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Glancing behind in the year 2016 there used to be “almost no hearing word of startups Nepal words in the mouth of ordinary humans. While if we look at the trend of startups in 2021 around the globe it’s on hype.

Every individual on this planet denote playing an extra-ordinary role in startups ideas from decades some started were some polished their mind and stop thinking about ideas.

Now is the great and best innovation time for startups in Nepal. I taste dejected when I hunt for startup news Nepal. I get almost one update news from the startup Nepal industry sometimes a month and sometimes none of the days and weeks.

It’s arduous to swallow but we Nepali entrepreneurs and founders must take a very enormous round in the startup role. I nevermore know why we are so lacking and back in a startups generation. Whenever you have an idea you have two keep two things in mind, never share those ideas with the unknown, and second, we all know is society.

They have furnished such toxic pellets on our mind that having a job and getting degree living and life-like them as nothing 9-5, no freedom, working for money, etc…. is enough where I always believe those plans were never created by GOD every single human on the planet.

That;s enough !

As Nepali startup Eco-system culture growing every single second at an incredible pace, founders are looking for the top startup list in Nepal.

HamroLinko has curated its top 2021 Nepali startup list that is rocking in today’s market.

top startups in nepal

The 6 Top Nepali Startups 2021

With more than 30 million people, Nepal is the next key country for startups world to grab a trillions share of the market a battleground for companies in multiple industries.

Here is the list of the top best startups in Nepal with details about each company.

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