Top Bloggers In Nepal To Follow in 2021(Best NP Bloggers)


In this post, we have listed the top bloggers in Nepal 2021 to follow and to learn to blog and digital marketing you need to follow.

Blogging is a noble profession in Nepal and worldwide where you’ll be paid for writing about what you love.

There are many people in Nepali who are making a full-time living blogging.

Before drawing and writing the outline of this post, I was in a confuse in which order I need to present you top bloggers in nepal .

Whether I should consider Alexa rank, domain authority, traffic, content quality, popularity?

Top bloggers In Nepal
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So , after analyzing all the lists i have mixed all the combination and finally came up with the list,If you are an passionate ,

Blogger from nepal who needs some inspiration, don’t forget to check out the below blogs.

I know my only effort may not be enough and perfect to list out all the top Nepali bloggers. So I do hope to get more suggestion in coming days too.

I am sure and i know ,I am missing out some Nepali bloggers may be so i will keep updating the list accordingly.

Best Nepali Blogs To Learn Blogging(Hamrolinko Picks)

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Let me tell you.. again

The top blogger and the blog list here is entirely based on opinion. I will try to have a look at all the blogs listed here in timely manner and keep updating the list as promised.

I am sure you will get the inspiration after reading the stories of these top bloggers. You can even find lots of tips and ideas about blogging on their blogs.

01.MY Sansar(Top Bloggers in nepal )

Founder name:Umesh Shrestha

Blog founded date: 2005

Global Traffic Rank-162,044 Current time

Traffic Rank In Nepal – 196

Umesh Shrestha
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Mysansar is a nepali based blog on different niches like Blogging Platforms, Journalism, News.

Mysansar is the first blog in the world to run Unicode in Nepali. Similarly, this is the first blog to launch audio and video blogs in Nepal whhich makes this blog so speical.

Mysansar is not a news site and also umesh shrestha started blogging back in beofre 2005.

Umesh Shrestha is one of the top bloggers in nepal current time.

Content Covered

There is no such thing as opposition. This blog site is a place to write about what you like, what you see, what you experience. 

So the idea of ​​writing a blog is in it. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. It contains the feelings and thoughts of a blogger.

02.Lex Limbu( Best Blog For Non Techies)

Founder name:LexLimbu

Blog founded date: 2007

Global Traffic Rank-1,761,837 Current date

Traffic Rank In Nepal – 4,463
  • Save is a nepali based non- tech blogging website. Lixlimbu and Mysansar was one of the old website you might had head in past years but i current days ther are lots of webstie.

Lex Limbu is the UK based Nepali blogger who has recently hit into the news for another reason rather than his blog.

BY this time this blog is going dead as the alexa traaffic rank and from searching in depth.

Content Covered-:

Limbu features Nepali entertainment industry and also the celebrity gossip in Nepal and around the world of Nepalese people.

03.Pocketlinko(Top Bloggers In Nepal to Learn)

Founder name:Siddhit Shah

Blog founded date: 2017

Global Traffic Rank- 218,487 date

Traffic Rank In Nepal – 1600


Pocketlinko is a SEO based niche blogging website

Content Covered:-

SEO,Keywordresearch,Earnmoney online and everything about blogging etc , and this is why pocketlinko comes in the rank of 3rd n nepal to learn blogging and reagaed top bloggers in nepal.

04.Gadget Byte Nepal

Founder name:Yural Maskey

Blog founded date: 2008

Global Traffic Rank- 105,00

Traffic Rank In Nepal – 105

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Gadget Byte nepal is a tech related blog founded in back 2008 by Yural maskey. The popularity is growing every year ever since it started. 

This blog has also youtube channel with more than 190k Subs.

Gadget byte nepal is know as one of the best blog in nepal to get information related to electronics and reviews

This blog is popular among tech followers. This blog mostly features about the gadgets and tech&reviews of latest electronics in the country.

Wrapping It Up

I kno you might have a question why ther are only short lists of bloggers from nepal , let me tell you cauz hamrolinko is brand blog where we add only such websites which exists.

These are the 4th best blogs in nepal 2021 to learn to blog and strategies in coming year.

If you love the post make sure to share it with your friends.

And also if you are a good blogger and have good content lets us know or comment down, down below to have featured on it .


These are the 4th best and top bloggers in nepal.

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