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Story Of 20-Year Old Successful Tech coding entrepreneur From Nepal: Pharid Ali


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Pharid Ali is an online tech android coding entrepreneur and the founder of Pharid Private Limited based out of Butwal from Nepal. He sold a product to Envato worth $ 15,000 in less than 11months when he was 19yrs.

He dropped out of college to fulfil his tech entrepreneurial dreams to become one of the successful developers in Nepal.

Pharid Ali a collage dropout with unconventional dreams. He is also rated among Nepal top developer and successful Envato Author. Born in Butwal but he comes from a middle-class business family.

He spends a total of nine-month developing it out of the sketch without support from families.

Later on ..

He released his first product when he was in school life on called ABC Mobile Security and his first product, Abc Mobile Security’s success fulfilled his all desires and expectations.


The story behind his “ABC Mobile Security” revolutionary product has a lot of pain like no parents supports money, the darkroom with his dream project.

His success product helped him to solve all the problems when he was struggling to live at that time. His first dream project sold to Felix Tech Pty Ltd, Singapore.

The company offered him to work on with a good salary but his intention was to become a successful Nepali entrepreneur so he rejected them.


Today, I am interviewing a 19-year online tech android coding entrepreneur and the founder of Pharid Private Limited.

A true Nepali motivational emotional interview and his success story.Without any further due, lets come to the interview and get inspired. 

1. Hi Pharid ! What's your background, and what are you currently Working On?

Hey Buddy! Well, I’m not from a rich family, I can proudly say that I’m a middle-class man with a pure heart and a big dream. My father is a businessman living in Butwal at this time, and as a whole, I’m from the business family, 

But I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in my early life. Right now, I am working on my own products, such as MSecurity, Mealrobe, Remarkhost and Shopwol, which are the product of a company called “Pharid Private Limited”.

You may have noticed that I kept my own name as a company name, and that’s true. It’s like having visions of making it a brand by working to conceal their children’s goods.

2. What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea of developing your own products?

Yeah, in the middle of 2012, when I was in Grade 5, I was incredibly talented in both academics and sports. At that time, I was really inspired by the popularity of the social sites called “Mig33″.

I was one of the guys who used Mig33 all day and night to achieve level and gifts. Online games were the coolest game at that time in Mig33, where people need money and I’ve lost a lot of cash. It’s been like Gambling. 

I wanted to build such a similar looking place to get money, like I said, I was from the Business family, and from the very early days of my life, doing business was in my blood.
I started searching google at the time, paying cyber costs, and started to gather information about IT and programming. And officially, I began to learn about HTML, CSS and PHP by the beginning of 2013 when I was in Grade 6. 

My only aim was to set up a system like Mig33. At that time, since I was really young, I didn’t have a lot of dreams and stuff. Doing coding was just one of my playing instruments because I didn’t know the meaning of it. 

Developing something was like creating a product and this thing I understood after a long time. It wasn’t my goal to create a product, I created it without any understanding, and when I invented MSecurity(Former. Abc Mobile), I initially understood the meaning of the product.

3. How did u dropout at the age of 20? Please share your emotional, motivation story.

At the beginning, I was incredibly talented in Academic, I didn’t study LKG, One and Seven, because I’ve always had my name on the talented list of the class. I’ve been learning about coding from Six, and it’s been very right until Eight. But after that, I stopped to study, and I even stopped to go to school, because I lost my interest in studying
I barely got the pass marks on 9 because of that. My friends called me “Tourist” because I’m just in the class 40 days a year. But when it comes to SEE, it was a horrible feeling because if I failed, I could leave the study, so I studied well and got 75 per cent (3.0 GPA). 
Anyway, it was my school life, but when I released my first product, “ABC Mobile” aka MSecurity, and started working as an author on Envato, I was unable to manage my time for study and other stuff, I was totally lost on my own World! 
I stopped to meet my friends, I stopped talking to my family, and I stopped walking outside my place, except the Bathroom. 
Without understanding right, I have had many responsibilities, and sometimes I have cried out for nonsense. And I just felt like I was going to quit the study or leave my job. But I can’t choose to quit the job, because I was sacrificing a lot of things to get on with that,
So I was beginning to feel like I’m leaving the study. My dad told me that ;
Somehow I passed out my class 12. and It was very difficult to continue my work and my collage in the same direction at the same time. I’ve got a habit of working all night and getting up late, but my collage started at 6 am, which is my sleeping time.
Finally, I decided to leave the study for now and follow my dreams. We cannot do different things in a time. 

