10+Practical [Best Creative Skills to Learn Online in 2021]

I genuinely believe that we everyone has skills to do something but only a few people in this world know what they are and where others never try to find out their passion and do jobs and stuck 9-5. Does life only means to do the job?

No, it is not…

People who dont have skills are the one who most loves to jobs and stuck. Today I am happy to see you and I know you want to find the out best creative skills which you can learn in free time and make some passive money online.

Its 2021 and a new year means new big opportunity and a new perspective. We all live in the era of the Internet so we can spoil our life using it or we can improve our life by utilizing it and who is responsible for it? Surely, we.

By knowing these facts we are here for those people who are looking for something which they want to acquire or learn skills. I am sure if you are reading this article it by different means of research you might be the person to improve your life by utilizing the internet.

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There are dozens of skills to learn online but not every skill are profitable in today’s market. Here the list of best online skills which you can learn through online which is most demanded in todays market from years now.

Best Creative Skills to Learn Online in 2021

Its 2021 and a new year means a new big opportunity and a new perspective. We all live in the era of the Internet so we can spoil our life using it or we can improve our life by utilizing it and who is responsible for it? Surely, we.

 Best skills to learn online today

#1. Learn WordPress Platform

About more than 45% of websites are hosted on the wordpress platform and if you hire people like me to build your wordpress websites then our starting prices from $100 to $2k for single websites.

This costs can go higher depending on your niche like eCommerce, news website or blogs etc. It can be anything.

Our hamrolinko blog is also hosted on wordpress and from which you can learn and share our article. WordPress is the most SEO friendly platform for every people who want to start their first online business from scratch. You dont have to be pro to use wordpress software it is very user- friendly and understandable for everyone.

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Being said;

Learning wordpress can the best things an investor you can learn online today in less time. Let me clarify you if it wasn’t demanded then you wouldn’t visit these site to know about what skills are demanded? So learning wordpress can be done through the internet and also you can implement on the internet itself.

You can choose the niche which you want to create the content and make it live to the internet and it might seem simple but it is not why? Because creating content is only isn’t the main part you need to know how to connect your content with the audience you can understand in this way that let the audience get exactly what they are looking for?

They might enjoy reading in awesome design or simple design or it should be the informative content I mean some content might be lengthy but it mightn’t be so deep which audience can relate so by learning wordpress including parts of it is very demanded as competition is increasing day by day.

#2. Learn Microsoft Softwares

Do you know about ledger where different information is kept I mean of salary, attendance, working days, creating report card, data analysis, growth rate or downfall of various data etc in a digital manner?

Do you know about creating a presentation for Business, startup, schools &colleges project, sells projects, visual teaching etc in a digital manner?

Do you know about creating different magazines, books, files or creating a resume, different announcement etc digitally? These are some examples which are demanded on daily bases and if it is demanded then why not to learn or create or be the part of creating it?

You can learn it and get well paid for it. Mainly, you can learn software like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft word.
You can give priority to it and you can simply apply for it or utilize it to get paid and believe me you can’t say that now

I know everything about it, you might be lacking something so do not be overconfident thinking I know everything and do not feel lack of confident thinking I don’t know everything. Keep learning and keep improving.

#3. Learn public speaking

You can see so many streams to learn public speaking. Some might teach you through guidance and some might teach you by speaking publicly with mass or audience different reality show, different talk show, a different coach can teach you public speaking it doesn’t mean if you are teacher,

Student or politician or motivational speaker then you need to learn public speaking because you need to learn even to provide awareness, demand the proper utilization of norms and values with the people who aren’t satisfied to that norms and values, you need to learn it for even protesting.

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So, it is kind of necessary skills to acquire in upcoming days for every people. If you learn these skill then you mightn’t be satisfied for your first attempt but the more you learn it more confident you will be and you can be connected with so much of people as it is public speaking you need to learn to improve your voice, improve your body language, improve your communication skills which comes under public speaking.

So learning how to speak is also very deep topic because the way you speak might influence people or people might like you; but in the same way, the way you speak might not influence people or people might not like you. So, it is the most beneficial lifelong learning skills.

#4. Learn Podcasting

Podcasting is also one of the big billion-dollar industry in today’s date. You may have someone in your community, friend circle, family, relatives and even yourself who has done something great for the people or you might have something necessary to bring on the public platform then why not to start podcasting.

See you can have a different person like who has nothing has gone to have something so that he/she can motivate the people who have nothing aiming that even they will have something.

