is an example how you can do it ;

udemy in nepal
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As being said; the above are keywords in which I and you can create the course on it and sell on it and make money In Nepal with udemy.

If you are good in any fields then you can create the topic-based course just search the keywords and analyze it boom.

So make sure to focus on what your target audiences are going to achieve once they finish your online course. That’s how you build successful online courses that actually sell.

Verify first: You must authenticate your idea first. Don’t waste any time creating an online course unless you have a solid email list ready to buy it.

This simply means before making a course you will need to have good research and find out are people searching for these courses and are they ready to buy?

Don’t wait; just do it:  Most people procrastinate and think a lost will my courses will be sell or will be on loss. In internet nothing goes garbage people will buy it but you will need to have a full mindset.

Don’t think what you have or not just do it.

They wait for the perfect time to launch their online courses. They consume a lot of information about creating and selling their online courses.

Stop producing it and start taking steps. Come up with a plan, examine the idea, and simply launch!

This will be the best trending business in Nepal to do after a lockdown in Nepal, in fact some have already done it.

8. Create Merchandise&Custom Printing

E-commerce is booming industry with more than $240+, the fact is out of 500 stores only 100 stores gives custom printing service and from out of 100 nepal include 0.

Yes, it’s true there are hundreds of sites in Nepal who say to give custom printing service in Nepal and one thing understands this will be the high demand service if you work on it.

Not fake .

After 5yrs, before 2025 Nepal will have more than 100K+ sites with all service which means all the offline stores will move online based on research maybe not 100% but trust it.

If you have a budget you can go with custom printing service in Nepal best future business in Nepal.

9. Android Development

Android has a lion’s share in the mobile operating system market with more than 2+ billion devices powered by Android. So, the demand for applications in the Google Play Store is huge.

In fact, with more people leaning towards mobile for accessing the internet through smartphones, the demand for Android phones is rising exponentially.

Businesses don’t want to be left behind and hence they are spending heavily to develop the best Android Application.

Here how you can make thousands of bucks with android development in nepal , as being said above after 5years nepal will have 100K+ websites including hundreds of e-commerce sites and others.

Let’s assume out of 100K only we take 50k+ sites who need to shift their service on both websites and android development here’s where android development business ideas will have high demand,

As future business in nepal with high profitable.

10.Start A Web Development Business

Wouldn’t you agree if I say that digital businesses are replacing the traditional forms of business?

Of course, you would, As being said above 100k+ sites.

Furniture and Food are being sold online.

Needless to say, people need websites and blogs to market their products online. And to build and design a unique website, they need Web Developers and Designers.

And Web Development business is on our list of Top Ten Online Business in Nepal not just because it has a huge scope for you to expand. Web Development is also very cheap to start.

If you know Web Development and designing, you can start a freelance business with almost zero investment.

To start a web development as a freelancer, all you need is a computer with a good configuration and some software, most of which are free.

Since web development can be started with almost zero investment and can you huge returns, it is one of the most profitable online businesses you can start in 2021.

Final Words on best profitable online business ideas without investment

I spent more than a week in the research is it ready to go on or is it profitable and 50hrs in content writing and in taking feedback from people.

All my efforts will be a complete waste if you don’t take any action. Seriously, no one can help you in becoming successful. It’s all in your own hands.

There is a famous quote related to this topic- I can show you the path, you have to walk on it”.

From starting a blog to create sites online, there are plenty of online business ideas that require zero or minimal investment.

You just need to find one idea and start working on it. Don’t wait for the perfect time, start today!

So what do you think about the online business models which are listed on this page? Which one are you going to pick? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

These were the best and top online business ideas with high demand in Nepal with including startups business.

profitable online business in nepal
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