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5+Best Shoutcast Hosting Services In Nepal [2021] Deals

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Are you searching for the shoutcast hosting services in Nepal ?

Well, let me tell you-:

Living in Nepal and searching for both hosting and shout cast hosting is hard to find out.


Every hosting is not optimized for shout cast. You will need a very specific mix of ingredients that makes for high-quality audio streaming,

With no buffers or loading breaks, and an easy management experience. 

Some providers offer free Shoutcast hosting, but there, bad performance will be the least of your worries. You’ll risk losing your entire project to arbitrary terms of use or outside attackers.

So you donot have to take risk ,

The 5 best Best Shoutcast Hosting Services In Nepal I am going to show you don’t have to risk, I tried a bunch of different services out for you. 

Now, I present to you the five hosts that provided me with the fastest, smoothest and easiest Shoutcast hosting experience in Nepal.

Our Top Picks for the Best Shoutcast Hosting Services in Nepal

1.WebHostNepalBest Cheap VPS plans, generous resources, and very helpful 24/7 support
2.Himalayan Host ShoutCastingAutoDJ Support / 1000 Listeners / 1GB Auto DJ Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. best Shoutcast hostingTons of extra perks and security features, and a and best whole lot of bandwidth Shoutcast in Nepal.
4.Softnep ShoutcastingUnlimited bandwidth. You can stream your radio without worrying about any hidden fees or low Best quality bandwidth in Nepal.
5.Apexinfotech ShoutcastBest provider with a tailored Shoutcast hosting plan, completely ready to use.

What is Shoutcast Hosting In Nepal?

What is shoutcast hosting in nepal ?
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SHOUTcast hosting in Nepal is a proprietary software platform that enables you to create your own radio station and broadcast online.

You’ll need a web host that can provide bandwidth sufficient to live stream internet radio.

What We Look For Best Shoutcast Hosting Services In Nepal?

Shoutcast hosting services in nepal
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01.Powerful VPS and dedicated solutions

Shoutcast hosting service in nepal 2020
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Shoutcast is rarely provided as part of a shared hosting plan, so you’ll need one of the more advanced hosting solutions.

Dedicated servers can get extremely pricey, but VPS (virtual private server) plans are the next best thing.

02.Bandwidth to spare

Podcast hosting in nepal
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Internet radio apps like Shoutcast require a lot of bandwidth in nepal

The more you can get, the better. The bandwidth consumption depends on your file quality (bitrate), but anything less than 1 TB of bandwidth a month is a no-go.

03.Data center locations 

shoutcast hosting in nepal 2021
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The closer they are to your audience, the better the performance will be. American users will appreciate US data centres, while if you’re in Asia, you’ll want a data centre located in the main Asia hub like KTM.


Podcast hosting and shoutcast hosting services in nepal
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After collecting, arranging, and building the perfect music library, it’d be a crying shame if it all went to waste.

With backups, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Some companies on our list include backups as a basic service, others offer them as a paid add-on.

Best ShoutCast Hosting Services In Nepal 2021

Shoutcast hosting in nepal lists
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These are the 5 best shoutcasting service In Nepal 2021.

01.WebHost ShoutCast Nepal

Webhost Nepal widely knows for all in one hosting service in Nepal. Webhost Nepal also provides excellent service for cheap SHOUTcast hosting in Nepal.

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Webhost Nepal basic Shoutcast is a good place to start, and always scale up if the need arises. Prices are extremely low.

You will be Broadcasting 24/7 to thousands of listeners and you will never be billed for your bandwidth usage.

All Webhost Nepal VPS and dedicated servers are unmanaged, meaning you’ll be in charge of setting up the server, configuring and updating it, and installing Shoutcast.

Shoutcast is far from being some resource-hungry app, so you don’t need to worry too much about optimizing every little thing.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1GB Auto DJ Space: On the basic plan. You will have more than 1000 listeners with unlimited bandwidth.his is enough to house a medium to the large-high-quality music library, and the bandwidth should suffice to stream around 300,000 songs a month.