We can even talk our educational system bringing the person who is very successful without educational institutions or we can concern with him/her how should be the educational system so that people will have practical knowledge which they can implement not just for the degree but also for more than the degree,

We can collect people who have awesome knowledge related to science we can make podcast concerning people who are in abroad or who have left Nepal and podcasting with them what’s thing Nepal is lacking and what factor will allow that person to return Nepal.

We can help different startup builder who has awesome ideas related to business and help him/her to collect funds, teams etc as per needed. We can even bring people who know the value of life, happiness, joy etc so that people will not forget to live their life and have happiness and joy in their life. So learn to podcast and start implementing any ideas you feel awesome to host.

#5. Learn New Languages

Do you know learning language is also a skill. As a human, it is so much of importance to learn the language which is unfamiliar to you as English is an international language you need to learn it for many reasons like

If you travel somewhere you will need to understand that language which is mostly English so you can learn English not so in a simple manner you can go deep for learning what is the factor which makes you exactly like British or American is the way you speak with accuracy and fluency.

You might know English but if your tune doesn’t match then it’s hard to understand the people and to be understood by the people. If you learn more and more languages then your mind will be sharp and you are likely to be a unique person and you might be sustainable to any circumstances and you can even help other people to learn it and help it through your language.

You can even be an English teacher, professor. You can even create your own institution for learning because day by day we people from different parts of the countries are getting closer and closer so it is required to learn more than the language you know and believe me it is the skills to learn in life.

#6. Learn Investment

If you want to know which is the best skills to learn for the future then investing is one of them and you are lucky enough that you can learn these skills online.

Investing in money, time, energy are the skills which we must learn in order to progress in our life. Investing can be learnt from the people who are highly successful in it.

We can know how to invest our money, time and energy and we can also know where and how much to invest by learning it.
We all should know that our time and energy is limited in order to create an unlimited amount of money. So learn the skill of investment of money, time and energy wisely.

#7. Learn Cooking

There are thousands of content to prepare a single kind of food so you can imagine how many contents can be there to cook various kind of food. You can learn how to prepare food by watching videos, articles etc and you can make it for your parents, relatives including yourself and you can even build a career through cooking.

You can create your own startup of hotels, restaurant or even work for others and get paid. Simply learn the full tutorial of how to prepare a certain kind of food and implement it.

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I want to add one thing here that Elon musk has said that if you are really willing to learn something then you can learn it through the internet or you can have self-learning mindset. So, cooking is the most profitable business for making money.

#8. Learn Digital Online Business

Do you have some products which are used on daily bases, do you have electronic gadgets and much more things then why not to market them on the Internet.

According to research 4.66 billion people use the internet so explore your business through the internet by learning through the internet or by learning how one can do online business profitably and what are the drawbacks which lead to failure of online business.

You can see millions of online marketing sites and learn from them and flourish your learning. Bill Gates has said if your business isn’t on the internet then you will be out of your business. So you can imagine bill gates has said it means how essential it is. There are so many things to learn before and after starting your business so use the internet and implement internet.

#9. Learn Coding

Same as you would need extra effort to learn another language than you know similarly, coding also required extra effort be learnt the difference between learning other language and coding is that another language is learnt to communicate with human as coding is learnt to communicate with coding language.

You need to learn coding to develop software for different bank sectors, schools and colleges sectors, health institutions different software company etc also you need to learn to code for creating an application for android and ios.

You also can learn to code for creating games and also you can learn it for creating a website as per the requirement it is also necessary for AI(Artificial Intelligence) and much more.

To learn coding through the internet for free as well as paid course because it is deep to make understand and it also has much scope. You can learn it from sources like YouTube(for free),udemy, Coursera, khan academy ( for both free and paid course).

#10. Learn Video Editing Softwares

There are different creator whose video is awesome but because of lack of proper editing or different effects which doesn’t help to gain audience which they deserve as per their Hardwork so why not to work harder and then focus on editing like different visual effects, animation, text, audio, quality to make fantastic content as well as editing.

So you can go through simple editing to vast and effective editing according to the process. You can learn video editing and also help others to get awesome quality of video you might get big projects for a different movie, business promotion, interview, tech and much more.

So learning video editing is also the best skills to learn for the future.

Final Words

Here, I discuss most probably the skills which are underrated and it is the most demanded skills. You can not only learn but also you can make a big or huge amount of money through it. Just utilize the internet for learning and then keep earning through the internet itself.

We will be happier enough if you have got something special content from us.

So if you are reading it till here and had known how powerful is the internet and actually can acquire so many things from it then please share it through your friend circle so that even they can know and be the source for helping others so that you will develop certain skill on that and who knows by your one sharing some might get exactly what they are looking for including you.

Thank you so much.

best skills to learn today from online
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