4. Which were your marketing strategies to grow your business on Envato to become the best sellers?

sales sales high down market
In reality, I believe in creating a great product rather than marketing a meaningless item to sell. I still focus hard on user interface and user experience, which is the main reason why many customers see my products as potential. As you know, if you succeed in making yourself happy at first sight, the other one will always be yours.

My first product was ABC Mobile, which was trending all over the Envato market at the time because it was the first mobile protection product to be submitted to the Envato market at the time, and everybody was curious about the product, and another product was eVPN, which was the first vpn app uploaded by the author on the Envato market.  

I developed another product similar to the Popular ShareiT app, which was the first such app uploaded by any author in the Envato Market. These three products were a great deal of business at the time. And these three products allowed me to make sales for 20+ other products. So, I can say If you have two/three good products, You will generate sales for other products too. This is how I can succeed on Envato Market. 

5. What are your goals for the future?

I’ve got goals for all, like right now I’m working on a lot of startups, I have a different target for all of them. But the argument is that the final destination should be a success. I don’t have the habits of wearing costly clothes and using expensive phones, and I have the ambitions of Continuous Learning and Continuous Practice. 
I don’t have any aspirations but to make a startup success.

6. What were the biggest challenges you faced and the obstacles you overcame?

Well, I think this is a very common question to be posed to everyone today, if we see a milk seller, he’s a success in his life because selling milk is like selling your own product on the market, and it’s as hard as selling the software. 

If we ask him for the Challanges, he will say that he wants a better life to be lived and assisted by the beloved people. 
I’m from a business background, my father always wanted me to become a businessman and help him and support him in the business, but that wasn’t part of my intrest, and I moved on by embracing him at that time. 

I saddened my family and my relatives by taking the decision to step down from the family business, and by disrespecting the family, I began a difficult world for me, myself. 
My most difficult time was when I started working on MSecurity (Abc Mobile), I was almost boycotted by the family, and I started living in one room with the help of my brother. I didn’t know that much about mobile development at the time, and that was my other challenge. And for almost two years, I’ve been lived in that room, and Day and Night, I’ve been work on that product. 

This is how I handled my life’s difficult time. It’s always a time of challanging because of the Pandemic, but the old one is unforgettable in my life.

7. How were you feeling when started with zero support from family? Did u think to leave and follow your parent's dream?

It’s really hard to tell anyone about the family’s struggles. Working on IT FIELD was a really different thing to my family, and they still don’t know what I’m really doing because it’s not part of their interest. 

When my father forced me to work in the family business, and I declined, I lost everything. I’ve lost an important part of my life that’s playing like a kid, circumstances have made me strong enough to keep my knot at home. 

I was hoping that if my family helps me, I will be even harder at work, but things never happened to me and instead, I worked in my own way. 

8. How u did you managed to sold apps in 12 months and gained 600+ sales and made profits of $15,000

Well, I joined Envato in November 2017 as an Exclusive Author, which means that I can’t sell my product outside of Envato, and they won’t charge me a lot as an author’s fee. My first app was released in November 2017 and my second app was released in January 2018. What I’m showing here is that I uploaded a product with a period of around 1/2 months. 
I continuously uploaded the product to Envato, and sales inspired me to upload more. My Products Evpn, CryptoZ, Abc Call Recorder, Abc Mobile, Evpn, Evault have done an outstanding business in Envato, which has led me to gain outstanding prominence in the Envato Marketplace. 
Sales were booming at the beginning of time…..   I can tell that I didn’t have to struggle in Envato Market, since
  I was new to uploading those products, and I didn’t have a rival for those material. I’ve always wanted to do something different in Envato, and the authors have noted my level of work. This is how I got great business inside Envato. 

Thankyou pharid, it was great to have you and I thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule and inspiring our readers.

I am honoured Thanks.

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