24/7 support – available through live chat. Response times are less than a minute, and WebHost Nepal knowledgeable support agents can assist with server installation and configuration. Still, be prepared to learn a lot and follow the detailed tutorials yourself.

Backups – Your VPS container can be backed up and restored using cPanel, and Hostinger also offers automatic daily backups at an additional cost.

02.WebHost Best ShoutCast Nepal

Nepal SHOUTcast hosting web host provides a cloud-based server Shoutcast that can be an excellent home for your Shoutcast project.

Shoutcast in nepal.
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The basic configurations are very affordable, and with four CPU cores or more – the service becomes managed.

Keep in mind that the data center situation is similar to Webhostcast – data centers on each nepal coast. If you’re aiming at global audiences, InterServer really isn’t your best bet.

Here’s what you’ll get:-

Storage and Bandwidth– On the most basic VPS configuration. That’s a fairly sizable song library, and you can stream around 600,000 songs a month.

Only Yearly billing – There’s no need to sign up for a month to get the best deals. This also means there’s no money-back guarantee, but you can always quit after the first month.


Hamro cloud shoutcast remains one of the only big Nepal hosting companies to keep things personal, in-house, and of the highest quality.

This shoutcast hosting from nepal provides the cheapest plan from all other companies.There’s no outsourced support, stone age servers, or tricky fine print with, and that’s guaranteed.

Hamrocloud Shoutcast hosting
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I recommended and let me tell you ….

I personally recommend you hamrocloud Shoutcast service to buy as I say it one of the best Shoutcast hosting services In Nepal this year.

Hamrocloud shoutcast serivce has 5 Plans with differenet KBPS BITRATE .


Podcast hosting in nepal
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shoutcast hosting services in nepal
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Here what you will get in the cheapest plan of shoutcast hosting-:

Only monthly billing-: There’s no need to sign up for years to get the best deals. This also means there’s no money-back guarantee, but you can always quit after the first month.

Every plan have different prices and storage and so if you choose the cheapest plan you will get 1gb storage with 300Np / Monthly billing


Softnep is a software comapny from nepaa\l which gives the service of shoutcastin nepal with cheap price with qualtiy of streams.

Its plans are great for shoutcast offering powerhouse performance and a bunch of fantastic security measures.

best shoutcast services in nepal.
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SoftNEP plans allow unlimited listensership slots at 64 Kbps so that you don’t have to worry about your additional fees during traffic surge.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Unlimited Bandwidth-Their all plans come with unlimited bandwidth. You can stream your radio without worrying about any hidden fees or low-quality bandwidth.

Uninterrupted Experience-Browse through any web pages without interrupting the radio stream.

100% uptime guarantee – Liquid Web takes its commitments very, very seriously, detailing them in the SLAs (service-level agreements). If it misses the 100% uptime mark or the 59-second chat response mark, you’ll be credited by how much was missed. In the past 10 years of streaming our servers have hardly ever gone down.

This can be choosen as 4th best shoutcast hosting services in nepal.


Apexinfotech is a nepali based shoutcast hosting services in nepal which provides the cheap and relaible hosting in nepal.

This hosting offers Linux based Virtual Private Server which allows you to allocate and manage your own CPU resources and makes you feel like you are using a dedicated server. 

Shoutcast services in nepal
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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Secure & Fast Loading
  • Affordable & Free Support
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Apps & Tools
  • 100Mbps high-speed servers
  • Free Cpanel
  • RAID 10 Storage
Check Out Apexinfotech Shoutcast Service

Which Shoutcast Hosting Plan Is Right for You In Nepal?

Price Wise you can head over with plan is unbeatable .You will get even features which other wont give with monthly package.

You can choose these 2 best Shoutcast hosting in nepal

2..WebHost ShoutCast Nepal

If you like the article give a share and also fell free to comment down below if you feel any doubt about this post.

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